The Black Box and Other Psychic Generators


There’s been a lot of advertising and many books written on the subject of enriching your life… all attainable through some form of inner peace. Now, I’m not going to knock that, for basically it’s true. But I do think, that the one thing most people look for in ‘enrichment’ is either something material or, the ability to bend others to their way of thinking. Ideas are like children… our own are always the best! To convince others that we’re exceptional or, in some other way, influence them to like or approve of us, is one of the strongest of human desires.

To most people, the acquiring of money is just one of the ways to attain this end. Now, maybe I can’t show you how to make a lot of money, but
I can show you a different method to achieve the same goal, and have a lot of fun doing it.

Of the many aspects of Extra Sensory Perception, perhaps the most familiar to the public is Telepathy. And, even though this book will explain how to manipulate the Machine to accomplish all the phases of ESP, I’d like to dwell, just for a moment, on telepathy.

This is a method of both sending and receiving impressions from another mind. That mind need not be human, as we will see later. The use of telepathy may be combined with other psychic forces in any experiment and it was just such a combination that was used by T. Galen Hieronymus a few years ago when he was able to track the Apollo 8 and II astronauts through they’re entire flight and splashdown.


He logged exactly the same telemetry on their physical condition that NASA did and was even able to go them one better by discovering a new belt of radiation around the moon! He did it using his psychotronic Machine!


But telepathy could also be said to be the method by which one person can influence or control another emotionally. Creating a feeling of desire in someone you love for instance. Influencing the boss to think of you favorably and ‘implanting thoughts of goodwill is not Voodoo…. it’s ESP! To cause another to think of something you want him to remember is not Voodoo… it’s ESP!


To determine another’s feelings and intent is not Voodoo… it’s ESP! What’s really happening here is aptly described by Lynn Schroeder and Sheila Ostrander in the book, ‘Psychic Discoveries Behind The Iron Curtain‘.

“This is a new force”, they wrote, “An energy connected with people, that can be directed with the mind”!

Even the Russians have, for years, been trying to find the laws behind spectacular feats such as making objects sail across space, killing living organisms at long distances, and locating foreign agents in distant cities from their photographs alone! The Soviets aren’t alone in their concern regarding uses of psychic force.

In 1977 a national news publication released a report that the CIA has placed a ‘psychic shield around President Ford and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger!


The report quoted a top scientist at UCLA as stating that the CIA feared,

“Mind reading experts from communist countries may be using extrasensory powers to spy on the two leaders”!

It further stated that,

“The CIA hoped a specially trained psychic would be able to jam such mind waves in the same way that radio waves are jammed.”

Parapsychologists at the University of Virginia were said to have been approached twice by the CIA on this matter. Even without the use of a psychotronic Machine the powers of those naturally gifted with Psi powers would be tremendous.

According to the Psychophysical Research Institute about 6,000,000 residents of the British Isles have Psychic talents and American Parapsychologists consider this paltry compared to their estimate of 25,000,000 Americans who have paranormal abilities!


This book will teach you to build a device that will mechanically give you all the psi powers of the human mind. But you must also learn to recognize the possibilities of unusual feelings and experiences, stop shrugging them off as imagination or nerves. A TV set to a jungle native would be useless and uninteresting until he recognized it for what it was. (Even then, he would probably attribute its mystifying pictures, to some witch doctor’s abilities.)


Learn to keep an open mind to the most incredulous possibilities and soon you may find yourself with more ability than you’ve ever imagined. This book will provide you with the mechanical means to start on the path of psychic awareness, but, it’s hoped that before long, the machine will be discarded and you will find yourself well on the highway of psychic accomplishment.

Here is a book written so you can rationally understand, and thus apply your psychic abilities. No matter how much of a novice you may be You can put psychic laws into immediate action to test your present levels of awareness. Through subsequent practice , you will strengthen those abilities, only if you honestly keep a mind open enough to concede the possibility.

As they teach in Transcendental Meditation, thought flows. It is also an impulse. Therefore it must have energy. In addition, with every thought there is a choice or direction the mind chooses to take. This ability to choose direction is known as intelligence.


A thought than, flows because it is possessed of energy, and chooses a direction because it expresses intelligence. This amazing ‘intelligent energy’ must logically have a source. From somewhere, must come all this wonderful ability or creative force that through unending emanation creates thought and action, as well as maintaining the complexity of the human body day in and day out for years at a time.

Somewhere there exists an unlimited source of energy and intelligence. This book will teach you how to tap that source! But, even more important, it will
show that through practice, the source can be reached easily and continually. Remember when you first learned to ride a bicycle, and how difficult it was to learn to balance? For those who, were convinced they were going to fall, it was almost impossible.


But, fall or not, you tried it again and again, until it was second nature, and it became hard to understand why you couldn’t do it in the first place. (But now try to explain how to balance… even through demonstration, and you’ll have some idea of what a psychic teacher is up against)!

Don’t be a skeptic or defeatist. After you’ve read of what modern science believes and is doing, even the most skeptical of you should be able to tackle your psychic adventure with at least a small degree of belief. All this will lead to definite and concrete benefits in your everyday living.


Results that you’ve never thought possible, except perhaps for some Lama in Tibet or bearded Guru in mystic India.


All known matter in the universe, whether it’s a table, rock, tree or you, consists of atoms. Atoms are tiny particles of energy… superimposed waves and charges of energy. Everything in the universe therefore, being made up of energy, is part of what is known as the Electromagnetic Spectrum. As you probably know, a light spectrum is a band of colors running from blue to red.

The electromagnetic spectrum is a band of FREQUENCIES running from below 6 cycles per second to well over 50 billion cycles per second. Everything we are familiar with registers somewhere in that spectrum. Radio, for example, takes up those frequencies from 550 cycles to 1650 cycles. Television is slightly higher. Above that there are micro waves, the visible light we couldn’t live without, ultra violet waves, the X-ray frequency and so on up to cosmic rays.


