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Who is Ashtar?  (This name is chosen to communicate with people) Ashtar speaks of twenty million extraterrestrial persons involved with his Command in the Program for planet Earth, and of another four million on our physical plane, consciously or unconsciously cooperating in the program of Light. I am an active member of Councils scattered throughout this Universal Sector, serving in an advisory capacity at strategic levels of intergalactic affairs.  

Ashtar describes himselfI am seven feet tall in height, with blue eyes and a nearly white complexion. I am fast of movement and considered to be an understanding and compassionate leader.



There are millions of craft operating in this Solar System at all times and many, many of these belong to the Ashtar Command. Some are stationed far above your Planet and are more or less stationary for long periods of time, keeping track of the Earth on their monitoring systems. Others move about, discharging their various duties. We have small craft doing surveying activities and we have larger craft with extended range that are capable of operating in space and which visit planets in other solar systems.

We also have what you know as ‘Mother Ships’ or ‘Mother Craft,’ with many many smaller craft coming and going from the Mother Ship. There is a great deal of activity in what Earthlings think of as empty space. We are capable of invisibility and when our craft are traveling beyond the speed of light, we do become invisible to the physical eye.

Our purpose is service, and we go where we are needed anywhere in this Sector. Our Headquarters is on one of the largest of the Mother Ships, and orders and instructions come from this craft. This is a whole space city. Most of our people are natives from this base in the solar system, but among us there are also natives from our planets in other solar systems. Our workers do visit their home planets at various times on what you might call vacations. Most of us have worked together for a very long time; we are a well-knit Confederation and feel that we are an effective one.

Our assignment is a sacred mission

Fly  down  to  Earth  and  take  control  of  it.  Observe  mankind’s  behaviourism.  Prevent  the destruction of this planet.

  • Cleanse the poisoned atmosphere.
  • Bring spiritual light to this world and allow a new, divine-social philosophy to arise!
  • Teach the pious the miracles that are erroneously disregarded as superstition and magic!
  • Above all, free mankind from all demonic phenomena that have now peaked.

We have an assignment that we definitely have to complete, because the almighty does not bargain. Whatever he commands is compelling to all of us to the final victory, without regard to space and time.

It is however not easy to help a drowning person, particularly if this person is evil and thrashes about. We must be careful so that we don’t suffer any disadvantages ourselves.


You are often asked why we do not interfere in certain events and processes. We do our work here on Earth according to certain functions. Such a severe ecological disaster that you have experienced in recent times, moved you to a higher level of technical development, but first and foremost, and most important – your spiritual development.

Awakened your sympathy and respect to each other and nature. You took over responsibility for the Earth and Humanity. You feel masters, and your relationship to the Earth and Humanity will change dramatically.

Of course, we insure you with our more technically adequately equipped parties. And again, this is kind of a mutual process, because many of us on the Ground rescuers are working in different ground and air services. The outer side our assistance is not as obvious as the guys with the earthly life ammunition. And so it should be.
You are perfectly able to cope with the most daunting task! And from our side of the last operations were only minor adjustments of directions of air flow in the case of volcanoes and fires and the movement of the oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico. And you do an excellent job!


Creators of mankind

Question: There are a lot of people who believe in the “theory of apes”. If this were the case, there would have to be apes living on other planets capable of sustaining life?

Answer: Darwin’s theory of evolution is complete nonsense.

There have never been creatures like that where we come from, but there have been others. One might as well assume that because of our organic similarities to all warm blooded animals, material, respectively physical man evolved from there. Nearly all animals have a heart and kidneys, excrete faeces and reproduce along the same lines. Organs are life support systems adapted to living conditions. You are looking for the origin of man and you look at the lower spectrum of the animal world. The phases of develop-ment of the embryo have nothing to do with the creation of mankind. The origin of man-kind is not to be found on this star.


There are people who engage in earnest deliberations about this and that. What they have come up with you call “Philosophy”. These thoughts get included in your science, if it suits you, and it is then regarded as part of your important store of knowledge and taught. But these thoughts are mundane and will not stand up to analysis. They lead to confusion and direct the human spirit along the wrong tracks. I therefore warn you:

Leave philosophy well enough alone, it is a dangerous thought game, which doesn’t comply with the facts.

I also warn you about all Holy Scriptures on Earth; they all contain crucial fallacies, which will misdirect you well off your target.

Well, as I’m delving so deeply into your alleged store of knowledge, I will have to prove my point of view.

A holy testament will be created, which may be very short, but which will represent the sublime real truth, it cannot be faulted because it originates from the centre of the divine universe.

The truth comes from us, the observers, as it has come to you before on Mount Sinai. But in those days, the days of Moses, mankind on Terra didn’t have enough experience to comprehend the mystery of the delivered revelation from the infinity of space. We have come to you in technically perfect spaceships, from unimaginable distances, to bring you this revelation.

Because of ignorance, you consider the extra-terrestrial truth irrational. You don’t listen to the few enlightened ones, because you consider them dumb and fanatic.

Mankind on Earth is of the opinion that the word “impossible” applies to a lot of things. – We hold a different opinion, because the things we regard utopia to day, may be possible tomorrow.

There are therefore practically no utopias. If one had told people 4,000 years ago about all the things you have today, one would have regarded all of this without exception as impossible. Utopias have become reality. Today’s generation’s fantasies are certainly realisable. This is why we absolutely cannot understand why one doubts our existence. Why can’t one comprehend that we travel beyond the speed of light? – Why does one doubt the possibility that dematerialisation exists?

There is no utopia. Everything is possible, if one knows the way to realise it.

It isn’t for instance utopia that we, respectively our forefathers, brought the law of heaven down to Earth. The handing over of the law of heaven took place on Mount Sinai. I have indicated details about this once before in the past. If the handing over of this important event didn’t take place conspicuously enough, then it is mainly due to the technological ignorance of the people at that time.


What could they have known about spaceships travelling through space? – As far as Moses was concerned, the spaceship was “God’s abode” and the rest of the crew “his angels”. The siren was the “divine trombone” and the ships antigravity was god’s promise to “put anyone to death” that crossed a certain line.

All of this is so simple and so easy to understand if one is willing to use one’s mind.

You have enough technical experience to correctly comprehend the legislation received on Mount Sinai. There is absolutely no room for doubt here, because any doubt would indicate mental derangement. he, who doesn’t comprehend this plausible legislation, also does not know how a car is steered and unaware of the energy that moves it.

There is however also an evil will that prevents comprehension. Generally speaking, these people are not dumb; there are even some very famous authorities in politics and the sciences amongst them as well as people in the field of theology. This evil will is like a blinker for spiritual eyes. People do not want to know the truth, because it perturbs them personally.

Atheists doubt Our commandments. They deem it impossible that God, Higher extraterrestrial forces talked to a human being on Mount Sinai amidst thunder and lightning.

