At the South Pole of Mars discovered a “wall” 250 km

Renowned UFO researcher and virtual archaeologist Scot Waring has claimed to have discovered a gigantic structure 250 kilometers long on a map of Mars. The ufologist believes that this is a real wall that crosses the right side of the South Pole on Mars. According to the researcher, the wall has a length of 250 kilometers and a height of about 45 kilometers. He got the dimensions based on the scale at the bottom of the photograph (NASA).

In addition, Waring is sure that he managed to find other structures nearby, possibly a city, as well as an alien ship about 30 kilometers in size. On the map, he found other structures, which are mainly located in craters. The researcher clarifies that he had to convert this image from color to black and white in order to see the structures that are difficult to see. Otherwise, nothing could be considered.

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