Below radio we have long wave radio not normally received on home sets, high power electric lines which give off very low frequencies, and below even that, the alpha, beta and theta waves of the human brain.

A basic law of science is that energy forms mass… that is, energy forms matter. The exact point at which energy is turned into physical matter is, as yet, unproven, but it is now believed to be around the frequency of 9 CYCLES! That’s astonishing only if you realize that the average human brain, while asleep, transmits at about 6 CYCLES or lower!


Think about that.



Brain Wave Patterns

Electrical patterns of the brain vary when in different states of awareness. The Wave frequency between wide awake and drowsy shows these variations clearly.

Note that the drowsy period, when the mind is most at easy, is the best time for any sort of ESP response.


YOUR brain, every night while your asleep, is actually operating below the frequency of matter, and upon awakening tunes itself through this frequency to it’s normal thinking range of around 35-50 cycles.


Remember now, we’re talking about the frequency range of the brain…. not THOUGHT itself.


REM (rapid eye movement) periods usually occur during light sleep periods, and dreams that are remembered, during medium sleep periods. Very deep sleep is the time when the subconscious contacts the Id or source. Astral projection occurs during this period. You will also notice how the body’s automatic regulators react to outside stimulus during deep sleep, as when your name is called.

Let me explain that a little more. When the brain conceives a thought, it is acting much like a computer, in that it involves an electrical process. This electrical brain power is what is operating at low frequencies, not the actual thought itself. Much like a light bulb that uses electrical energy to stimulate the filament to whiteness. It gives off heat. How much heat it gives off has no relation to how much light we’re talking about. We don’t care about the heat, but rather the actual light itself.

The brain therefore, emits waves of low frequency while it’s operating, and which are monitored everyday by modern science with, what is known as an electroencephalograph or EEG machine.


It’s so common nowadays that you can even buy a ‘hobby’ sized one for around $20! (see last chapter of the book). All it is really, is a very sensitive receiver much like a radio. In some ways it’s even simpler than a radio, for it picks up your brain waves directly from the brain through the use of electrodes, or actual connections to the head.


A radio receiver, on the other hand, depends on an antenna that picks up waves passing all around you, but with which it has no real ‘contact’. Have you ever really thought about that? When your radio’s not turned on, the radio waves sent out by the radio station don’t stop. They keep right on passing all around and THROUGH YOU, without your even being aware of them! Same thing with TV waves and ultra violet and cosmic and so on. They’re there all the time, but without a receiver you don’t even think about them.


Man made radio and TV transmitters aren’t the only things that emit waves. Sunspot activity creates all sorts of problems in our everyday lives through they’re radiation. So do cosmic rays. Radiations, therefore, are a part of our everyday lives, whether we acknowledge them or not.


Some of them, we’ve learned to take for granted with a disinterested shrug and a “what’ll they think of next”.





This electric cell invented in ancient Babylon proves that electricity was known to antiquity.


Pyramid for University
Pointing skyward on the campus of Gakushuin University, Tokyo, is a pyramid-shaped building designed to hold 700 students for lectures.

The base is roughly 100 feet square and the height of the lecture hall is some 80 feet. One unusual feature of construction is that no vertical columns were used in the construction. All columns are angled.


The pyramid is part of a new University project.


Take the carbon 14 tests for example. We’ve had it for many years and it’s accepted by everyone as a common fact. But, what is it really? I will tell you. It’s radiation of carbon atom frequencies.


Carbon atoms, like everything else, radiate their own frequencies as long as they exist. And that’s exactly where the famous Carbon 14 tests come in. This material ‘exists1 for thousands of years. As it decays though, it radiates weaker and weaker or less and less, and it’s the strength of this radiation that tells us how much it has decayed, and therefore, how old it is.


Seeing as Carbon 14 falls from the atmosphere, it is absorbed by everything on earth and therefore, everything can be dated by the use of this test. Simple, right? Everyone accepts it as common fact. Then realize this too…. everything else in the universe also HAS IT’S OWN RADIATION AND FREQUENCY!


The mind has a frequency (in the old days they called it vibrations) and atoms have a frequency. And like so many other things we’re familiar with, there’s often interference. One frequency affects another.


Like the interference on your TV for example. You’ve probably heard one of your TV tubes being called an RF tube. The RF stands for random frequency. It’s a big headache for all radio and television broadcasting. So, if one frequency can affect another, and the mind is a frequency emitter as well as an atom, then how come we can’t affect or influence an atom with just our minds? WE CAN! They’ve done it in a. laboratory!

In an account published in 1967, Professor Remy Chauvin of Strasbourg University, described how he and his laboratory technicians experimented with an atom of uranium, to see if they could influence the rate of disintegration, with mind power alone. Despite their purpose for the experiment, the Professor and his men were astounded to discover when they checked the rate, that they had actually succeeded! The rate of atomic disintegration had been slowed!


They repeated the experiment for 15 days with different personnel,,..the result was always the same, regardless of who was doing the ‘thinking’! The tests were then done all over again, by other physicists. This time they used more modern and intricate equipment and a more complicated strontium atom. The results were still the same and they were forced to concede that the human mind actually controlled atomic processes!

Okay, so everything radiates a frequency, and these radiating forces are common occurrences that have been going on for thousands of millions of years, whether we’re aware of it or not. But there’s a little more to it than that. We mentioned earlier that everything has a radiation of frequency, even you. This brings us into the realm of what is known as Biological Radiation. Another accepted everyday science. You radiate. Not just your brain waves, but every single atom in your body… also emotionally, intellectually and physically as well.


Today, these ‘radiations’ are undergoing a new fad. Bio Rhythms. Something discovered many years ago, but never really taken to heart by the public until recently. In some senses biorhythms work better at foretelling your actions than astrology, and without all the unfortunate mumbo jumbo connected with that interesting phenomenon. And the beautiful thing about biorhythm is that you can measure your own in just a few minutes to control your life much more powerfully.