  • The Israelites saw a fiery cloud moving in front of them. This pillar of fire hovered horizontally. This pillar of fire did not hover vertically as Jewish theology assumes. There is no mentioning of a vertical pillar anywhere. This pillar was one of our spaceships, that is to say, a mother-ship. Their aura of light can still be observed on all our flying objects by you.
  • The material of the spaceships under our control consists of a glass-like mass that is harder than your normal glass. The colour is similar to a Nile-green. The bible describes its appearance as being similar to chrysolite.
  • Antigravity is so powerful that the landing must take place on solid rock. Our spaceships of this size land on Mount Etna or similar mountain these days. So as not to suffer any injuries, the Israelites were advised to stay beyond a boundary, crossing this boundary could be life threatening. A siren of great sound intensity warned the people from crossing the indicated boundary. Moses could only cross this boundary after the gravitational force was switched off. He received an appropriate signal. There was neither thunder nor lightning, only the din of the spaceship and its alternating aura of light. When the antigravity field was switched on, the Israelites fled in all directions filled with fear and terror.HOLY COVENANT GIVEN ON MOUNT SINAI


Question: Atheism is the religion of communist countries. This does not surprise. Atheism has therefore sufficient financial means at its disposal. How can we remedy this evil?

Answer: A religion that absolves a person from responsibility in front of a higher Judge after that person’s demise is a last straw that everybody is willing to grasp. But such a religion is only a piece of straw and not a life belt. What we offer mankind is a life belt it can depend upon. We know that our friends on this Earth work their fingers to the bone to disseminate the truth. We cannot offer you any financial support. We can only offer you the truth. Everything else is left up to progress. We presently still trust this progress.

Communistic atheism will also have to abdicate, because the truth will not be stoped.

We are only surprised that the churches do not recognise the truth. It is their duty to primarily work on behalf of the truth. This is their assignment, their sacred mission, the way it is also our mission.

If the people on Earth would really believe in punishment by the Higher Powers after the death of a person in a new world, things on this Earth would be completely different. This planet is however enveloped by the darkness of ignorance. This is why there is murder and mayhem. Our problem consists in trying to demonstrate to you that this faithlessness is a mistake. This is not an easy assignment, because the most august truth can be twisted and devitalised through malevolence. Religious communities are not exempt from this. The fanatic and dogmatic doggedly sticks to his points of view and woe to him that dares to question this. A lot will have been achieved once the legislation received on Mount Sinai has been verified; a lot of things will inevitably have to change. The people on Earth only obey orders when they fear something and this is why the divine law must be feared.

  • The laws however doesn’t just apply during one’s terrestrial existence – on the contrary, is also has an effect after one’s life on Earth. The messenger Christ solemnly indicated that this was so.

The laws does not only concern man’s behaviourism according to we want, his laws are more than terrestrial laws; they are a part of the laws of nature.

  • He who acts against the laws of nature will face the potency of the consequences.

As I am already talking about atheism, I might as well emphasise that atheistic religion also contains a fair portion of atheism, because all the pious fuss within it is part of it.


The leading stratums of society are of the opinion that death extinguishes man’s consciousness forever. These people hold onto this thesis with an iron grip. They indignantly, well actually arrogantly, reject any other explanation. It therefore comes as no surprise that this terrible aberration impacts on all their decisions.

One leading politician made a name for himself by admitting openly that he regards religion to be a superstitious fantasy.

We place the greatest importance in the conclusion that a Higher forces exists. We also place importance in the fact that every human being throughout the universe possesses an imperishable existence, one that runs through many different phases. Amongst them is a conscious phases of a spiritual existence wherein one has to give account for all one’s thoughts and actions.



The churches established a series of dogmas that do not help mankind; they rather lead towards an abyss. One of these dogmas refers to a “Day of Judgement” and “Resurrection”. One does not have to spend a lot of time discussing the “Resurrection” of the human soul with its consciousness at all; it is as certain as physical death. The “Day of Judgement” however plays an important part, because:

The so-called Day of Judgement is the last day of one’s terrestrial, physical existence on the Earth (on the last day, before death a person, they decide about sending him to Paradise or Hell).

Question: Do you have a formula for world peace that we could be guided by?

Answer: Yes, such a formula does exist. Our forefathers handed this formula to Moses on Mount Sinai. Not a lot of it has remained. Our forefathers might have made the mistake of having taken the religious cult of the Israelites too much into account. The Jewish priests were not looking for a formula for peace; all they wanted was God’s assistance in their campaigns.

Mankind must then acknowledge that a spiritual realm exists that every human being will enter immediately after their disembodiment, their exit from this world. There is no promised Judgment Day, but only the objective reality of a life in a spiritual condition.
Mankind on the Earth must know that all human beings must account for their life on Earth. After having given account of one’s thoughts and deeds, one is led to one’s appropriate LEVEL (‘’hell’’ or ‘’heaven’’).

Question: Is there a reliable, convincing explanation for the fact that consciousness is not anchored within the brain but within the cosmos?

Answer: Nothing easier that that. Your researchers should have comprehended long ago that the activity of the spirit has nothing to do with the cells of the brain. The activities of the spirit do indeed pass through the brain, but only the way sound can be routed through a tube.

The only things that actually move within the brain are blood, electricity, magnetism and the spirit. The spirit that is of importance here is however not physical, the spirit has therefore nothing to do with any physical movement whatsoever.

(History of clinical death)

Brain cells also wear out and they are also renewed even though this regeneration takes a little longer than is the case with the other cells of the physical body. If these cells were to disappear, one’s consciousness would also have to diminish. All of one’s memory would disappear with the decline of the brain cells.

The functions of the brain cells affect the body and not one’s thought processes!

Question: When the blood drains from the brain, one’s consciousness is affected and one blacks out. How is it then possible for one’s consciousness to exist in its own right?

Answer: This is easy to explain: All conscious processes are directed through the brain for as long as the soul is associated with the body. If the brain is not supplied with blood, the conscious connection to the body is interrupted. As the soul is however not yet separated from the body, one’s conscious bearings do not yet function independently.

eternal soul

Research within this field of knowledge is extremely interesting. All such research does however not bring useful results when the intensions are there right from the beginning to simply abnegate all gained insights and to replace then with explanations pulled out of thin air.

Question: There are a lot of people who virtually dread the idea that there could be life after death.

Answer:  One great danger consists in the fact that civilised people do not know the difference between belief and superstition.

Answer: For instance, all those that resign from the Church should emphatically declare that the Churches irresponsibly and out of dogmatic egotism ignore the truth.

Question: A lot of people are currently leaving the Church. How do you assess this situation?

Answer: I know that one does not like to associate us with religious apparitions. Religions are virtually proscribed in leading circles.

Most people unfortunately have no idea what religion actually means. Most priests are also not excluded from this. Religion is not a pastime, no hobby, no nonsense, no superstition, no backwardness and not a business. Religion is a very serious affair, respectively a divine basic law for all human beings, no matter whether their skin colour is white, brown or black. There are no exceptions!
Past millennia have clearly shown that priests and evangelists have not been able to correctly instruct mankind. Religion is not a playground for dreamers or fanatics. Religion is not a battlefield. Religion is life’s foundation for every human being.

This is why I cannot condone the act of leaving the Church.



Question: You lived in the days of Christ’s life?

Answer: Yes, I lived then. Worked but not all the commander of the flotilla, but was still in training for this.

Question: Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Are you ready to tell us who is the Son of man?

Answer: Every man on Earth and is the Son of God, not just Jesus Christ. He was elected to enlighten people.

Question: IN base Hangar 18 Wright-Patterson in Dayton, Ohio holds the bodies of aliens. They are described as approximately 1.20 m tall humanoids with dark brown skin, big heads and Asian features. They were dressed in silvery suits. The ship found in the desert, had a disk shape and a diameter of about 10 meters. Now the question is: spaceships from other planets was wrecked in the period from 1940 to the present day?

