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American ufologist John Carpenter said that the typical “Tall white aliens” have been described as benevolent or even “magical” beings who want to observe and communicate with humans. Contactees have said that the aliens are concerned about the Earth’s environment or prospects for world peace, and may transmit messages telepathically. Stephanie Kelley-Romano says that the aliens “are often associated with spiritual growth and love and act as protectors for the experiencers, they are watchful, smiling, affectionate, youthful, all-knowing.”


Contactee On the afternoon of November 20, 1952 (he tells us in Flying Saucers Have Landed ), Adamski had his first encounter—face-to-face contact—with a man from Space. During the previous year he had journeyed on several occasions into the Mojave Desert, to areas where saucers were said to be landing. Nothing had come of those excursions. On this day he was trying again. Accompanying him were Alice Wells; his secretary Lucy McGinnis; and four UFO enthusiasts, including Alfred Bailey and George Hunt Williamson.

* They drove about in the desert, watching the sky and following Adamski’s hunches as to a possible landing site. Finally, he ordered that they stop and get out of the car. They roamed on foot now, in the rocky desert terrain. Mountains loomed about them, deceptively close. A strong wind was blowing; and the women tied scarfs around their heads. After a half-hour the party returned to the car for a picnic lunch. But the saucer watch continued as they scanned the sky and ate. Suddenly, everyone turned to look over a ridge—and gaped. As Adamski describes it in Flying Saucers Have Landed : Riding high, and without sound, there was a gigantic cigarshaped silvery ship, without wings or appendages of any kind. Slowly, almost as if it was drifting, it came in our direction; then seemed to stop, hovering motionless. Like a long, narrow cloud, the object hung there in the sky.


Then his attention was caught by a flash in the sky. And he saw something—“a beautiful small craft”—drifting between two mountain peaks and settling into a cove. A flying saucer!

Someone was standing about a quarter of a mile away, motioning for Adamski to come over. As his companions (who would later sign an affidavit  attesting to having witnessed the encounter) watched from a distance, Adamski walked toward the man. Strangely, he felt no fear. Hands thrust into the pockets of his windbreaker, he walked confidently and expectantly, as if approaching an old and trusted friend. The man was wearing a jumpsuit. His long, blond hair was blowing in the wind. He was smiling. Adamski halted an arm’s length from the stranger. Now, for the first time I fully realised that I was in the presence of a man from space—A HUMAN BEING FROM ANOTHER WORLD!…

The beauty of his form surpassed anything I had ever seen. And the pleasantness of his face freed me of all thought of my personal self. I felt like a little child in the presence of one with great wisdom and much love, and I became very humble within myself …for from him was radiating a feeling of infinite understanding and kindness, with supreme humility. The spaceman extended his hand. It was slender, with fingers like those of “an artistic woman.” Adamski reached out to shake it. But the spaceman shook his head, and gently placed his palm against Adamski’s. Adamski regarded the man with awe. He was cleanshaven and youthful in appearance. He had a high forehead, blue eyes, and a smile that revealed glistening teeth. His jumpsuit was brown, with a radiant sheen. He wore no jewelry, carried no weapon. The two men began to communicate, via a combination of telepathy, gestures, and facial expressions.

Contacts with the Tall white aliens, Nordic aliens, blond and blue eyes aliens

His visit was friendly, but serious in purpose. For he had come to warn us of the dangers of nuclear explosions—dangers for both the Earth and its neighbors in the Solar System. Adamski noticed now the saucer in which he had arrived. Bell-shaped and translucent, it was hovering just off the ground in a cove. A scout ship, explained the spaceman, that had emerged from the mother ship seen earlier. As the wind blew their hair and ruffled the bushes around them, Adamski put questions to the spaceman. How did his ship operate? Did they experience death? The spaceman answered the questions. But when Adamski asked to take his picture, he shook his head. He led Adamski over to the saucer. It wobbled in the wind; and prismatic colors flashed on its surface. Adamski found himself speechless, overcome with joy. Could he go for a ride? The spaceman shook his head. Could he just step inside and take a look around? No, not at this time. Then the spaceman said goodbye and reboarded his ship. It rose, glided over the mountains, and disappeared from view. Adamski was soon rejoining his party and filling them in on what had happened. He and the others returned to the site, to examine the spaceman’s footprints and to look for traces of the saucer.



President Eisenhower had three secret meetings with aliens, former Pentagon consultant claims Ex-President met with extra-terrestrials on three separate occasions at New Mexico air base Eisenhower and FBI officials organised the meetings by sending out ‘telepathic messages’.

It’s a story that has circulated in and out of the UFO community for years: Did former U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower have three meetings with extraterrestrials?

The aliens met with our leaders in 1954 says Retired, Command Sergeant Major, Robert O. Dean!

More info on the meeting…

In addition to President Dwight David Eisenhower  and other top brass, the Muroc Airfield meeting with extraterrestrials on February 20- 21 1954 was attended by a “Wise Men” group of four members of civil society, that is, those who were not politicians, intelligence agents, or members of the armed forces, all in their 80s. They were a metaphysical scientist; EDWIN NOURSE, a leading economist; JAMES FRANCIS MACINTYRE, bishop and head of the Catholic Church in Los Angeles; and FRANKLIN WINTHROP ALLEN, a well-known journalist.

Says exopolitics scholar Michael Salla: “The four represented senior leaders of the religious, spiritual, economic, and newspaper communities and were advanced in age and status. They would certainly have been plausible choices for a community delegation that could provide confidential advice on a possible public response to a First Contact event involving extraterrestrial races.”