Look into it if you really want to progress in developing yourself. It’s so simple, anyone can do it, and with about 2 hours spare time effort, you can even make out your biorhythm chart for years ahead!

Bio Rhythms then, are just one way of measuring your own radiant frequency. Brain waves are another. But remember that the very atoms of your body are transmitting too. Every tiny cell of your body has a frequency that belongs to only you. No other is like it, just as in the analogy about the grains of sand or the snowflake, no one in the universe is like you in frequency.

Biological radiation has been known for many years, but with each researcher, was given a different name. It’s been called Odic Force, Eloptic Radiation, Heloidic Rays, mitogenic Radiation and God knows what else. However, a rose by any other name it’s still biological radiation.


The work of people like T. Galen HieronymusGeorge De La Warr and Ruth Drown is all based on how people respond to the bio magnetics of those around them, the geo magnetic field of the earth and even the cosmic forces that assail us everyday.

“Every living thing radiates an Odic force”, wrote Baron Von Reichenbach.

He was so impressed with the work that early radionic researchers like Dr. Henry Abrams and Dr. F.A.Mesmer accomplished, that he devoted his entire life to investigating this field.


The inventor of another Radionic receiver/transmitter, Ruth Drown said,

“No matter how small or diluted it may be, there is a resonance between the whole human body and each of it’s parts”.

But she also discovered that there is no affinity between blood samples or other parts of different people, no matter how closely they’re typed or classified!

In Oxford England, George De La Warr set up a laboratory to study radionics, or psionics as it was later called. He perfected an adaption of existing psychotronic machines, that would allow photographs to be taken through use of these radiations. In the course of his experiments, he found that plants could be directly influenced by color irradiation! It’s a little known fact that a plant kept in a totally dark place would still thrive and flourish if sunlight were ‘led’ to it via electrical type wires, but De La Warr went even further.


Langston Day, in his book “New Worlds Beyond The Atom”, stated,

“After discovering that an ordinary photographic plates emulsion is linked to that person, we found that the same rule applies to plants! “

By allowing light to strike A PLANTS PICTURE through a color-scope, they found the plant could be stimulated! Perhaps George De La Warr summed it up best.


He said,

“Each molecule of matter carries an electrical charge which is specific for that molecule. This charge acts as an extremely tiny radio transmitter/ receiver which is tuned to it’s own signals. When all these molecules are broadcasting they build up a generic pattern, which is the means whereby form and shape appear in the material world”.

He went on to say,

“The combined signal from a plant or human, a signal composed of the separate broadcasts of billions of charged molecules which compose it, is unique. The cabbage in your kitchen is not quite the same as any other cabbage. Mr. Brown is not quite the same as anyone else. In the same way, the signals broadcast by this cabbage, or this Mr. Brown, are not quite the same as any other signals.”


“Furthermore”, he went on, “Each tiny molecule is also a receiving station, and this is where the photograph comes in. The emulsion retains the generic pattern of the thing which is photographed, and therefore it acts as a sort of tuned transmitter. If a radionic broadcast is projected through it, the generic pattern will transmit exactly the pattern of radiation suitable for affecting the plant or human, at a distance!”

The research into psionics, spanned many years and involved some of the best known names in science. They arrived at all the conclusions I’ve so far outlined in this book.


At Columbia University, three men, I.I.RabiP. Kusch, and S. Millman developed an apparatus that detected the emanation or ray that passed between one molecule and another. What’s more, they discovered these tiny transmitters radiated signals that ranged all over the entire electromagnetic spectrum, and even beyond! They found that a single molecule gives off rays of a MILLION different wavelengths, but, only on one frequency at a time!

This, therefore is the main theory by which the Machine works. When in operation, the radiation stimulates the generic pattern of the subject, and some kind of psychic link is established between the emanations of the atoms, and the mind of the operator!

Thus, we have two kinds of radiation to be concerned with. Biological radiation we’ve just discussed. The radiation of everything else in the electromagnetic spectrum, from atmospheric pressure to cosmic rays penetrating the atmosphere from outer space, can then be loosely termed ‘cosmic energy1. Remember that difference. Biological radiation versus cosmic force.

It’ll be important later.


Back around the turn of the century there were many scientists with the vision to see beyond the, then, accepted range of physics. Men who had the courage to investigate those unknown forces. They called the biological radiations by many names, as they gained knowledge, and because a lot of their work wasn’t published by recognized scientific journals, they often worked in ignorance of what others were doing in the field.


The different kinds of radiation were blended together and confused… lumped into something rather loosely termed radionics… later psionics and now called psychotronics, (The term parapsychology, is limited to the ESP phenomenon of the mind). As these men progressed in their investigations, they were able to build machines and instruments that would do something specific, but they still didn’t understand why it did it.

The date of the first machine to actually operate through psychic power is unknown, mainly because the discoverers weren’t going to be dumb enough to patent them, and let everybody in on the secret. Would you? However, eventually several were patented both in the U.S. and overseas. The most recent one was devised by a radio expert during World War II and patented in 1948. And there it laid for the last 30 years. Or did it? Though nothing was done commercially with the machine, it’s use by others interested in the psychic mechanical field, was widespread. Similar devices were invented in Europe.

Newer adaptations were devised, to enlarge the range of functions, till they were able to do absolutely astonishing things with it. All the things I’ve mentioned about this Machine are true and documented. Scientists have actually done all of them. Years ago!

The basic principles of the device have been constantly improved upon, and new experiments conducted, to the point where a comparatively sophisticated device is now in common use behind the Iron Curtain! Twenty five years ago in Czechoslovakia, a Dr. Kirlian and his wife, were experimenting with a related device, quite by accident. He discovered, that by putting his hand into a very high intensity electrical field, miraculous things seemed to happen.




Years of experiments followed with government interest, finally the ultimate discovery. The actual viewing of the Astral Body within a human being! The discovery that there really was an energy force in the exact shape of the physical body! That’s right! The controversial, poo pooed, ridiculed theory of an astral or soul body had been proven! It could be SEEN with a Kirlian device and ACTUALLY PHOTOGRAPHED!