Answer: Yes, crashed exactly 3 of the ship. Two of them were shot down and one crashed because of technical and human errors. I hope this answer will suffice.

Question: Is It true that Jesus Christ studied by driving your space ship up to 28 years?

Answer: Jesus Christ was on the ship, but not on a permanent basis. He returned periodically to earth in order to gain experience and this experience to share with us. It was very important training. I can say that until 28 years he was with us, but after he was returned to Earth. We remained in constant contact with him. We worked all these years with him. It was necessary. so he chose the right way to help people. Without this support it would be difficult to do. Through us he can accomplish his mission.

Question: That is a mistake of history that since the age of 12 Jesus went to the temple? Please provide brief comments on this issue.

Answer: No 12. However, since the age of 14. It’s true.

Question: You once told us that Christ was taken away by a spaceship. What happened between CHRIST’S death and his resurrection?

Answer: One couldn’t accomplish anything with Christ’s body. Resurrecting it would not have made sense. But in order to strengthen mankind’s faith in God in antiquity, it was very important to carry him off in front of everybody.

Question: Was Christ actually dead or was it a case of suspended animation? We wouldn’t like to make a mistake by being misunderstood in this specific case!

Answer: Physically, Christ was irrefutably dead. But his soul is immortal and still active here on Earth as we speak.

Question: What happened to Christ’s dead body after his enrapture?

Answer: The physical body, being absolutely worthless, was completely dematerialised. His astral body emerged extremely materialised, that is to say, it virtually turned into a new body.. We, the Observers, tracked his life from beginning to end. The stigmata naturally remained intact during the materialisation process so that people could recognise him.

Question: Christ was asked: “What is the truth?” This question can still not be correctly answered even now. Can you tell us what the truth really is?

Answer:  The truth is the divine law. The truth is logic. The truth is inviolable

Question: Sodom  and  Gomorrah  were  levelled  to  the  ground  by  a  spaceship.  Was  this retribution?

Answer:  These two cities were indeed destroyed by spaceships. These cities were not destroyed by nuclear energy, but by an anti-gravity force we call teletecton, that is to say, the energetic vibration of physical matter the way we evoked the earthquake in Jerusalem on the day of the crucifixion.

This is once again a case of self-inflicted effects that were not really necessary. These cities had been warned for months. Their inhabitants derided all warnings, because nobody could contemplate at that time that such a planned destruction was remotely possible. The inhabitants were debauchees and also consorted with animals. This was a great blasphemy. A lot of tried to make his fellow human beings see reason, but in vain.



Question: Religions assert that angels from God’s hierarchy are supposed to have appeared on our Earth. Is this correct?

Answer:  Angels do not materialise. If a seer has seen them, he has only seen them in their astral state. If a person on Earth has actually perceived a physically solid angel, this person has not seen an angel in the true sense of the word, but a observer (our messenger with a material body like yours).

Your Bible often mentions encounters with angels, the reality is that almost all of them were observer:

The shepherds in the field near Bethlehem saw a observer and there are many more cases like that.WHO ARE THE ANGELS?

Your sagas report about Gods that came down from the heavens. Here again we are dealing in most cases with encounters with the observers.

Your sagas report about Gods that came down from the heavens. Here again we are dealing in most cases with encounters with the observers.

We have always tried to entertain positive contact with mankind on Earth. These contacts were however doubted and abnegated over again. Reality was turned into sagas or declared pure fantasy. We hope that the time is finally ripe when one will correctly comprehend who we are.



Question: The Bible gradually loses its pertinence and it will be replaced by science.

Answer: Your Bible consists of collected accounts and some of them are explained as divine inspirations. You must however consider that the people that wrote these accounts were scientifically and technologically very uneducated and inexperienced. All the things that could not be explained were called divine miracles. What do you think one would have reported if a jetliner of the type Comet had landed in Jerusalem?

– Well, the Israelites had to observe how an extraterrestrial spaceship descended from the sky! This represented an incredible miracle to them and this meant to them that only God could possibly be inside it. Let’s assume that the Moon is inhabited by an underdeveloped people. What do you think the people there would feel if terrestrial astronauts would land there? One would without doubt regard them as Gods.

Question: Why don’t these types of landings take place these days? You could surely bring us your messages in a similar fashion.

Answer: This is easier said than done. Past experiences taught us this. The Israelites already entertained the thought then of how bodacious it would be if “dear God” would fight on the side of the warring parties. “Dear God” should pound their enemies into the ground. This theme repeated itself over again. Wherever another supremacy arrived on the scene, even if it came from space, one always wanted to engage it in the service of inhuman activities.

Where do you think the myths of gods obtained their subject matter?

– The observers were always the ones that were regarded as such. Those fiery objects, those mystical “wheels” appearing in the sky, were allegedly “heavenly chariots” utilised by the “gods”.

All major armed for war nations cast their covetous eyes on our technology. One would dearly like to capture a saucer in order to study and to copy it. One no longer believes in gods these days.


The medical fraternity fall prey to a whole series of deceptions. They therefore assume that one’s consciousness is located within the human brain; they believe that the brain gives rise to all thoughts and that it registers and stores all perceptions.

This however is a dangerous aberration!

(History of clinical death)

This is where the cause of atheism is to be found! I therefore assert that medical science bears the full blame for the rise of world atheism and political differences. Researchers verifying that the opposite is true, namely that man has an astral soul, are viciously attacked and dismissed in a most unfair way. I will select just one crass example of a medical contortion:

  • Every amputee still feels the limb he physically lost. He feels the limb of his astral soul. Every nerve is present. Physicians explain this phenomenon by asserting that we are only dealing with memory here, an echo of one’s senses. Those aware of the truth would have to laugh, – if the consequences weren’t so dire.

The broader masses within nations assume that a scientist with a doctor’s degree is, based on his academic education, is able to think more logically and more reliably that your average citizen. This is another world wide mistake that has dire consequences.

Your sciences cling too much to physical facts. Only a visible and measurable universe exists for them. This is a natural-scientific mistake, because next to the visible universe there is also an opposing, invisible universe, ergo an opposite polarity. This anti-universe is in its formation and structure similar to the physical universe, because it contains almost the same life forms.

The anti-universe may however not be confused with the spiritual world, because the spiritual world is one of God’s spheres (“heaven” and “hell), an intermediate station situated between physical incarnations, one that is also responsible for JURISDICTION. This is also where to be reward or punishment for a person.

The anti-universe, I say anti-worlds, combined with the physical worlds, constitute a unit. Certain interrelations take place between these two major creations. Therefore two enormous magnetic polarities of inconceivable energy exist. You would call these energies “positive” and “negative”. These two polarised energies produce what you call gravity. The distance between stars is not determined by their own gravity, for instance M x m, but by the gravity constants of the physical and the anti-physical worlds.


I mentioned the existence of the anti-world before. One assumed that we could travel through space by cleverly utilising electromagnetic fields. This is incorrect! We utilised the charged environments of the gravitational differences between the two. You must imagine that these two universes mutually repel one another, because they are of a different polarity And now to the fantastic side of our propulsion capabilities! We do not utilise nuclear energy or an electronic system. We only deploy the polarities of these universes, that is to say, we have an apparatus that makes it possible for us to switch, respectively reverse the polarity of a spaceship to that of the anti-world.