The meeting was at once awesome and terrifying to most of the people present, who thought they had met supernatural beings and the world had come to an end. In a highly emotive letter to a confidante dated April 16 1954, Gerald Light underlined his fear, shock, and bewilderment in the following words: “I had the distinct feeling that the world had come to an end with fantastic realism. For I have never seen so many human beings in a state of complete collapse and confusion, as they realized their own world had indeed ended with such finality as to beggar description.”

Salla, citing Charles Suggs, whose father, a former Navy Commander, was present at the meeting, chronicles the proceedings thus: “President along with others…met and spoke with two white-haired Nordics alien (other name “Tall white aliens”) that had pale blue eyes and colourless lips. The spokesman stood a number of feet away from Ike and would not let him approach any closer. A second Nordic stood on the extended ramp of a bi-convex saucer that stood on tripod landing gear on the landing strip… these visitors said they came from another solar system. They posed detailed questions about nuclear testing.”

“Beware of the Grays”

Physically, the Nordics looked like humans only they were larger in stature, about 7 to 8 feet tall. They spoke perfect, sweet-sounding English but with an accent. Their speech was conveyed rather mentally than verbally. “There was telepathic communication,” Salla says. “It’s as though you’re hearing a person but they’re not speaking.”


The technology they put on show defied belief. “During my two days’ visit I saw five separate and distinct types of aircraft being studied and handled by our Air Force officials – with the assistance and permission of the Etherians!…When the Aliens demonstrated their ability to become invisible along with mental telepathy, everyone there was terrified.”

The ability to disappear (an ability based on pure physics, not magic) and to communicate using thought.

Not all history is recorded and not all history is known. Hence, we will probably never know the full details of the day-long meeting between President and the Nordics aliens. What we know for sure is that the Nordics warned they about the Aliens – the Grays – who were orbiting the equator, that he should not have anything to do with them as they were a sinister race who would bring untold harm both to Earth and the human population.

The Nordics aliens in fact proposed an alliance with Earthlings to fight the Grays and promised to help us in spiritual development. However, they insisted that an alliance with us would only be possible if the US and any other country on Earth got rid of their nuclear weapons and other armaments programmes.

The Nordic aliens also offered Earthlings very advanced technology for the betterment as opposed to the destruction of mankind. “The Nordics offered to share their superior technology and their spiritual wisdom with President if he would agree to eliminate America’s nuclear weapons,” says Salla. “They were afraid we might blow up some of our nuclear technology and apparently that does something to time and space and it impacts on extraterrestrial races on other planets.”

It was a no-deal. President rejected the Nordic overture because he did not like the idea of getting rid of nuclear weapons. Apparently, he didn’t trust the Nordics. What if it was a ruse and all they were up to was to seize control of the planet eventually? The Nordics advised that President think the matter over again and left. But not before they reiterated the warning “Beware of the Grays”.


Residents of Wiltshire in the UK has long worried about the appearance of mysterious circles on the fields. Rational explanation for this local talent yet to be found. But, it seems, to unravel an amazing phenomenon managed to approach the police from the specified British town.

On the condition of anonymity (for fear that he would be considered abnormal and out) a police officer told local reporters that appeared on the field the new round, he saw mysterious creatures.

He said that in his spare time passed the fields and saw on it were strange creatures, unlike men. Man, as befits a policeman, decided to find out what’s going on. But when law enforcement began to approach the strangers, he heard a sound similar to crackling electricity, and creatures with incredible speed ran.


According to police, their height was above 180 cm, and they had long blond hair. Law enforcement complained that after the meeting with these creatures, he developed a headache that had bothered him for some time. He believes that he was able to meet an alien.

The situation is commented by British ufologists, they believe that the man saw the so-called “Nordic aliens”, which in the past few years have supposedly met in different parts of the world.



In the abduction syndrome, most of the attention is on the Gray type Humanoids. However we really need to be looking at the often blonde Nordic-type entities who appear to be a vital element in all of it. “Who are they? Why are they here? What is their moral orientation?” These questions are of upmost gravity for our human species.


For the last 38 years, I have specialized for them most part in alien human abduction and the Nordic-type aliens. My conclusions are based on 50 Nordic cases out of my total of 150 cases, and data from other sources. Generally the following description applies to most Nordics. Nordics look human with beautiful angular faces. They are tall, have long blonde hair, breathtaking bottomless blue eyes changeable with emotion, and wear skin-tight suits or flowing white robes. Giant over 7 feet Nordics and human-sized ones also exist. Females and children are rarely seen.

Other hair colors have been reported. Their telepathic communications are soothing and they can project an intense feeling of love for the abductee. Some persons have remained in a euphoric state for weeks after an altered state episode with one. Let us look a series of my cases and see what they may be telling us. Case names are sometimes pseudonyms.


Nordic aliens

In a November incident, a large truck traveling on I-70 in Kansas was hit by a beam of light and Donna who was behind it had her first abduction. [AAER Note: Other people have reported being nearly hit by a large truck just seconds before the start of a highway abduction, which has caused then to wonder if the image of a truck was a screen memory for a UFO.]

At 2:00 a.m. one night, alien appeared in the hallway of Donna’s home. Once they were in the UFO, she was instructed to stand under a light that caused her to feel electrified. In still another abduction, a device that alien called a “Monotron” was implanted at the base of her brain. Donna’s case is very extensive and she too received the Earth devastation messages as well as many other predictions.