The spiritualists and mediums had been right. We do posses an astral body, identical in every way to our physical body, that is composed of primarily pure energy! It was the astral body that was radiating the most energy, but at a much different frequency than those of biological radiations. Though they haven’t been measured as yet, it’s believed that the frequencies of the astral body and pure thought, are one and the same… somewhere in the ultra high cosmic range. In other words, these are the radiant energies from which springs the electromagnetic spectrum we mentioned earlier.


They are the source of the spectrum. Hence, all frequencies in the spectrum, radio, light, ultra violet and even matter, are just lower values of pure thought! (We are what we think).


If you accept this to be true, then you must realize that everything in creation is just another form of thought! Or, to put it another way, as we learned in school, matter cannot be destroyed. It can only be changed into another form of energy. Well then, matter itself is only another form of thought energy!


(If the astral body as well as conscious thought itself are forms of energy that cannot be destroyed, does that not confirm ‘life’ after ‘death’? Does a ‘living’ fire die when it’s molecular structure is changed into smoke and ashes? Or does it simply exist in another form)?


This of course, then explains, what for centuries has been referred to as ‘mind over matter’. Telekinesis, teleportation, levitation, etc. would all fit neatly into the puzzle.

Right about now, somebody is saying, “Baloney! I’ve tried moving things with my mind and it doesn’t work”! Right you are. But that’s only , because you didn’t really want to, badly enough. Now, before you argue about it more, let me go into this a little more deeply.

Telepathy, for example, is accomplished every day by most people without they’re even being aware of it!


That’s because, most people have a misconception of how telepathy works. They assume they’re going to hear voices in their head just like a radio or TV program. WRONG! Telepathy, at least for most of us, is more like a hunch or feeling. Let me give some examples. You’ve surely heard many stories, or experienced yourself, the phenomenon of a dog that howls woefully whenever anything in it’s household dies.


My own dogs have done this many times, when another pet has passed on. They seem to do this, even if they’re not in the house at the exact instant or even aware of the other pets plight. It’s not coincidence. It’s a mental message or emotion picked up by the more sensitive psychic mind of the animal. Some scientists have for years held that many animals use this method for communicating, especially during times of danger.


An experiment conducted along these lines years ago, involved a housewife and some tiny red ants that had invaded her kitchen. She mentally radiated a feeling of danger and hostility toward the pests and mentally threatened them with extinction. Within a matter of hours, the ants had disappeared… left without a trace!
In addition, you may recall the mass experiments several years ago, that were conducted on the movie going public.


It was termed Subliminal advertising. The theaters flashed onto the movie screen, while the picture was in progress, messages extolling the virtues of various items for sale in the lobby. These images were flashed so rapidly that the conscious mind didn’t notice them, but the more sensitive subconscious picked them up easily and influenced the movie goers to buy out the entire stock of lobby items. Although the practice is not outlawed in the U.S., a more sophisticated and sublime variation is still practiced today in television advertising.


Reach a persons subconscious and you can communicate your message to him! It’s such a commonly understood and believed phenomenon that even Madison Ave. uses it everyday. Why then, is it so hard for other people to understand?

Telepathic messages are received in symbol form. This is the way Jeanne Dixon, for example, receives her clairvoyant prediction information. The symbols have to be ‘decoded’ by the conscious mind in order to be understood. (That’s the reason many predictions are faulty. They’re misinterpreted.)


Everyone, being different, has a uniquely different symbol system, and what means one thing to you, means something entirely different to me! But, we’ll go into that a little more deeply later. For now, let’s concentrate on the normal everyday, garden variety of telepathy. This is expressed as pure emotion… a ‘feeling’ that they should do something. (Bring home the bread, a birthday card, telephone a loved one etc).


The feelings most people call a hunch and women classify as intuition, are usually telepathic communication of emotions. Love at first sight… the instant like or dislike of another upon first meeting… the pit of the stomach feeling when something ominous is about to happen, are all every day occurrences for most people if they’d allow themselves to think about them. That’s the rub. Most of us are too busy with the days schedule and intense immersion in our work to take time out to dwell on what we normally term our ‘imagination’.


We wonder where that silly thought came from, then brush it away impatiently. That’s precisely why most people can’t progress with their inborn psychic talents. They literally ignore them! As an example. Have you ever been deeply engrossed in a conversation about, say, your car, and inadvertently said something like… “I’ve got to fix the book”, instead of “I’ve got to fix the car”?


You’ll often find, this is an indication that the information necessary to accomplish the repairs your thinking about, will be found in a certain book in your possession. This is a quite general example, it’s true, but you can get the idea of what I mean and learn to watch for these mental quirks.

Back to our native and his TV set. What good would it do him to know others see miraculous pictures, if he didn’t know how to turn the set on, or even what to look for? We’ll too into the exact methods involved, when we get to the chapter on telepathy in operation, but for now I want to get two things across. At this level of mental ability, most of you aren’t aware of telepathic messages simply because they’re too vague for you.


As soon as you start looking for them they’ll appear like magic! Don’t assume every stray thought is only your imagination.. Look into it. Examine the thought or idea. It may be a mental message. And don’t be discouraged if telepathy of this kind doesn’t live up to your expectations of what telepathy would be like. Your only in the infant stage right now. It will turn in to a voice type of communication within a short time, through constant practice.

Remember this too. Telepathy, as with all types of ESP, is an emotion!


I’m sure your aware of all the famous stories of people who have experienced a one time ESP message from a loved one, in a time of crises. This is because EMOTION IS THE CARRIER WAVE OF THOUGHT!


Without an intense emotion behind it, your mental message will dribble away and poop out within a few inches. You must have the intense inner desire to communicate (or move objects, etc.) in order to get your set transmitting strongly enough. That’s why I said, you didn’t want to really move an object badly enough. But remember, with the Machine, you’ll be able to accomplish this much more easily. The Machine acts as a mental amplifier, and will substitute quite a bit for intensity of emotion.