The moment this reversal of polarity takes place, our flying object, with everything in it, disappears from physical observation. No radar instrument will then be able to trace it. This flying object is then repelled by physical matter. The spaceship is flung away from physical matter at an incredible and every increasing speed. The term “speed” can not really be used anymore; it increases like something in free-fall and cannot be compared with the speed of  light whatsoever.

It now depends specifically on regulating and controlling the course it takes. We use light particles to accomplish this process. Because we are million of years ahead of you, such constructions are still beyond your comprehension. Besides, you prevent your own progress through your evil wars.


Answer: You can’t even begin to imagine this World!
First, it is the World of Light, where nothing is what’s called undertones. This is the place where the sun’s light is refracted so that everything is absolutely transparent and at the same time it is full of light and colour.
In this world there will be those horrendous landscapes of your former planet, where you can see the fruits of human activity in all its “glory.”
New Earth is a place of peace, of goodness, and you have to understand that here you have to be very correct in your feelings and your thoughts.
It will be a completely different world than the one to which you are accustomed. There is no place of envy, resentment, all those manifestations that you can still find in your arsenal of senses.

The new Earth is characterized by the qualities that will bring you to what you should be more attentive to their thoughts and feelings. Because all what you will think, everything that will feel, will become known to all without exception the creatures around you. In the New Earth all will have great empathy, and all your feelings and thoughts will be known to all. So now watch them try to take anything and everything as they are, without judgment and bias.

Description of Paradise



Ashtar:  I have quite often pointed out the eternal existence of human life to you. I don’t mean the human “flesh and blood” existence, but the spiritual existence of man. Man is a part of the universe, a perpetual particle of God. The universe is our common God. You mistakenly paint the image of God in the form of an wise old man. We gave the fact that there is no peaceful coexistence on Earth a lot of thought. The reason for this can be found in the level of spiritual development on Earth.

One also thinks too superficially in high politics and in diplomacy.

A large part of the brain lays completely neglected. It is very important to look far ahead. You are incapable of such projections. The moment your thoughts reach a certain point, they stop even though all important things still remain uncomprehended.

This is the reason why most people on Earth find it impossible to grasp the things that lay beyond their demise, the things that await them after they die. You must get used to the fact that your consciousness is immortal!

Question: The Dialectic Materialism asserts that the human consciousness is tied to the physical body.

Answer: To list all its mistakes would fill a whole lexicon. Consciousness is not tied to physical matter whatsoever; it exists free within the cosmos. Only an illusion gives people a feeling that their consciousness is inside their head. When a lunar probe sends pictures via a satellite down to Earth so that these appear on a television screen, nobody will insist that these pictures are situated inside the television set. This is one example of the mentioned illusion. Even though consciousness can have an expansion of millions of miles, the end-effect is still within the body. This however means that the end-effect can also be in a spirit body or in an antimatter body. Consciousness requires an instrument, but this instrument does not necessarily have to be made of ”flesh and blood”.

When a human being dies, consciousness does not die with it, even though the brain ceases to function. It is the brain’s assignment to exactly adhere to the individual frequency of one’s consciousness. The slightest shift within this frequency has dire consequences, consequences one calls “insanity”. The brain is not there to think, only to control the frequency.

The brain is not there to think, only to control the frequency.


Question: We have great trust in what you say. Almost all that read your words were impressed by them. One is however surprised that you cannot talk to us via our radio networks.

Answer: I thank you for the trust you show me. We naturally also took this option into consideration. Our ways of communicating however took different directions. We did undertake such trials just the same. But we know from experience that radio transmissions from our spaceships are not taken serious. One thinks that they are falsifications produce by amateurs. Besides, our side utilises a far better method, namely communication via telepathy; because there is no hindrance and no spatial limitation and besides, it is the fastest that we actually know of.

Question: There is still a certain amount of scepticism in regards to telepathy.


Answer: We developed a technical aid for our thoughts transferences, an amplifier, respectively a guiding beam that directs thoughts into a specific direction. Think of your laser beams. There are still lots of potentialities for progress. But all of this requires a higher intelligence. We therefore trained our consciousness systematically. There are no more gaps within our brains. Our whole brain is totally engaged, the so-called second half also. Consequently, telepathy also plays an eminent role. This is why we utilise it in all communications between you and us.

Question: Is there a possibility that we will be able to build flying objects in the future that are of similar design to UFOS?

Is there a possibility that we will be able to build flying objects in the future that are of similar design to UFOS?

Answer: I think that this is completely unlikely in the near future. Using photon technology (light particles) only allows stellar trips. Space research will naturally bring new discoveries and new inventions with it on a continuous basis. It cannot be precluded that one will eventually also discover the secrets of the anti-universe.

Technically engaging the enormous energies of the two universes, respectively propelling spaceships with them is still in the distant future for you. The possibility that we might help you in this respect could certainly be on the cards, but we would have to be absolutely convinced that you would utilise such inventions to benefit and not to the detriment of mankind.

Question: Almost all UFO experts in governing circles do not want to hear the words “God” or “Mission”. You one simply regards us as astronauts from another star system. Your paramount technology amazes us. Why don’t you land in such a way, that people will stand in queues in order to convince themselves of your extraterrestrial existence.

Answer: This has something to do with the dangers we would expose ourselves to. Your bellicose attitude and your armament technology prevent all direct contact with those amongst you that are of pertinence. This was completely different a few thousand years ago. We had nothing to fear in regards to the people on Earth. Our ancestors, whose incarnations we represent¸ were respected like Gods, even though we were not Gods. A larger spaceship was able to land on Mount Sinai. It is different these days, such a landing would trigger a global panic and this would not help you at all.

Question: Your threats are not taken serious; one thinks that they are pure inventions.

Answer: We do not threaten you, but only warn you. I allow myself a personal criticism every now and then.

Question: That’s the point! We, the people on Earth do not tolerate criticism, even if it came from God. Most people generally do not believe in your existence and even less so in your sacred mission. It has been impossible to verify your existence to a degree where there are no more doubts. The main reason for this is that you play some kind of hide and seek game with us. The sciences know the distances between stars, they are counted in light-years. As you allegedly come from a different solar system, the sciences cannot accept that such trips are possible – ergo you do not exist!

Answer: I know that you are very interested in our travel technology. It isn’t really my mission to give you lessons about this technology, but I will make an exception and give you a short explanation of the energies and means we utilise to conquer such distances relatively fast. I cannot explain it in detail, because they are too difficult and comprehensive, besides the linguistic understanding is lacking. This requires a technical vocabulary. I must however draw your attention to the fact that my explanations must seem monstrously fantastic, even though they are true.

I mentioned this once before, namely that there are various forms of existence for living your life. There are therefore worlds that escape your perceptions, invisible to you. Such a form of existence, with fauna and flora, is for instance the New world, where human beings go to after their exit from a terrestrial, material life. Almost all of mankind doubts the objectivity of this truth. I therefore ask myself, of what use are your religions and your Churches? Next to the so-called New world are further forms of existence with fauna and flora, namely the ANTI-WORLD. This form of existence provides us with the enormous velocities required and within interstellar space; they are ten times faster than the speed of light.


Answer: Your world is under the influence and guidance of technologies that do not contribute to the unity and solidarity, fellowship and spiritual development of man.


Human technology was launched the process of displacement of emotion, sensitivity of the person, it creates a deep confusion, aggression and destruction of the social fabric of your planet.