When Donna went public her life became a living hell. One group branded her a satanic disciple and harassed her. Had these fanatics known the truth about the “Blonde Aliens ” they would not have become so overwrought. Then the day came when the alien appeared as a sparkling white figure in a uniform right in her front room. He looked solid enough but she and the others present could see though him before he faded away.

DONNA BUTTS And Nordic aliens

In the next abduction she was taken to the bord of a spaceship. With the “blond alien” in the lead a number of things happened.

She was given another light treatment, drank a hauntingly beautiful blue liquid, and received an implant through her ear. Later Donna was privileged to see many things and learn much. Her predictions as told to her by her benefactors are many.

“We can look at the Bible with the understanding of advanced intelligence. It has been termed a coded message unable to be understood until the last days. These are most assuredly the last days.”


Curtis seen the beautiful female “Tall white alien” who visited him four times. On the very clear last visit the alien brought an another white-haired alien. They both floated in the air at the foot of his bed for several minutes. Female wore a silver form-fitting garment. Her bare arms and hands were beautiful. Her blonde hair was piled on the back of her head sort of World War I style. She had a beautiful face with blue eyes. Curtis thought other alien was in her teens…



In her book Taken, my now deceased dear friend Karla Turner writes about an important case right under my nose here in Indiana. In one abduction of young Pat, a long blonde-haired, blue eyed, tall appeared in her bedroom. He was in a shaft of sparkling light that came through the ceiling. He took the little girl’s hand and said, “Don’t be afraid. These are mine” gesturing to the little Gray humanoids who were standing around the room.

The next day military medical personnel and troops arrived at the farm. They stayed several days conducting all kinds of examinations of the inhabitants and the terrain.

Contacts with the Tall white aliens, Nordic aliens, blond and blue eyes aliens


Tall white aliens

An important but lesser known contactee is Orfeo Angelucci. Like Maxwell, his encounters also took place in Los Angeles in the 1950s. The humanoid beings he encountered were tall, muscular, attractive, and had blond hair and very large eyes. In typical fashion, they wore  bodysuits.

One of them explained to Orfeo that they were not native to our dimension. They had to project themselves into our dimension in order to be visible. If they projected fully, they could appear and function as human beings and walk among society.



VILAS BOAS contact with Tall white aliens

Another famous encounter involving similar beings is that of Antônio Vilas-Boas, a Brazilian farmer who was abducted in October of 1957. The beings he encountered apparently communicated through speech that sounded like barks and growls and could be considered similar to the way the beings communicated in front of Shaw and his companion, i.e., warbling and guttural. Vilas-Boas described the female he interacted with as follows:

“Her hair was blonde, nearly white… nose was smooth, not very thick and she had big blue eyes, rather longer than round, for they slanted outward, like those pencil-drawn girls made to look like Arabian princesses, that look as if they were slit … except that they were natural; there was no makeup.”

“Her nose was straight, not pointed, not turned-up, nor too big. The contour of her face was different, though, because she had very high, prominent cheekbones that made her face narrowed to a peak, so that all of a sudden it ended in a pointed chin, which gave the lower part of her face a very pointed look. Her lips were very thin, nearly invisible in fact.”



History encounters with Nordic aliens
“I remember looking at his face and his eyes were very similar to a human’s except they were a beautiful blue and a bit larger than ours. I looked at him and studied his face and head and saw that he had peach fuzz for hair along his scalp. I touched his face as well as the right side of his head where the ridges were and I noticed where his skin was light blue, it glistened in places when the light shown on it.”

“…I saw that he had beautiful pale skin that glistened and almost sparkled in places. The skin on his legs, which were muscular like a human’s, but not overly so, was more like a powder white color. His legs had hair that was straight and very uniform.”

“… They were possessed of a strange and indescribable beauty. I can express myself in no other way. They were graceful to a degree, and more divinely beautiful than anything I ever beheld.”

Contact whith Tall white aliens. Lightworkers. Pleiadians

In a 2013 Report filed with MUFON, it appears the Tall Whites were seen again. A slightly edited synopsis follows:

“I turned back to my truck door and tried to unlock it when I caught something at the corner of my eye. I jumped back against the side of my truck and about 15 feet away stood three people staring at me that had not been t
here prior to this incident. There were two very attractive women and one very tall man who was at least ten feet tall. All of them had blonde hair that was almost white, and blue eyes.”

“They did not say anything to me directly but I heard one of the woman’s voices in my head. I know you’re probably thinking that I am crazy but it did happen. She said, ‘[my name] please do not be afraid. You have an important role to play if you would like to help us.’ I said out loud in a shaky voice ‘Okay but I don’t know how.’ Then the woman said, ‘Don’t worry, you will know in time.’ Right after she said that everything went black. Eventually I woke up around two thirty, laying about thirty feet away from my last remembered position at the side of my truck.”

An extremely well researched case by Colin Andrews is excerpted below from his article entitled The Silbury Hill Stargate? The apparent fast pace at which these beings moved is emphasized below.

History encounters with Nordic aliens

“The contact, who doesn’t want to be named, was driving past Silbury Hill early Monday morning (6th July 2009) when he saw three figures in the formation there. At first he thought they were forensic officers as they were dressed in white coveralls. He stopped his car and approached the field. The figures were all over 6ft and had blond hair. They seemed to be inspecting the crop. When he got to the edge of the field he heard what he  believed to be a sound not dissimilar to static electricity. This crackling noise seemed to be running through the field and the crop was moving gently close to where the noise was moving. He felt the hair on his arms and back of his neck raise up. He shouted to the figures who at first ignored him, not glancing at him. When he tried to enter the field they looked up and began running. He said ‘They ran faster than any man I have ever seen. I’m no slouch but they were moving so fast. I looked away for a second and when I looked back they were gone. I then got scared. The noise was still around, but I got an uneasy feeling and headed for the car. For the rest of the day I had a pounding headache I couldn’t shift.”