I mentioned in the first few pages of this book, that I’ve never been particularly successful with ESP experiments. But to explain or illustrate the fact that intense emotion is the main key to this ability I’d like to relate an incident that took place not too long ago.

My wife and I frequently get together with friends for an evening of cards. At one such session, I desperately needed one particular card, that I hoped was hidden within the 5 card blind. Jokingly, I extended my hand over the blind, one card at a time. To my surprise….shock is a better word… I actually felt ‘something’. That’s not a very good word, but it’s the only one I can use to describe the ‘hunch’ I felt.


I rearranged the cards in a different sequence, still face down and ‘passed’ over them again, and using this method finally determined that the card I wanted was actually there, and now on the end of the row. I took the ‘bid’ and when I turned over that particular card… I WAS RIGHT! We all laughed about it then, but during the rest of the evening I repeated the process 25 times. I WAS RIGHT 19 TIMES!


This is amazing, even for Duke University. (I must admit that a few of these ‘guesses were not 100%. If I were looking for the King of Hearts for example, I found after a little confusion, that two cards seemed to be giving off a ‘feeling1. Turning them over proved that one was a King… of another suit, and the other was an unimportant Heart. Another time, I kept getting a very strong reaction from two cards and simply couldn’t isolate just one of them. I thought the ‘gift1 was beginning to wear off, but then found that I should have trusted my hunch. When we turned the cards over, they were BOTH the same card I needed. I had for-gotten we were playing with a double deck!

The same experiment tried at other times proved a total failure, which led us to the realization that, in the intense competition of the game, my emotional connection with the unknown card was tremendously heightened, thus ‘giving me the gift of clairvoyance! Emotion was the key!

Despite that experience, I’m still not able to perform ESP feats at will, at least, not without the machine. And that’s the beautiful thing about this psionic device it has been used by others who not only don’t have any ESP ability, but what’s more, didn’t even know what the machine was supposed to do!

Science editor John Campbell, after building his first copy of the Heironymus machine, had every visitor to his home try the device by themselves. It worked for all of them!


Campbell himself had this to say about this amazing experiment….

“The machine works beautifully! The consistency of performance is excellent”!



I’ve claimed some absolutely unbelievable things for this machine, and I don’t blame anyone for thinking I’ve got to be a liar or a con man. They just won’t believe it. (But they bought the book anyway, just in case). So, let me explain a little about metaphysics and science so it’ll be easy to understand why I can say these things about our marvelous device.

I’ve said the machine will take actual photographs of the past and the future! This sounds like something out of science fiction right? You’ll be darned if your going to take my word for it. Okay. How about the word of the U.S. Air Force? They actually DID IT! Eighteen years ago! In August of 1958 to be exact. Here’s what happened.


Test officials at Eglin air force base in Florida, were conducting experiments with a super sensitive infra red camera, to see if they could photograph events after they had occurred.


The infra red camera is sensitive to even minute heat rays emitted by objects. The camera they had devised was so refined, it could detect differences in thousandths of a degree. With it they took a picture of the base parking lot which was empty at the time. But, when the film was developed, it clearly showed “cars which had been parked in the lot several hours before, but which were not there when the picture was taken!


The report of this experiment was carried by the Associated Press in an account published in the Miami Herald.


Because the Infra Red Camera was classified the Air Force refused to say how far backward in time the camera was able to go, or to release any of the pictures to the press,

“for fear that trained scientists from foreign countries might read too much from them”!

As you can see the claim of being able to take pictures of the past is an old one. What we claim is that you can go the Air Force even one better, for with the Machine you don’t need a special infra red camera… in fact you need no camera at all! The Machine will take ordinary black and white pictures by itself!

Now, if we’re going to continue talking about Time photography, and such things as Materialization and Telekinesis, we’d better understand what time is. A heck of a thing to say… everybody knows what time is. Right? WRONG!


And it’s about as easy to explain as how to balance on a bicycle, but here goes.

In his Theory of Relativity, Albert Einstein said,

“Every description of events in space involves the use of a rigid body, to which such events must be referred. The resulting relationship takes for granted that the laws of Euclidean geometry hold true for distance, the distance being physically represented by the convention of two marks on a rigid body”.

In other words, you can’t describe anything to anybody without something else to compare it to. Take a ‘big’ box for example. Bigger than what? So many inches high? What is used to measure an inch? TWO MARKS ON A RIGID BODY, right?


But you see, Time is a dimension, just like length, width and height. So when you describe something you have to say ‘when’. You usually do this automatically, by assuming everyone understands you mean ‘now’. For instance, a large box may be 12 inches high by 12 inches wide by 12 inches long… NOW, but before it was folded into that shape it was a flat box.


After it is crushed it’s dimensions will change again, and even after the box is burned the atoms that make up the box will still exist, but in still another dimension.


Let’s take another example. You’ve agreed to meet someone at 2nd St. and 3rd Ave. at 1 o’clock. Okay, 2nd St. and 3rd Ave. can be found easily with a map. 1 o’clock uses a ‘time map’ or what we call a watch, to tell you when your there. But remember, that meeting can never take place, unless you say when. Don’t get the idea however, that a clock or watch is time. Just as a ruler is not an inch, but rather a device to measure an inch, so a clock is only a rigid body used to measure time.


Got it?


Okay, so then what is time? I was afraid you’d ask. There’ve been literally a billion words written on the subject, and still nobody knows. (If your really interested in defining the difference between our time and sidereal time, read the Betty Books. They’re heavy, but excellent). I’ll try to explain time, but remember, it really doesn’t matter if no one can prove it or not, because the machine will work even if we don’t completely understand how. (Do most women know how the family car runs?)

Everyone knows science has made leaps and bounds in the last hundred years. In fact, we’re so used to the fact now, that we no longer pay much attention to exactly what progress they’re making… we take it for granted. But for our purposes, let’s take a look at some of the things that have been accomplished. Only a few years back we were taught that the atom was the smallest particle of matter, and as solid as a grain of sand. Today we know that’s not true.