Your ancestors were no primitive beings, and creatures evolved and strong — enough evidence exists on this subject – they knew the secret of life based on their feelings that develop emotional intelligence and high spiritual consciousness.

Now your mentor – rationalism. Your education system has become a social paradigm, the monopoly of those who consider themselves smart, but in fact is the victims of their selfishness and degradation.

Of course, they instilled the idea that rationality is synonymous with the attitudes, abilities, knowledge and society. In fact, it only describes the increased your selfishness , your fragile psyche and emotional dysfunction, which leads to conflict, disorder and confusion.

Rationality is not at odds with evolutionary dynamics, which governs and pervades the Universe in its various evolutionary levels. Rationality, as a means of spiritual insensitivity, denied emotions and feelings, this brings us to the social dynamics of increasing interpersonal conflicts, major mental and emotional disorders in humans.

Do you beings of light, designed to “feel and be loved”.

Do you believe that to be happy you need to become part of the privileged elite and have the opportunity to influence their relatives, you need to disconnect from the heart.

Program emotional numbness and excessive sistematizirovany turned you into insensitive humanoids, inexorably doomed to loneliness, isolation and emptiness.

The children of your civilization suffer most, not suspecting the evil influence that they receive at the expense of views of scenes of violence, exploitation and violence. Your youth, where rests the future of your civilization, so embarrassed that her mental and emotional structures can only function in an environment of violence, destruction and suffering.

Every time you show indifference to social corruption of any kind, you are promoting fraud and aggression, and spit on your spiritual sensitivity. Your civilization is moving towards the abyss because it denies that you are, in fact, “immortal beings of light, destined for love in every moment of life with other people.”

Question: Our scientists and technicians are of the opinion that mankind on Earth reached a high rate of intelligence in this respect. We made enormous progress over the last 50 years. How do you assess this development?

Answer: Yes, I have to admit that you achieved a lot. But one can never equate the overall achievements with that of an individual when assessing intelligence. This is unfortunately the decisive mistake you make. The grade of intelligence of individual people on Earth is still very minimal from our point of view. Even when I look at an electronics engineer who designs computers, I find that we’re dealing in all cases with experts with lopsided, run-off-the-mill knowledge. However in other fields of knowledge or in regards to human being’s higher development, they can be virtually the greatest failures. A Nobel Price Laureate might rightfully deserve his title, respectively deserve to be honoured in this way, but could still have a terrible character. We often find these people working in the armament industry or in political life. I do however not want to define individual personalities. You know some of them.

Question: We undoubtedly acknowledge that in regards to higher knowledge, you are far superior to us. How is it possible that some of your individual personalities possess such comprehensive erudition in all fields of knowledge?

Answer: We often experienced periods of all time lows on our planet. We did however recognise in time that progressive development is only possible when one acknowledges an ingenious CREATOR and his hierarchy. This insight takes a lot of the wind out of the sails of the negative. But the exact opposite is the case with you; this is why you should not be surprised when you get stuck in many blind alleys from whence there is no escape. The dissemination of ignorance in regards to life after death in itself leads a lot of things along false tracks. In addition to this is the constantly deteriorating state of health of all terrestrial human beings. Man’s genetic inheritance is damaged through and through. I have mentioned this before. We improved our general state of health and prolonged our lifespan in the process. We live much, much longer than you and this alone allows us to do a lot more for our spiritual maturity. Hygiene  alone is not enough and sport can also not arrest the general deterioration of the public’s health.

Question: What is most obvious in your eyes?

Answer:  Every one of you can see this every second of the day. Smoking is a vice that has spread all over the world. An incredible industry contaminates the whole terrestrial human race. We are not dealing with enjoyment here, but with a deadly, creeping poison with a great effectiveness. Such a development would be unthinkable on our planet. You have statistic materials telling you the extent of the problem. Tobacco poisons the nerves and the blood vessels, disintegrates cells and offers mutations and maldevelopment many opportunities. But tobacco also lames the will, retards the brain’s functions and leads to lability in regards to all decisions making processes. The situation is even worse when alcohol abuse enters the equation.

Question: Why don’t you give us directions in how we could improve our life?

Answer: We would dearly like to do that, but you’re not mature enough to appreciate such an undertaking. You would immediately think of misusing it somehow. This is why we have to strengthen your moral resolve first.

Question: Can one expect success from this, as these attempts have been made without success for many thousands of years?

Yes, otherwise we would have given up our efforts long ago.  The ever-increasing development supports this mission. The Observer would have found it very difficult in the past to make it plausible to you that there are other humanities inhabiting the universe. But mankind has reached a level of development these days, which puts our existence and our mission in a more favourable light. The Churches still don’t want to deal with our existence, even thou we brought you your theistic religion. But space experts and associated scientists do not reject the idea that there could be other inhabited stars, any more; and they are inhabited, even if to a small degree. But the universe is immeasurably large and therefore there are very many humanities out there, but for the most part very far away from Earth.


Your scientist use gigantic machinery to listen for any signs from extraterrestrial civilisations out there in space. It doesn’t take such an technical effort. This here is a sign from us! We have always had certain contacts with you, but many of the mediums who could understand us, have been locked up in lunatic asylums. Others have hidden behind a veil of silence so that they wouldn’t suffer the same fate.


Answer: Earth doesn’t occupy the lowest level, but its human race rates still amongst the more underdeveloped humanities of the universe. All the many wars verify this. The fact that a well developed planet like Earth, harbouring a humanity that is in principle quite intelligent, particularly the Western nations, still occupies a relatively low spiritual standing, is incredible. Or do you think that your wars, your armament and your animosities could be regarded cultural? – You are reasonably mature from a technical point of view, but you are still way behind in a spiritual sense.

Question: Some scientists and technicians would dearly like to make contact with extraterrestrial people. They invent and utilise enormous apparatuses in order to establish radio contact. They do however not wake up to the fact all of this is not required to communicate with us, because there is a spiritual way to communicate, the way we already communicate with you. Can you add anything to this?

Answer: All of this could be vastly improved. There are some, that is to say, very few people on this Earth that possess the ability to utilise their entire brain…



Question: Are you aware of all occurrences on our Earth?

Answer: The Earth is for more than 4,000 years under divine CONTROL. This CONTROL is exercised by the Observer; they have remote-controlled scout-craft and information gathering spaceships at their disposal. They are equipped with gadgets that can even register the most prominent thoughts of the leaders of mankind. This may seem fairytale stuff to you, but you must consider that we are far advanced of you in our spiritual and technical development.

The remote-control objects are not manned. If they are pursued, they automatically switch to “escape” and you know from experience that you will never catch them. Their acceleration is so rapid that no human being, not even we, could physically survive it. Their automatic pilot unerringly finds the security of the mother ship. The manned ships have a lesser acceleration. But during a “big trip”, that is to say, in space, they also achieve speeds no physical body could survive. This is why a dematerialisation sets in. The whole trip is then continued at a pace far beyond the speed of light.

This process also would seem straight out of a fairytale to you, because you’re still far away from such possibilities. How can one explain anything to someone who is so uninformed that everything must seem like magic? Your scientists for instance do not believe speed can go beyond the speed of light. Based on our experience, we know about different kinds of speeds, for example in the field of thought transference.

  • One thought can bridge the distance from one end of your solar system to the other in less than one second, that is to say, it can be received on any position along that periphery without loss of intensity.

