New video: CREATORS of Humanity. Heaven and Hell are Real! Reptiloids.

The creators of humanity on Earth are a highly developed alien civilization. According to the description of eyewitnesses, they look like people, blue-eyed blonds with absolutely chalk-white skin. Charles Hall, who served in the US Air Force, gave them the name “Tall white aliens” because of their external features.
The aliens conveyed information to some eyewitnesses that they had found a way for eternal life, created high-tech bodies and a world for them. And for the inhabitants of planet Earth too. People in another world perform certain work, under the supervision of each person. Operators evaluate all human actions. In ancient times, alien messengers told people about this world and warned. In religions these worlds are called Heaven and Hell.
Before the settlement of planet Earth by people, our alien Creators conquered it from another developed civilization – the reptilians. In ancient myths and religions, much has been written about them, and in our time there are thousands of eyewitness accounts that speak of abduction by reptilians. Reptilians rule the top of the pyramid of secret societies, their plans include: absolute power over people and control of the planet, reducing the human population to a minimum, obtaining food and natural resources, slowing down the technological development of humanity, hiding information about other alien races.


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