Massive Triangular-Shaped Object Immersed Over Livermore Highway

For centuries, people were mystified and fascinated by the stories about aliens, UFOs and the existence of life on other planets and galaxies. Moreover, although there have been thousands of reported sightings around the world, no one has concretely provided enough evidence to shore up his or her facts, or assumptions. The idea of aliens was being discussed by many persons. In fact, researchers are currently exploring the existence of ancient aliens and whether they visited planet earth or not.
Let’s take an otherwise serious look at the strange case of massive triangular-shaped object immersed over Livermore highway. Livermore is a city situated in the Alameda County, California. It holds a population of around 85,156. A California witness claimed to have seen a massive dark triangular-shaped mysterious object moving overhead and quickly disappeared. She saw the object while traveling with her boyfriend about 11 PM along I-680 on September 14, 2015, while passing the 84 exit. The witness reported noticing bright lights, blue, red, and white upon sitting. Due to the bright lights, she leaned forward and saw a triangular-shaped craft. While the colors surround the extraterrestrial crafts, it was the white lights that outlined the craft’s shape. Throughout her life, the witness had never seen a shape or size.
When she started to lean back, she took a glance at her boyfriend and realized they are both looking at the same thing. When she quickly looked back, the object blinked three times and vanished. For centuries, humanity keeps on asking certain questions about terrestrial beings. In the past, sightings ended up attributed to deities or angels and far more not too long ago as a UFO. It is not until the advancement of the technology that people started to label celestial apparitions as unidentified flying objects. Take note that mysterious object is either man-made or natural.

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