Our spaceships constantly communicate in this way.

Thought transference is also possible in a de-materialised state, because the spirit doesn’t loose consciousness. But these are really masterpieces. But as I have mentioned before, we are well ahead of you in everything. Your technological development has made great progress in the last years, but your mental development is beyond belief.



Question: One can surely not assert that the responsible leaders of nations are stupid. War seems to be a kind of necessity on Earth. Dialectic materialism promotes this opinion also.

Answer: If something is illogical it cannot be comprehended by a logical person. If your leaders consider war or preparations for war logical, it is a sure sign that they lack this decisive logic. This is unfortunately not an isolated case amongst the people on Earth, but a common situation that verifies your underdevelopment in regards to spiritual things.

Question: The answer might be correct, but it is not accepted by those in responsible positions.

Can you explain this to us in more detail?

Answer: You had an excellent teacher, namely Christ who made an attempt to rectify this mistake. He never got the chance to do so, but he had the wonderful ability to speak in parables. A lot of things can only be explained to you in parables and I will give you just one example:

You know of cases here on Earth where a deviant waylays children that have done him no wrong. He chokes these children, rapes them and tramples them to death in a most beastly way. These people act in such an atrocious way that no normal human being can understand them. There is no argument, no excuse, no mitigating circumstance and no motive that could explain such an act. I ask you: Can you make sense of such behaviourism?

The same applies to experts of war. They come up with the most horrendous atrociousness. They murder and hound millions into a terrible inferno. There is no humanity here. This is directed at people who have never done anything untoward to their murderers and tormentors. These experts turn into monsters, because it has been drummed into them that this is necessary and heroic, that their humaneness actually demands this from them. We cannot understand them and we also have no explanation for this, because there will never be a plausible explanation for it. Only those responsible for wars, the military and politicians find this correct, they seem to comprehend their terrible deeds, deeds no other human being could ever comprehend. They are the victims of a terrible illogicalness, a bestial mental illness. This example shows you that only a deviant can understand himself. An insane person will always insist that he is right even when dealing with the greatest aberration.

Every war is an insane aberration!

Communication between extraterrestrial people and terrestrial people is made more difficult whilst battles rage on Terra. We don’t feel in a position to visit you personally in order to negotiate with your politicians. Such negotiations would bring no results. On the contrary – your representatives would try to lie to us and to deceive us; one would eventually meet us with great animosity.

Question: We have a great variety of governments here on our Earth. With which one of them would you prefer to make contact with?

Answer: We look at people from a different perspective, one that does not reconcile with yours. We don’t acknowledge nations, races or different governments. We only acknowledge people and they all have the same right for development and to exist. There are naturally also differences in this regards, but these distinctions are never a reason for animosity. We would therefore never prefer a specific government; because all of your political and social philosophies do not coincide with our development. We would naturally approach people who possess a healthy faith in God and are of a high moral standing.

But can you please tell me where we can find these people? – If they happen to have a high technical standing, they lack a healthy faith in God and vice versa.

There are a lot of people on Earth that call themselves pious. The reality is that they are actually crazy fanatics. I say crazy, because no matter where fanaticism shows up, it always leads to subjectivity. There are a lot of sects within your religious groups. All of them are fanatical – the Christian Church also, also so-called protestants, all of them are fanatical in one form or another; they can therefore never retain their objectivity.

Fanaticism makes you mentally blind!

Question: Why is this strength not demonstrated as a warning, as is the case with manoeuvres?

Answer: Such a manoeuvre would only alarm the people on Earth. One would live in fear from then on, expecting something terrible to happen at any moment. One would remember Sodom and Gomorrah.One would remember Sodom and Gomorrah.

Question: The WW2 claimed 55 million lives and 35 million wounded. Apart from this are 5 million missing persons and they are surely also dead. As MISSIONARIES of PEACE and possessing the MIGHT to defeat terrestrial despots, do you feel responsible for allowing this bloodletting to take place?

Answer: This question is asked from your perspective. The whole thing looks different from our perspective.

This is the reason why we studied the causes of this immaturity. We endeavour to help you in this regards. The resistance we encounter is however quite severe.

Whether a person on Earth dies sooner or later, whether this person is killed in a war or becomes a casualty of a natural disaster is irrelevant.

The people on Earth return to a life in spirit in most cases unredeemed character wise. This situation would be akin to having the whole population on Earth dispatched to the otherworldly regions all at once.

This is why we see no reason to arrest or to prevent a total annihilation of mankind on Earth.

But we have an antagonist – and he would rub his hands together if he were able to destroy part of Our divine CREATION. This would be a victory for him.

This would be rather more of a reason for us to prevent the global destruction of the Earth.

But the main cause consists in the intention of redemption so that Earth’s objective can be justified. A life on Earth should not solely serve one’s physical development; it should also make you spiritually more mature.

This spiritual maturity can however never be achieved through an advancing atheism or through mendacious, overtly pious behaviourism.

Of the 55 million people who died during the last Great War, about 54 million of them did not register any redemption of their soul.

Of the 55 million people who died during the last Great War, about 54 million of them did not register any redemption of their soul.

They learned to fight, learned languages and possess some knowledge in regards to technology and the sciences, but in regards to religion, they have remained completely in the dark. If these 54 million casualties had remained alive, nothing much would have changed within their ranks in regard to redemption.

Let’s assume that this war had claimed two billion lives; that would have been nearly two billion people that would have entered the divine The new world, after the death of the earthly body, unredeemed. The same situation would also have existed if these people had gradually died from natural causes.

The Americans proved that they also have the freedom to sin. They are no exception in this regards. The first detonation of an atom bomb is proof that they are prepared to risk the welfare of planet Earth. The dropping of an atom bomb on the civilian population of Japan is further proof that they regard any means justified, if it serves their purpose. Even though the Americans do not avow to communism, they still act in many way the same.

Democracy is an ideology that has not yet encountered the required maturity on Earth. Communism also does not possess the maturity to be a real communism and nations do not possess this maturity at all.



Question: Why are so-called UFOS shaped like a saucer?

Answer: We are dealing with a spherically shaped housing. A disk is attached to this sphere and it surface can be polarised on top and underneath. Anti-gravity develops on the underside of this disk and this is nothing else but the reversal of polarity to that of the anti-world. The force of this reversal of polarity can be regulated. When one of our spaceships leaves the physical environment, it turns into an apparition of light to eventually disappear completely from physical sight. The same applies in reverse. The switchover to anti-matter is utilised for interstellar journeys. But we also have an additional energy source we can utilise for interstellar travel. To use your words: “hyper-drive through tachyons”. Either of those propulsion systems can be stabilised. Question: How can you possibly undertake a change of direction under these incredible speeds?

I know that one also doubts this fact. We must appear unbelievable. Is simply suffices to tip the saucer slightly in order to bring about an immediate change of direction.

Question: Is it really true that your spaceships possess their own force fields?

Answer: Yes, that’s correct, because we require a protective shield against the friction cause by the atmosphere, but also against the pressure of water.

Question: I still can’t comprehend all of this: I cannot see you. As far as I’m concerned, you are a kind of “ghost”. Can you see me whilst we converse with one another?

Answer: I can see you, but I am in a dematerialised state and therefore not discernable.

Question: This is also one of things the average human being cannot understand. Is there a plausible explanation for this?