History encounters with Nordic aliens

More information on humanoid alien groups comes from an anonymous account titled, UFOs in the Gulf Breeze-Pensacola Area: Contact Since 1955.The author was contacted by a blond man and blond woman in silver jump-suits. They introduce themselves and said they would be visiting periodically.

The author explains an important observation. The consciousness of aliens is very bright and energetic, while that of humans is very dim. But when a human gets close to an alien, the alien’s energy field activates the human into becoming consciously brighter.

Later in childhood, the Nordic aliens picked him up in a flying craft and brought him to a base built inside a remote mountain. In the base, he and other contacts were briefed on status of various alien agendas. He was informed that he and others like him would have descendants with enhanced abilities, who would populate the Earth when it became safe to do so. They also warned that Gray aliens had succeeded in producing human-Gray hybrids, and that their agenda was not in humanity’s best interest.



MIRIAM DELICADO contact with Nordic aliens

Miriam Delicado was contacted at an early age by benevolent, tall blond extraterrestrials, apparently singled out specifically for a very special role. She was advised by them to keep a low profile for many years, and finally last year, 2007, she was told by them that it was time for her to write her book: Alien Blue Star .

She tells a riveting story of her very real and physical contact with a highly advanced, Guardian Race , and the information she was asked to pass on.


K: Okay. So let’s go to your incident in 1988 and tell a little more about that, kind of capsulate it, if you will.

M: In 1988 I was living a very normal, average life as a young adult. I’d just moved from a small town into the big city in Vancouver, British Columbia. And my friends and I had decided to take a road trip to my home town. And on the way up there, everything was normal. We took the drive and everything was fine. But on the return journey everything, everything changed.

There were four of us, four adults and a young child in the car. And the trip… we were driving for hours. I was sleeping in the back seat of the car. And then it started to get dark out. The people that were driving wanted a break, so they went into the back seat, and I went up into the front, into the passenger side with my friend.

And right away these big balls of light… they looked like truck lights, actually; that’s what we thought that they were for the longest time… came streaming up behind us rather quickly in the car. And as that happened, we were wondering why they were traveling so fast.

Now, these particular lights followed us for hours and hours in the darkness. And every time we came up to a car or any kind of house or buildings at all, the lights would fall back and disappear.

So after hours of this going on, eventually we went through a town where we thought for sure that we had lost the lights. And as soon as we got to the other side of this town, into the forested area, the absolute moment we said: Okay, we’re clear. There’s no way they can catch up with us… and literally in the blink of an eye, there they were, these balls of light that were probably about this big. [holds hands about 12 inches apart]

MIRIAM DELICADO contact with Nordic aliens

And they came up behind us. And then – poof – and at this point, after hours they had been appearing and disappearing, appearing and disappearing, and in the blink of an eye. So my friend got very, very nervous, as I did. Neither one of us were comfortable with what was happening at all, and the people in the back seat were still sleeping.

So all of a sudden I screamed at her and I said: Pull over the car right now! It’s not you they want. It’s me! And I went to grab the steering wheel to pull her over, when all of a sudden she just sort of flopped, you know, like a Raggedy Ann doll, flopped her head over and started pulling over and stopped at the side of the road.

And by that time the car filled with light from every direction. And these balls of light were sitting behind the car. So at that point – I was the only one conscious at that time – when I turned from the back of the car to the front, I saw a craft on the road.

Now, I couldn’t make out any detail because it looked almost misty and very, very bright. And these beings that were about four feet tall walked… were walking towards me. They were very androgynous, almost childlike in their nature. And they had big round black eyes. They didn’t have any oval eyes at all. These were round black eyes.

And they were directing me to get out of the car, which I did. And I was very scared. I wasn’t terrified though, and that distinction needs to be made. I was not terrified. I was scared.

So I got out of the car. They led me down the highway a little bit, and at this point I wasn’t even thinking about my friends, I was just wondering where they were taking me.

MIRIAM DELICADO contact with Nordic aliens

And on this embankment on the left… they led me up the embankment where I saw, when I looked up, a larger craft that had two beings standing in this doorway. And they had blond hair – and I mean blond as in snow white hair – and the most brilliant blue, Mediterranean water blue, eyes that you’ve ever seen, and quite incredible. And the beings, the short ones, took me to the craft, and when I got to the doorway I walked onboard the craft.

But what was interesting was that just prior to all of this happening I’d had a dream in the back seat of the car. And in this dream that I had, this man and woman told me, they said:

We are coming for you soon. Do not be afraid. We are your friends. We are your family. Do not be afraid. And then, when I saw these two tall beings, the moment that I laid eyes on them, I said in my mind: What are you doing here? Why can’t you just leave me alone? And then I walked onboard the craft.

K: And did you have any memories of what happened on the craft at that point?

M: From the moment I walked off that craft, I had very clear memories. And I have had those clear memories for twenty years.

K: Clear memories of what happened on the craft? Or just clear memories up to the point you’ve told us?

M: Both. Once I was onboard the craft, I remember a great deal of what happened to me. I do not by any means remember the full three hours. I don’t. And I don’t know if I ever will or not, because up to this point… I mean, I have not had hypnosis done to recover memories. So that’s a very important point for me to make to anyone watching, is that these memories have come from conscious memories.