There are many smaller particles and the atom isn’t solid but rather composed of a system of superimposed waves and electrical charges. Matter, instead of being dense and solid is now known to be mainly huge open spaces with tiny specks of electricity flying around ….electrons. Perhaps one of the most revolutionary discoveries of nuclear science was the discovery of antiparticles.


Besides the old atom, that consisted of a neutrally charged Neutron, a positive charged proton and negative charged electron that orbited around these two, science now knows of several others, like the anti proton and the Positron. Particles that are possessed of an exact opposite charge to the building blocks we’re familiar with. In other words, antimatter! Science now speaks of anti stars and anti galaxies. They even talk of anti worlds, where anti mountains loom over anti valleys that are populated by anti people!


They say, anti worlds behave in exactly the same way ours does.


Andrew Tomas in his book “Beyond the Time Barrier” said,

“Unfortunately, we can never meet these anti people, for if we tried to land on an anti planet the opposing forces between matter and antimatter would cancel each other in a tremendous explosion”.

This may be easier to understand if you liken it to a short circuit. When the positive pole of a battery is grounded to the negative pole… WHAP.. you have a ‘short’, or short circuit. Imagine what kind of a ‘short1 you’d get with two batteries the size of the earth!

We just mentioned, a short while ago, the discovery of the Positron. According to a physics definition this is an electron moving backward in time! So you see, though the anti world may behave in exactly the way ours does, it differs in one huge respect. In an anti world the direction of time is moving from the future to the past! And don’t snicker at that idea.


In 1965 Dr. Richard Feinman received the Nobel Prize for that discovery, so it’s no science fiction pipe dream! According to Professor Hans Reichenbach, the inhabitants of an anti world would consider their time as being right and ours as being backward!

Can time really go backward?


Twenty four centuries ago, Plato thought so when he wrote The Statesman. He spoke of an oscillating universe periodically reversing it’s time, like a pendulum. At the end of it’s swing, everything stops, then moves backward for one swing, etc. This seems rather fanciful, true, but it’s being echoed today in modern physics.


Dr. Gerald Feinberg of Columbia University says that Tachyons (atomic particles moving faster than the speed of light ) move backward in time!


For those of you familiar with the theory that nothing can accelerate past the speed of light let me clarify Tachyons. These particles have an initial speed faster than light and can never slow down slower than light! They posses negative energy, imaginary mass and backward time.

Dr. Einstein also proposed the theory that Time, as a dimension, is bendable, just like light. This is an ancient belief. In symbology, time has always been portrayed as a snake swallowing it’s own tail. If this is true, and Time can really be bent, then you have the Hyper Time of science fiction. The possibility of touching past or future by bending time.

Maybe even more interesting and easier to believe is the existence of a parallel world. This involves the Neutrino, a recent discovery of modern science. Neutrinos are spinning sub atomic particles with no charge or mass, that shoot through our solid planet as if it were a sieve. They penetrate every known thing, at the speed of light! In this respect, they could be likened to radio frequencies, which exist in and through the same space we occupy, at the same time we do! A world who’s atomic structure is made up of Neutrinos instead of ‘our’ atoms, can actually exist in the SAME SPACE as ours!


As the distinguished Oxford physicist D.H. Wilkinson said,

“…there exist universes intermingling with ours, containing their own form of awareness and awaiting some common but elusive interaction to be discovered”.

This parallel universe would have it’s own special time, which doesn’t correspond with ours. As most books on the Astral Plane of existence point out, Time, for that universe is subjective… moldable for the beings that live there.


(This is what is considered by most of us, as the ‘hereafter’…the next plane of existence for the human soul or astral body, that we spoke of earlier).

In this world, a fleeting second of their time could be hours to us. Or, to put it another way, they have the option of viewing ALL OF TIME at once. Sort of like a movie film. We see only one frame at a time, while they can view the whole reel at once. You see, modern science doesn’t consider Time any longer, as an integral dimension of space that ‘flows’.


Time as a dimension, can’t ‘flow’ any more than width or length can ‘flow’. It’s a dimension. Our minds are unable to really grasp the wider perspective of Time as a continuing line of NOWS. We invariably think of Time as NOW. This instant. The past and future for us are separated by an intangible instant that, no matter how often you try, cannot be divided into a final point. For The past, already doesn’t exist. The future, doesn’t exist yet. There is only NOW.


But if the past and future don’t exist and only NOW is real, than the real NOW connects two ‘unreal’ things! Such a statement to an intelligent mind is absurd. The past and the future are just as real as NOW. If you consider Time as a long line of NOWS, one after another, the only thing to separate them, is the fact that some are ahead of you, and others behind. The only way you really have of determining where you are in Time is to relate your NOW to those behind you and those ahead of you… RELATIVE.

Going into this deeply enough to fully understand the concept of Time would take several hundred pages by itself. For those who are interested enough, I recommend a book called “Beyond The Time Barrier” by Andrew Tomas, and published by Medallion books. It’s excellent and very entertaining. Nothing real heavy to fall asleep over. At any rate let’s take another subjective look at Time in a context we might be a little more familiar with.

We all know that the light from distant stars, is light that left those stars years ago. We also know that the act of seeing really involves the perception of light reflected from the object we ‘see’. So when we’re viewing another star or planet, we’re really seeing the reflected light from that star or planet as it was, say, a thousand years ago.


If that telescope were powerful enough to magnify the image of that planet to the likeness of a pair of binoculars, we would be able to see the actual surface of the planet as it was when the light left it 1000 years ago. If our telescope were powerful enough to pick out individual cities or streets on that planet, we’d see what the people there were doing… 1000 YEARS AGO! Right?


So, if that’s true why couldn’t someone send a rocket out into space to intercept the earth’s orbit, where it was say 1000 years ago, and take pictures of this light as it travels outward through space to other planets? THEY ARE!