The most simplest of answer is naturally that we are thousands of years ahead of you. The dematerialisation within the spaceship happens with the help of technology. The body remains in the UFO in a semi-dematerialised state…




Question: Due to the fact that the distances between the stars always played the greatest role in all UFO discussions, we regard your explanations concerning the matter a sensation of enormous proportions.

Answer: We are very interested in finally being correctly understood. We assume that if your scientists make a bit of an effort, they will now be able to comprehend what I am about to tell you.

To begin with: The disk shape of extraterrestrial spaceships has its purpose. The broad, discusshaped edge of UFOS is designed for stellar journeys between nearby planets. Reversing the energy polarity is switching from mater to anti-matter. These two matters do not tolerate one another, they repel one another. 1 The reversal of the polarity of a UFO to anti-matter in itself releases an unimaginable magnetic force; a flying object in the vicinity of Earth is flung away from Earth with enormous force. This force carries the UFO into space.

All extraterrestrial spaceships, no matter of what type, also have different propulsion systems and they work with this force according to demand. Interstellar journeys are only undertaken with large mother-ships. Their size is beyond the imagination of your concepts. These ships carry a series of saucers on board that are used for stellar travel. They always return to their mother-ship. Their own power-source is hardly required – at least not for propulsion purposes, because it only happens due to the magnetic forces of the two forms of matter that are either “positively” or “negatively” polarised.


A spaceship does however require additional energies for its steering aggregates – particularly near planets. This makes it obvious that the actual act of propulsion saves energy, because the spaceship is externally grasped by enormous energies. A spaceship is carried along like a ship without its own energy source is carried along by the wind. In one word: We “sail” through space with the help of enormous energies.

The reversal of polarity from matter to anti-matter and vice versa takes place as follows:

The slightest shift of polarity already sets the spaceship in motion. The more powerful the reversal of polarity takes place, the more invisible the spaceship becomes. It already suffices in a lot of instances to change to polarity of the electro-magnetic field around the spaceship. The reversal of polarity when in contact with solid physical matter can however turn out to be quite dangerous for us.

Circle leader: This explanation is sensationally important for us, as psychologists assumed that they were dealing with a hysterical obsessive idea, respectively a hallucination, because of the way sighted UFOS can become invisible.

Question: Do your spaceships retain their physical properties after a change of polarity?


Answer: There is no doubt about this at all; they gradually turn semi-material and end up in another material state. This is also the reason why our disks are sometimes seen as spheres. The edge of the UFO always changes first and the inner sphere is affected only later. To keep such a spaceship at moderate, respectively slow speed is not really desirable.

Question: But UFOS have also been observed standing completely still.

Answer: A UFO never actually stands still, even if it may seem so to you. The UFO constantly moves parallel to the planets rotation an all cases. A giant mother-ship usually stays well away from physical matter. Its construction takes place in space. Its start also does not take place from a planet, but also from space. Its start from a physical planet could throw this planet out of its orbit. Its surface is extremely large and it is magnetically influenced. The size of the surface gives the mother-ship an incredibly enormous impulsion. – These are things none of you have the slightest inkling of. The reality surpasses the imagination of any utopian.

Messages from Tall white aliens, Plieadians, Nordic aliens, Ashtar. ABOUT TECHNOLOGY

Question: Does the start of a mother-ship require a “runway” if it starts from space?

Answer: A mother-ship can naturally also start from a planet; the risk of a rotational change of the planet’s rotation is however great, because enormous streams of energy are released. Such a stream of energy restrains the mother-ship to begin with, so that it is able to start slowly.

Question: Can a mother-ship also travel under its own steam?

Answer: When a start takes place, the whole ship, which has the shape of a cigar, must be switched to anti-matter. The moment this happens, the ship is flung into space with incredible force and speed. But we sometimes switch to the ships own power source when the maximum speed is not required. We utilise particles that are smaller than photons to achieve the recoil and this puts the ship into hyper-drive that surpasses the speed of light. Something strange takes place during the reversal of polarity of the spaceship to anti-matter: The reversal of polarity may not take place suddenly, because the ship’s crew would suffer from it.

reversal of polarity therefore takes place in increments. This is the reason for the accompanying light effects.

The space travellers experience a change of colours of the stars during the process and a completely different universe gradually appears. The suns and planets of the known universe disappear and the heavenly bodies of the anti-universe come into view.

An interstellar spaceship appears to you in the form of a column of fire, but its outer surface is transparent.

Question: Oval disks were observed from time to time. Are we dealing here with mother-ships that came close to the Earth?

Answer: No, these are disks with polarised rims. Seen from a certain perspective they seem to appear oval. A reversal of polarity close to Earth may only take a fraction of a second to avoid endanger ing planet Earth.

UFO UFO foto

 UFO foto UFO foto 


We and our starships are invisible to you unless you raise your frequency to match the level we are maintaining or vice versa! By raising or lowering our vibrations we can seem to appear or disappear. You can only see and hear upon the dimensional level that matches your frequency. As you learn to operate and modulate your frequency to include more multidimensional bands, you will discover the many life forms that share the cosmos with you. You will also learn, as we have, to materialize and dematerialize and create with your mind whatever you need.

We are not limited by time, space, distance or size. Thus we can appear as a tiny spark, a glowing bubble, a form as large as a skyscraper or in a city-sized mothership! Our starships are called merkabah, lightbody vehicles of great beauty, molded of our harmony and love to serve our missions and unified intention. They are as real at our level as your environment is to you at your!

Sometimes our starships partially densify so as to appear as stationary lenticular (or other) cloud formations or as a rainbow shimmer. We can also densify to land upon third-dimensional Earth or within the forth dimension as well. We can look like a bright star flashing red, white and green or appear as your familiar flying disks. Our ships are always very radiant and beautiful, glowing with an aura of safety and friendliness.


Question: Do the Observer have a schedule they adhere to in regards to their mission?

Answer: Yes, that’s correct, certain stages are envisioned. One of them was the handing over on Earth of the COMMANDMENTS on Mount Sinai. Planet Earth held very little interest for us in those days, actually no more than many other planets. But the Earth has of late turned into a universal problem.

Question: Is the anti-universe very different from our universe?

Answer: No, it exhibits a great similarity. We are only interested in the forces that are involved in our world. The antiworld is a different dimension. A closer look reveals that this dimension is also three-dimensional.

Question: When the Observer undertake sojourns to another universe, are these expeditions connected with assignments or missions?

Answer: No, this isn’t the case. We are dealing with pure curiosity here – well I should rather say inquisitiveness and thirst for knowledge.

Question: The things we heard so far are sensational. We are going to publish these contact protocols. How do you think the general public will react to them?

Answer: The existence of anti-matter has already been scientifically verified and this will help you with gaining great insights. Lectures on the subject have already been given. I certainly hope that my expositions will lead to greater contemplations. It is said for instance that stars exist that practically shouldn’t exist at all. – At any rate, you are dealing with a new subject within the major sciences. Anti-matter is something completely natural and the same applies to oppositely polarised matter. The law of relativity applies here. It is just a case of perspective. One universe doesn’t necessarily exist for the other and vice versa, but both of them exist just the same. It is just a deception. These two universes constitute two enormous magnetic poles.


Question: You know, of course, what ailments we have to contend here. What, in this sense, you are fighting mostly?

Answer: We also HAVE something with a name they won’t tell you anything, even the doctors. However, these diseases are unlikely to lead to death; our medicine can compare with yours.