K: Can you give us an idea what was conveyed to you at that time?

M: Twenty years ago I was given messages. And these messages and information that I was given were so crystal clear to me that two days after I walked off the craft I had a clear understanding of all of my psychic abilities, and where they came from, and how I had them, and why I had them.

So they gave me warnings about possible futures in which the planet could potentially have destruction, and the people could potentially have a very difficult time.

Now, these warnings were just possibilities , but they were things that they had made very clear to me, crystal clear to me, that humanity had a choice in whether or not we were going to end up on this destructive path or a positive path.

MIRIAM DELICADO contact with Nordic aliens

M: When I was onboard the craft, I was sitting in what I call a “light chair,” and it was… you could look at it just like this. [points to the chair she’s sitting on.] Except, instead of it being a chair, it was made from pure light, so it almost glowed. And I sat in this chair, and I looked across the room, and I had a being on either side of me. And a screen popped up. And the screen was actually quite large. It was probably about this… as large as the chair, and you know. Two or three feet high. And as I looked at the screen, there was information that came across it. And images.

These images would be accompanied by information that was given to me by these beings, either through telepathy or – meaning they would directly speak to me – or it felt like there was just a constant flow of information being sort of placed within my mind.

Now, one of the things that they shared with me was the creation of man.

MIRIAM DELICADO contact with Nordic aliens. Now, one of the things that they shared with me was the creation of man.

So, to make this story really short, they explained that they had a hand in creating mankind. That they were the helpers of this Earth to insure that… They were overseers, so that they would be here to watch over the Earth, to help man become more than what they currently are.

So, in the beginning life was created but nothing came of it.

In the Second World, they gave this life more form, but still thought that it would evolve into something more. And again nothing of any real value was produced.

In the Third World that they created… And, again, these are the things that were shown and told to me. And in the Third World, they said that the form – meaning our bodies – were created, and then our souls would come into the bodies. And when they did, we had all this knowledge; we had all this ability to communicate with one another; we had telepathy; we had an understanding far beyond what we currently do right now.

But it was like giving children matches to play with without allowing them to evolve, more along the lines of emotionally, and to be able to handle all of this knowledge. So they kind of went crazy.They played around too much. They were becoming destructive. And the things that they did were very dark and evil at that point.

So again the world was sort of cleaned out, cleaned off, and again these new vessels were created – meaning the vessels that we have now. So there’s been a slow evolution of “mankind” over time.

As this took place, one of the things that happened was… In this Third World I was shown an image of these people. And it was sort of like looking from above. And I looked down into this room and I saw these people. And these people, I was told, were living the life that was intended, which was the spiritual life.

And so, because they had this great knowledge, and because they had a true understanding of why they were here and the bodies that they had seemed to be doing very well, they were spared and taken from the Third World and brought into this, the Fourth World.

MIRIAM DELICADO contact with Nordic aliens

M: Yes. Yes. In the Second World I was shown, in the Second World, that this very grotesque life form was produced and that they waited for it to evolve to see if it would be the right host for this spark of life – whatever you would like to call it; I call it the spark of life – to be able to facilitate a spiritual life and a greater understanding of the universe.

And so when I myself, as Miriam, look back through history at this, I see it as being some of those “Lost Worlds” that have been looked for, and some of them, part of them, found over the course of our lifetimes, or over the last hundred years.

So, these three Worlds that were talked about prior to this one… it makes very clear sense to me, in my limited knowledge of anthropology and paleontology and all of the rest of it.

It just looks clear to me that these were the different Worlds.

B: The question I do have, though, linked with what I was just mentioning about the American military and the American Intelligence services. Do you know anything about the possible relationships of this group with the military? Or is it a different group of aliens that they have been working with?

M: The question is: Will I answer?…They haven’t said: Yes we work with these people; we’re working over here with that person.

However, I have been shown and told certain things that were of a darker side, and warned of certain things. For example, at one point I was shown something… It’s difficult, difficult for me to talk about.I was shown an image of being in an underground base ( Dulce ??? ) that… What took place there was so dark and ugly and horrifying to me that it was difficult for me to deal with.

I don’t know how to say this nicely, but it was of… I saw images of beings and of creatures that were just beyond the human comprehension of being able to see in real life. Now what happened…

In this time that I was shown this, I was in the astral , and the being, the tall blond that I was with, said:

You must be very quiet because if you’re not, they will know that we are here. And don’t ever come to this particular area. It is very dangerous for you.

And I said: Okey doke. I’m not going anywhere near there.

You asked me about these other beings that so many people are familiar with, which… one of the biggest ones is the Grays . I do not have any direct information, but here’s what I was told by the tall blonds: That they are here as the Caretakers of the Earth and that they would help protect us from ourselves or other things that we may not be aware of.

So does that mean other beings? Absolutely.

Does it mean that there’s a presence of other beings on the planet? Absolutely.

Am I here to talk about those beings with you? No. Because I want the message of the tall blonds to be really clear with people, that they are here in peace and that they do not mean us any harm.

They will not come here and take over the Earth. That is not their purpose. If it was their purpose, they would have done it long, long ago.



(excerpt) …I Have a step-grandfather — dollar millionaire, it is not Hilo density “Mason”. 2 weeks ago I went to visit him. And started the topic about higher civilization, mentioned in the Holy Scriptures. We discussed it the whole evening.