In Paris, back in 1963, a French engineer and astronomer, Emile Droute, disclosed his plans for just such a rocket. He displayed the prototype at Vigneux-sur-Seine in that year. Needless to say, there are many complex problems an individual must face when launching a project of this type. The speed will have to be in the vicinity of 107,000 kilometers an hour.


The exact workings of the plan are rather complicated to present here, but a simple idea of it would be to first realize that the earth revolves around the Sun. In addition, the sun, being part of this galaxy, is speeding outward through space. Therefore as the earth revolves and the Sun moves ahead, the path we leave behind is a spiral, very much like a coiled spring.


As the earth takes one year to complete a revolution around the Sun, then each spiral of this “coil” represents one year. If the rocket were sent backward the equivalent of 40 spirals, the light encountered would reflect an image of the 1940’s and we’d view WWII all over again!

By sending his rocket along the outside of the coil, in a straight line, Droute plans to retrace the earths path, but do it faster because in a sense, he is taking a shortcut along the edge of the spiral. When the rocket reaches the desired number of spirals, automatic cameras will begin sending photographs back to earth, just like those NASA receives now from our astronauts on the moon.


Thus again, you have TIME PHOTOGRAPHY!

This may all sound nutty to some people but, during WW I, you had said that in 60 years we’d look into a box in New York and see what they’re doing in China, AT THE SAME MOMENT, they’d have thrown you in the booby hatch! And yet, TV is so common today that no one even thinks twice about it.


Indeed, a good portion of our population can’t even remember a time when we were without it!

French astronomer Emile Droute’s ‘Time’ rocket follows the earths spirals.






The time rocket we’ve just spoken of may sound interesting but you can’t quite understand how this would apply to the Machine in particular. Our Machine isn’t going to go flying off into space. It doesn’t have to. It’ll just sit there quietly in your living room and take photos of the past or even of events that are happening right now, in some far off place, like a TV, but without a screen or wires!

Another science fiction pipedream? HA!

Way back in the 1930’s Manly P. Hall wrote,

“The past still exists, and if it’s vibrations can be intensified by electrical amplification. The ages can be made to live again. At our pleasure we could, by turning a dial, watch the pyramid builders heaping mountains of granite together, once more would senators argue in the Roman Forum, the lurid flames of the Inquisition would burn before our eyes, to be followed by the fires of the French Revolution”!



The scenes from the past as well as those more recent have been reported many times by people who were, unfortunately classed as quacks or kooks mediums. The phenomenon is known as Materialization, and has usually been associated with the apparitions of a ghost.


But there was nothing kooky about the Materialization reported by several newspapers back in the early fifties, that involved a group of scientists working in a top secret laboratory for atomic experiments. The men were involved in experiments requiring several extremely high voltage electrical devices. One day, out of nowhere, some of the scientists saw image forming in mid air.


They were somewhat blurred, but still easily recognizable as human faces. As the event progressed more and more people took notice until all the technicians watched as the faces moved around, nodded and turned, showing themselves at different angels. The images suddenly took on more consistency and became clearer and sharper. The entire event was accompanied by a low murmuring, as if a group were conversing, but with the sudden intensification, individual voices became clearer, enough to understand they were using scientific phrases and terminology.


The phantom group then slowly began to fade away, until nothing was left in the lab, but stillness. Being scientists, the lab workers made a complete investigation. The explanation of how the apparition occurred wasn’t solved, but they were able to identify it’s origin. The words they had heard were spoken at a high level top secret meeting held in another part of the building.


The images of faces, had been the men present at that meeting. It was determined that the meeting room was far enough away and secured sufficiently to make it impossible to overhear the meeting in any normal way.

They thus concluded that there had been a transmission of images and voices akin to television transmission, brought on by the powerful electrical fields produced in the laboratory. This electromagnetic atmosphere had somehow transmitted photons and sound-waves across the intervening space. They had experienced a MATERIALIZATION!


The story was withheld from the press for several years due to the top secret nature of the meeting, and the fact that the materialization itself was considered a security leak! Powerful electrical and magnetic fields have generally become accepted as necessary for psychic experience and development. (Remember Kirlian Photography?)


But the common point to all such experiences is the fact that radiation or emanation of any given object or person is the main carrier link between one event and another.

The Materialization we’ve just spoken of and the two ‘kinds” of Time photography are all based on the same principle, radiation of frequency. This won’t sound so mysterious if you think of a common electrical transformer. Electric current is fed from a wall plug into one side of it. The current goes into a coil of wire, and stops! Another coil, placed very close by, but NOT CONNECTED IN ANY WAY picks up the electrical current by induction and feeds it through the output side of the transformer. It works. We use them everyday in dozens of different devices and never give them a second thought.


The main principle of the Machine is the same.

A California power company had an extremely serious breakdown one day that caused a flurry of investigative activity. Despite the numerous and intensive checks made by technicians, the cause of the failure remained unknown. A worker was called in who inserted a detailed schematic diagram of the circuitry involved into the ‘well’ of a little black box. Within a matter of hours the entire circuit was mysteriously repaired and back in operation! The machine used to effect this repair could be termed a’standard1 psionic device which derives it’s power from the affinity between matter.

Voodoo and Witchcraft, despite their comeback as a fad, are still rather disdained by the average believer in psychic phenomenon. Yet the witch doctors and warlocks knew the secret, whether they realized it or not, of transmission of frequency. The use of voodoo dolls and almost fanatical fear of cameras wasn’t just ignorant jungle superstition.

In Pennsylvania a white smocked lab assistant inserted the seed of a Lily into a psionic machine, and took a picture. When it was developed it clearly showed a tulip bulb. Turning a few dials, the operator took another picture. This time the photographic result was of a lily….in full bloom!

When you take a photograph of anything the metallic crystals of the film capture more than just photons of light. Along with the reflected light, is the radiation your body continually sends out, and which we mentioned earlier. Again, these radiations are individual to you and you alone. Between your body and the negative of the film which has just absorbed some of your body’s radiation, there exists a compatibility or affinity.