He also told me in the next 10-15 years, planned a huge technological growth in the space industry, that is, to 2030. All space technologies is. That is, even though tomorrow we may space a highly developed civilization.

All government institutions will have to give the people the truth about human origins, “they’ll have to,” said my grandfather.

Nordic aliens. Pleiadians

Alien civilizacijas his mouth was said that our gods eat, drink, love, and give birth, then they have the hormonal system and feelings, only theirs hormones don’t kill them, and the fact that they look practical like humans, only taller, with very white skin and blue-green — grey eyes. And live as long as you want. And the fact that they have re boot the dream also as in humans, they are updated using this, rebooting of the body, and the fact that it is normal for organics. (And here comes the similarity with the movie “Thor”, where One fell into a lethargic sleep, remember ?)

And here’s the Anunnaki-nefilim supposedly from “the Pleiades” …. (pay attention to theirs noses, and the whole iconography of almost all religions ,the fact that the faces of the saints are written with a thin and long noses. This is an alien race.)

Told me that up to the 2035 plan the first official extraterrestrial contact with representatives of the race. This coming and prepared the masons, the Illuminati and others, improving technological civilization in preparation for a meeting with their princes.

Nordic aliens. Pleiadians. INSIDE THE OLD MASON

This contact will be formal and expected, that is, about a month before their arrival, the people will be announced, the fact that the earth is approaching an alien ship with a goal and a signal of good contact. That is, the arrival of them will show and describe all media channels and “mass sources”, etc. they will Call themselves our creators, teachers, and mentors — ancient. Call us — terrestrial race, its a Grand successful experiment. And the fact that contact people officially reveal the truth about the cosmos and the world, etc. This is the most incredible sensation in the history of mankind. It will be the whole idea. They will look like smart, tall, slender, perfect body blond, white-skinned with green-blue-gray eyes, the men of the growth will be approximately 210 to 220 cm, the wives from 188 to 200cm (models) .

After this event, all countries will unite in a single state. Monetary financial pyramid will collapse.”


The “G.I.’s” predictions proved remarkably accurate.

After being sent to Hawaii, as he had promised, I was taken out of the tank crew and transferred to Battalion Headquarters and made a battalion draftsman; and, as predicted, I did work on detached service with the Navy.

As we had parted I could not help thinking that these people from other planets seemed to know the past, present and future. Again he had sensed my thoughts and smiled, terminating the conversation with another handshake, and walked away.

Most everything he had told me had already come true, except the contact he promised, and this I impatiently awaited, almost breath­lessly.

It was a strange, wonderful feeling, to meet these people. Somehow, as unimportant and weak as I felt in their presence, there was still the knowledge of kinship I couldn’t help sensing.

So it was that one early evening after work I did not hesitate to ac­cede to a strong impulse to visit a section of cavern area a few miles away.

I “borrowed” a jeep and took off.

I didn’t know exactly where I was going, excepting for the general area. It seemed I was being led.

Near the caverns I stopped, then pulled the jeep off the bumpy, dirt road, and walked through the dense underbrush toward the caves.

I knew I would meet one of the space people. Ordinarily I would have been fearful of being alone in such a wild place. But the thought of the meeting erased all of my natural apprehensions.

Suddenly I halted as I saw a figure ahead of me. Through the under­brush I could see it was a female form.

As I walked closer I discovered she was a beautiful woman.

I stopped in my tracks, staring at her in uncontrolled admiration, until she extended her hand and called out my name.

Although I shall always remember the girl on the rock with a special kind of memory, this girl, too, exuded the same expression of spiritual love and deep understanding.

Then she grew more serious.

“That is one of the reasons you were chosen out of many thousands for contact with my people and the enlightenment you will conse­quently receive.”

Again she read my thoughts.

I was again overjoyed. I was so afraid that, feeling so powerless and inconsequential in the presence of these people, they would think me as inferior as I myself imagined.

“You have been observed closely, as you now realize. You will be trusted and have further contacts.”

She also made predictions. Our outfit would go to Okinawa, would arrive there between April 1, and 5, 1945.

My abhorrence of war she easily picked up telepathically.

“I know how you feel, and it is most admirable. You cannot think of killing a living soul. But yet you cannot understand why you yet help play such a role. You will be contacted on Okinawa, and you will be told much more about this.”


I hesitated to ask her if I might be killed, but it was on my mind.

“Oh no, don’t worry—but be careful! You will have some narrow escapes.”

The average person with whom I talk about these contacts does not realize that the space people, though far superior to us physically, men­tally and in spiritual developments, are still much like us. Often little gasps of amazement come when I tell of intimate conversations, and the warm humor of the visitors. They would probably stand sancti­moniously before the space people, afraid they might say or think something wrong—until, of course, they received the same feeling of ease I did immediately, even at the first meeting.

At such a meeting one knows innately that one’s every thought is bared under powerful telepathic observation. And with such knowledge one suddenly realizes he cannot hide anything, and becomes completely honest, both with himself and the visitors. It is a refreshing, cleansing feeling, which carries over into everyday dealings with one’s fellow men.

The conversation with the beautiful girl was so fascinating I hoped I hadn’t annoyed her with too many questions. I learned, for one thing, she was from Mars. As to meeting her again, she wouldn’t state firmly; instead she explained we might meet again, and I would have to know by my inner feelings whether it was really she.

Suddenly I realized the sun had set, and as I looked toward the horizon, still bright with a hundred shades of red, then back at her, she smiled, and extended her hand.

We said goodbye and I walked back to the jeep. It was dark by the time I arrived back at camp.