Much like the electrical transformer, the frequency of the radiation from the film, matches exactly the frequency of the matter of your body and therefore, a definite link is created between them. Perhaps another analogy would make this point easier to understand. If your familiar with a piano you know that when you strike a key, it in turn causes a taut wire to vibrate thus creating a sound.


These wires are graduated to create specific sounds or notes. If the note you struck was a ‘C for example, the other ‘C! keys, both above and below the one you struck, would also vibrate, less intensely, in a phenomenon known as harmonics. The sounding of the vibration of that key or frequency, would cause a response in all other wires of the same frequency. The photograph and it’s ‘harmonic’ image, operate in the same way.


This is the principle upon which the Machine is based, and IT WORKS!

In the De La Warr Laboratory in England a worker put one small drop of a woman’s blood into a psionic machine. While he concentrated and adjusted a few dials, an assistant slid a piece of photographic film into a slot and timed the exposure. After development the picture clearly showed the vertebrae and pelvic region of a woman, along with an X-ray type image of a human fetus! Satisfied with the appearance of the baby, the technicians set the machine ‘a few months ahead’ and checked the baby’s progress again.

In this instance, the machine was being used to take pictures of the future. It can also be used to effect a change in the future or the present. This was
aptly demonstrated by Dr. William HaleChief of Dow Chemical Co, Research Department, down in Florida. Taking a picture of an infested orange orchard he dabbed some insecticide onto a few rows of infected trees in the picture and slipped it into a psionic machine.


The machine was turned on for a few hours each morning for a week. At the end of that time the actual orchard was examined. Every row of trees that had been treated with insecticide in the photo, was free of any infestation! Those trees not so ‘treated’, even in the next rows, were still insect ridden!


In a related type of occurrence, the Municipal Works of Rosenheim Germany reported the extermination of a hoard of termites at a great distance without the use of an insecticide! The Nov. 3rd issue of the Journal of Paraphysics carried the account. Similar experiments carried out on over 50,000 acres of U.S. farmland always showed the same results! As you can see the effect can be obtained even over vast distances.


Unlike the transformer, our machine works anywhere in the world or beyond it! (See the Hieronymus experiment with Apollo 8 &11)


Physical space of course isn’t the only dimension we’re talking about. A picture taken now of events that occurred in the past can easily be taken if the frequency transmission of the test subject is tuned to the past position of the test subject. In other words, a picture taken of an event that occurred years ago must use as a transmitter something that was at the place in question at the time desired.


To take pictures of prehistoric monsters for instance, a sample of yourself wouldn’t work, for you weren’t there at the time. However, a rock that’s known to have existed in that era would. In the exact process of the Machine, by putting your own photo in the sample chamber and adjusting the dials for a given time in the past, you’ll create a photo from that time period in the film chamber, that will have you in it or will depict something very close to you at the time. Now, here’s the Voodoo part.


Because we’re talking about emanations from a particular body, a photo isn’t the only thing that will work,


A sample emitting heavy radiation may be gained also from an actual piece of the body… a fingernail, lock of hair, drop of blood etc. If all these samples are put into the machine at once, the intensity of the emanations is greatly amplified. In some circumstances, samples from two very closely related objects may be inserted at the same time, providing that a combination photo is desired.


George De La Warr tried this experiment with the blood samples in his machine. He took a few drops from his wife and himself and tuned the ‘camera’ to their wedding day…. thirty years before. Developed before witnesses, the picture showed the pair just as they had been on that memorable day… wedding clothes and all!

But a word of caution here. It has been discovered that not all tests react the same way for every user. Psionics experimenter Murial Benjamin found that certain chemicals she used to control disease and insects on her trees and plants didn’t always work for others. And what they used, didn’t always work for her. These experimenters concluded that their own reagent worked because they believed in them! Now this fact is something that you can control, but the possibility of an uncontrolled reaction should scare you to death.


This caution is included here to make you aware of the fact that it can happen if your not very careful. This device is not a toy, it can be a highly dangerous machine if used in the wrong way. It has been found that this apparatus located at a distance from the organism it was radionically treating caused a genetic crossing among different varieties of the same species!


The L fields of these plants were merged psionically….their genes and chromosomes were mixed to produce a totally new variety of hybrid fruit!

This amazing discovery, perhaps the most startling and exciting discovery in psionic history, can be credited to Mrs. Murial Benjamin. She confessed that she doesn’t concentrate on her plants during treatment. Often she says, she’ll be doing something entirely different while the machine is on. Perhaps this is what led to her biggest error in radionic use.


She was used to taking four photographs, one for each of her different peach trees, and alternately treating them to stimulate their growth and yield. For two years she placed one photo at a time, in an envelope, on the collector plate of her machine along with a crystal of calcite or tungsten nickel fluoride. It worked beautifully.


The third year she says she got rushed and ‘ran’ all the negatives together with the calcite crystal.

“The next year there was a terrible mess” she said, “First, the latest blooming trees bloomed first, and the early ones last. The others were a mishmash of inedible useless fruit! Everything was either too small, too hard, too mushy, without seeds or rotten. There were dozens of different varieties of peaches on each tree! It was such a mess”, she went on to say, “that we were forced to take all of the trees out of the ground and destroy them. By placing the pictures all together the way I did, the machine had somehow garbled their genetic codes. Somewhere, back in their cross bred ancestry I had scrambled their genes”.

Mrs. Benjamin concluded,

“My mistake was in using the negatives which I placed face down on the collector plate, glossy side up. Then I laid the calcite crystal on top. I don’t know how it worked, but I think it must have blended the vital fields of those trees to cross their genes that way”.



Sure it is, but so were the first X-ray pictures of the inside of the human body…. or the first Kirlian Photographs. Learn how to use the machine, and think out each experiment very care-fully in advance.


Don’t take a chance by treating this machine lightly!

Each atom’s unique radiation frequency is picked up and re-transmitted after being modulated or modified by the frequency of conscious thought.


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