Charles Hall’s Millennial Hospitality book series, describing his encounters with a race of human-like extraterrestrials – the “Tall Whites” (TW) – during a two year duty assignment at Nellis Air Force Base from 1965 to 1967.


“Hall saw Air Force generals return from distant, hours-long trips with Tall Whites on their antigravity craft. Hall says, “When the USAF Generals got off the craft they were laughing like they had just come back from the world’s best amusement park.””

I would like to be clear that even though Charles Hall has given incredible detail about the Tall White aliens there is much supporting evidence from other sources making this case pretty darn solid.

Here is another interesting bit of supporting evidence found by Tom Fox who himself has seen the Tall White near Indian Springs while camping in the desert and in Las Vegas.

I will put his story below the other links I have been accumulating that show many people have been interacting with the TW over the years.


George LoBuono said:

I connected the dots on this one:

“Col Major Wilson had begun his duties at the Papoose Lake installation, still not knowing what existed 30 stories farther down.

He had been well indoctrinated in Top Secret work and knew all the consequences of keeping the nation’s most guarded secrets. The past six years had been slow and boring, he recalls, and other than what he saw at Wright-Patterson AFB, he felt that he was in a vacuum going nowhere.

He was sitting in his office at S-4 mulling this over one morning, when a Lieutenant Colonel Bennet came in. He asked Wilson if he was busy, (“Like he gave a damn,” Wilson recalls), and said “Let’s go.”

Wilson followed the Lieutenant Colonel, and they eventually wound up two stories down at the super-secret “S-4” UFO technology area. As they came out on a landing there, Wilson saw eight different kinds of UFOs!

There were intellectual-looking people all over the area, whom he guessed were scientists. He glanced at Bennett, who cut off his implied question with a curt “Forget it.”


the Major went into a cubicle where there were about twenty officers and civilians sitting around. Wilson was startled, when a woman came in who was at least eight feet tall. There was not an ounce of excess fat on her body, he recalls. She wore a strange-looking jump suit, which had a * HI * pattern on the right side above the breast line.

To this day Wilson recollects the details of this striking encounter.

“The woman had finely-chiseled features. Her blonde hair cascaded neatly past her shoulders. Her eyes were the bluest blue I’d ever seen. Somehow she was different. Little did I know then, how different! She sat a large crystal on the table, and without warning, her fingers began to glow as she ran them over this crystal.

A 3-D hologram began to form above it! I looked around the room and everyone’s mouth was hanging open, and suddenly I noticed mine was, too. Little did I realize that at that moment my life would forever be changed. My past teachings slipped from me as I stared.
My whole concept of life did a 180-degree turn, as I watched the Hologram, complete with sound, unfold the mysteries of the past and the present, and of other worlds.”

Colonel Wilson related that among the scenes, which the female extraterrestrial’s crystal hologram displayed for the assembled group, was the history of the Earth and of extraterrestrial involvement with it.

That involvement included fashioning the consciousness of Jesus and sending him to live among Earthlings to point to a better way to understand life and to live. The extraterrestrial woman also showed the officers and scientists scenes from inhabited planets of other star systems. Wilson was transformed by this experience.

When it was over, I knew that, whatever part I was to play in all of this, my life as I knew it had ended forever.”

I have run across cases that seem to be Tall White cases on the Internet.

The many reports of Tall Whites, not just by Charles Hall, have not yet captured the imagination of the UFO community.


INCIDENTS with Tall white alien

Hall for example describes one Tall White female who wanted to kill a military servicemen who unknowingly had hit her child with a stone and broke the child’s arm. The serviceman threw a stone at what he thought was a white dog stalking him around his hut based.

Since the Tall Whites often stalked the servicemen, many serviceman thought they were wild animals and were quite frightened of them. The incident led to the Tall White threatening the servicemen with death if he didn’t leave immediately and promise to never return.

This is how the serviceman in question described the incident to Hall:

I tried to reason with her. I told her that I hadn’t broken any little boy’s arm and that I liked to play with kids. She wouldn’t hear any of it. She told met that I was too stupid to know what I had done.

Then she told me that the American generals had asked that I be given one warning before she and her friends killed me. She said that this was the warning. She said that if I ever came back out to the ranges alone, their Captain would kill me.

INCIDENTS with Tall white alien. Child

Other servicemen had similar negative encounters with the ”Tall Whites”. One incident in particular is very revealing since it involved a cook at the Army Base who inadvertently went into the kitchen area on a day where the base was closed. He was threatened with death because he simply frightened some of the Tall White children. So there’s wasn’t any broken bones or hurting of the children, he simply scared them.

Here’s how Charles ‘Charlie Baker’ Hall described the incident as the cook narrated what happened:

“They’re back there, Charlie. Don’t go back there. You’ll scare them like I did. They’ll kill you if you scare them. They told me so. That tall one in the corner, he told me so. He said he’d kill me if I ever scared their children again”.


Now as to the identity of the ‘Tall Whites’. Hall points to Arcturus as their origins as implied in the following passage where Hall is addressing a group of tall Whites:

A ripple of emotion passed through the crowd when I mentioned the star Arcturus, some 36 light years away. After a short pause, the older lady asked with some surprise, “Teacher, does Charlie know where we come from?”


Hall has described these beings as tall – ranging upwards of 6-7 feet in height – and quite thin and frail. The skin color is chalk white. They are physically different from us in several noticeable ways, yet the most important physical aspect is that they are humanoid, a fact that is filled with significance.


Their life span is about ten times ours. They do not age as we do, but after around 400 earth years’ time they undergo a second stage of growth, eventually reaching around nine feet in height. They die of organ failure at an age of approximately 800 years.

The Tall Whites have a physical form similar to ours in all gross aspects. That is, they are upright bipedal vertebrates; they have human-like faces, etc. With suitable clothing, they can and do pass as humans during well-guarded forays into Las Vegas. The Tall Whites have the faculty of speech, but some of their speech sounds are outside the audible spectrum for humans. In other words, we can’t hear the sounds.

Normal speech sounds “like a dog barking or ameadowlark singing”. However, some Tall Whites can mimic human speech and in fact carry on normal conversations with humans. Some have demonstrated an ability to imitate specific humans so well that the imitation cannot be detected when used over a telephone.

They also can use a device that projects speech so that it is heard by humans within their head. This works only over a short range (several feet) and requires the human to turn the head sideways to the Tall White.
The device is also a language translator. According to its settings from time to time, Hall was occasionally able to overhear Tall Whites conversing among themselves as though they were speaking English.


As stated, there was a pattern of confrontations with our personnel, in which panic led to injury and death of our soldiers. These beings are all well-armed, and they can and do kill, sometimes at the tiniest provocation. They react and move much more rapidly than humans can, so if they decide you have threatened them, you may be cut down and bleeding out without having even been warned.

Every Tall White adult carries a pencil-like weapon that can be set to stun, kill, immobilize, or “hypnotize” humans. It can also administer severe pain, and they frequently use it to discipline people who act in ways that annoy, frighten, or endanger them. The weapon’s actions and effects are accomplished by varying the frequency of focused microwaves to interact with specific ions in the human body.

Although their technology is quite beyond ours at this time, evidence suggests that by other and less tangible measures – “wisdom”, “intelligence”, “moral stature” – they might be quite comparable to ourselves.

Among the interesting matching characteristics of the Tall Whites and the Imdugud:

  1. Very tall humanoid “Nordic” with white skin
  2. Often have blue eyes
  3. Emit barking or whistling sounds
  4. Solitary
  5. Warriors

Parks adds in private communication that the Imdugud are among the very few that practice natural childbirth and raise families. (Most use genetics and cloning, and take advantage of very long or indefinitely long life spans. In other words, they are immortal.)

Yet there are contradictions, perhaps the most noteworthy being their apparent home base. Although the Tall Whites would never reveal this information to Charles Hall, they allowed him to believe it was not local, and via circumstantial data Hall has placed their home tentatively at the star Arcturus. However, it is also possible that Arcturus is simply another base – a “second home.”


Contacts with the Tall white aliens

Some stand more than 8 feet tall, run 40 mph and live 800 years. They speak like a dog barking or a bird chirping, write similar to Egyptian hieroglyphics and have learned English quite easily. They have large blue eyes that wrap part way around their heads, small noses and tiny ears pressed tight to their scalps. Their thumbs are small with four long slender fingers and two claw-like appendages instead of fingernails.

They all have thin, straight blond hair, usually worn short and the women can be distinguished by a feminine looking short cut. Their hips are shaped liked ours, but they walk quite differently since they are used to a stronger gravity pull. They typically can be seen wearing aluminized chalk white jump suits resembling a canvas-like fabric with gloves of the same material and an open white motorcycle helmet.

What’s unusual is the suit emits a three-inch field of white fluorescent light, the intensity varying from soft to bright, a brightness that can actually hurt the human eye.

They are extremely intelligent and process information speed several times faster than humans. However, secretly they fear our intuitive ability and extra sensory perceptions. They have individual talents, differing intellectual capabilities and physical traits, a race definitely not carved from a cookie-cutter. Some are teachers, some are pilots, some are workers and some are leaders. When bored, they like to go star gazing on hot summer nights, take weekend trips to the strip in Las Vegas or visit the Lincoln Monument in Washington D.C.

They like to recreate, procreate and their children, considerably shorter in size, are fun loving, energetic and inquisitive. The children enjoy hide and seek but they also like to play catch with soft objects since their bodies are frail, bruising easily. Mothers are highly devoted to their children to the “Nth” degree, existing solely for the purpose of meeting the needs of their offspring. They believe in a “tit for tat” system, believe their word is their bond and place a special importance on honoring agreements, especially verbal or written.

However, it is unknown whether they believe in God per se or form religions to advance their beliefs.

Although they are highly individualistic, one similar characteristic is they all have white chalky complexions – very white chalky complexions. For this reason, they have been called the Tall Whites. And for this reason, most people think they are nothing but fictional characters conjured up from a past Star Trek episode.

But the Tall Whites are more than just fiction, says Charles Hall, an educated man with a master’s in nuclear physics and former weather observer for the United States Air Force.

According to Hall, who claims to have communicated with the Tall Whites, they are very real, very complex and very much a part of the community living at Nellis Air Force Base, a highly secretive 5,000 square mile “no fly zone” military compound in the southern and central Nevada desert.


As previously mentioned, the Tall Whites can grow to be over 7 feet tall. However, most the adults in the first half of their lives usually range in size from 5’10 to 6’5”.

“Their life span is ten times grater than ours,” said Hall, adding that it takes them 10 times longer to heal, too. “They do not age as we do, but at about 400 earth years, they undergo a second stage of growth, eventually reaching about 8 feet tall. They then die of organ failure at an age of approximately 800 years. Since on their planet, days are longer so are they sleeping patterns, usually staying awake for two earth days and then followed by sleeping the same amount of time.”


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