We are still amused by your women, especially as they use cosmetics. We know quite other means. We can now understand why you clean up, stick with leather because it harms health. Our women moisturize your skin subtly fragrant liquid, then electrify and irradiated with its beams, which act very rapidly, without destroying tissue. This eliminates all the wrinkles.

Men also do not abandon these procedures, but not to the same extent as women because we men hold such a position: a decent man ought to wear on their face the imprint of his spirit. if you visited the planet on a single day, you would have thought we vain; but tell me, purity, hygiene and body care, which still can not hide, is it bad? We say “no”.

Question: If this will all change, whether our women are also trained for this, maybe your women?

Answer: Yes. Our buildings and the culture of life is very practical with the relevant requirements of health and, moreover, full of splendour. Many artists have the opportunity to showcase their skills when building a house. But our wealth is not built from the blood and sweat of the poor, as on Earth. No, our wealth comes from a healthy control and from voluntary zeal of our magnificent planet.

Question: Do you have also a divorce?

Nordic alien

Answer: Yes, this also happens. A marriage made before God and man, shall be dissolved, but in very rare cases. Divorce occurs at the same place where the marriage was contracted. For the most part ashamed of the spouses to terminate the marriage in the presence of a large number of people who attended the wedding.

Question: How are you getting on with the equality between man and woman?

Answer: The woman created more delicate and therefore it should be under the protection of men. Of course, it can work, but only with a degree, which is suitable for women’s nature.

Question: How do you through the day home life together?

Answer: The man takes his work from morning till evening, through proper distribution of forces and proper behavior, comes into a state of exhaustion, as you earth people, after their work. Woman, married, not working in the specialty, if she has children. Children go to school with four years and end it in seven years according to your reckoning of time.

Then they begin the defining of the profession. It lasts about three years. After that every young man acquainted with different ways of living and existing professions, defines what he wants and needs only testing. It is necessary in order to save him from possible disappointments.

After that, he can become a student or to continue to improve in the election profession. Students learn three to five years. Our people tend to live longer than people on Earth. If you wish to change your profession, it may do so after the new special tests, and new years. It means nothing to him, because with a higher than earthly human life expectancy, he is not afraid, what a waste of time

Question: Do you have loyal creatures, such as dogs that live with family?

Answer: Yes, of course, we have animals that, in a sense, very reasonable, some behave like little children. They can understand words and make specific sounds, which make it clear what they desire.

Question: Are there any public dance events your planet?

Nordic alien

Answer: God arranged it very peculiarly. There are two legged, intelligent entities, that is to say people, born on different planets and they quite often don’t know about one another, but there still are a lot of parallels. As an example, we like to dance just as much as you have liked to dance for eons of time. But our dance remains within the boundaries of harmony.

There are no ecstasies or senseless throwing around of limbs, which nearly border on lu-nacy, as it happens with you. Dance emerges from feelings.

Your dance events, more so your dances show us clearly that the people on Earth, espe-cially the young generation, has no control and becomes ever more disharmoniously, until it has used up all its nervous energy. Music also plays a large part in this.

Music and dance should not tax the nervous system, but should be a finding of oneself in beautiful harmony. From this harmony, LOVE should grow. But how can LOVE and harmony grow from your dance concerts and your physical exertions? You don’t look at the deeper meaning of such pleasures, you’re only after money and crazy sensations.

We offer an example. Follow our example without ridiculing us.


We pay special attention to the condition of humanity and the planet.

The first imbalance – political structure of civilization is contrary to the evolutionary laws of the Cosmos. Everyone should pass the development of consciousness and of gaining experience on the basis of free will and choice. The will and choice of the person blocked. Power on Earth was seized by the elite of the black aristocracy.


More than 30 years ago had created a plan to reduce the population to 1 billion people and the seizure of all planetary resources into the hands of the elite shadow government. Now activating this plan, carried out provocations under the guise of “Islamic terror”, this is done in order to strengthen the control over all of humanity, to “unwanted people” disappeared and did not represent a threat to the new world Technotronic order.

By any means will decrease the population of the planet, including world war. In Europe for bloodshed…and political institutions of the Land, including the UN – just declare peace, but actually support the escalation of conflicts that can serve as catalysts for a planetary slaughter. In result, can die up to 3 billion people!

Stop nuclear war – our best! We – Galactic Community – are in the invisible spectrum space, our bases on the moons of the planets and have a laser technology, so we know all about the sinister plans of the elite and do not let the death of humanity and the planet.

The second Imbalance – economic system is contrary to the law of equilibrium of the Cosmos. On the Earth there was hard devolving situation. The elite accumulates wealth to 99/1. The rest of the people lose their Spirit and material goods, when this occurs degradation.

We of the Galactic Community against the designs of the elite black nobility – to lead mankind in the Technotronic Age, and the transformation of man into the room zombification computer systems. We can’t interfere and intrude in the plans of the elite directly. We can only urge all thinking people to unite in “a movement for the prosperity of the Earth” and to expose the plans of the military junta. In the economic development of humanity has to choose the only sure strategy for survival is an environmental socialism.

The third Imbalance is the change of climate on the planet. Numerous tests of atomic weapons on Earth by the military junta, have left their mark, from radioactive elements in the earth’s core starts heating up, therefore, there is an increase in temperature of the oceans and the amount of precipitation in the atmosphere began to increase exponentially. This causes heavy rains, snowfalls, and numerous floods.

So Elite their actions upset the balance of natural equilibrium. The extraction of resources in the ground has already formed enormous voids, it can cause movement of soil of the earth, a sinkhole on the planet is the result of the barbaric attitude to the nature of the Earth. We – the representatives of the Galactic community, we urge you, humans save their planet!

Our Federation consists of all the solar systems of the milky Way galaxy and the vast majority of planets in these systems. There are only a few planets which chose its own, specific path of development. Their choice, respect us the same way as any choice within our Federation.

The manifestation of life in our galaxy is infinite and varied as life itself as the universe. And of course, you already know that the worlds of our Universe are not limited to only that world in which you live. They are not limited to those worlds that can be seen or investigated using scientific instruments. However, the concept of “dimension”, “dimension” is already firmly established in the vocabulary of people. And believe me, this is no coincidence. The multidimensional universe – the same reality as the world of the Earth, which is inhabited. On your planet there are many other worlds that you people have yet to discover. Your world is just one of the worlds evolving in a unique way, in very difficult conditions of existence.

For a long time, your world has evolved in a specific environment. One of the main conditions was your isolation from other worlds – and other worlds, your planet, and other planets of the Solar System, and from the numerous worlds in the milky Way galaxy. Soon the time will come when the ban will be lifted.


Question: Are your experiences with rockets already behind you?

Answer: For certain! This is way in our past. It is also an incorrect and expensive way.

Question: Can you tell us something about our rocket research, respectively, what were your conclu-sions about your own trials?

Answer: We have come to the conclusion that rockets represent a technical pastime that gobbles up money like nobody’s business.

Question: Could this mean that our rockets are not suitable for space travel?

Answer: The problems of space travel cannot be solved in this way. The way to achieve this is completely different. In this respect, your technology hasn’t got the foundation; it has chosen the wrong directions, most of the time.

In our opinion, space travel is for you a subordinate problem, as you have completely different worries, whose alleviation is much more important than your rockets. What use is it to you, if you can fly throughout the universe and still be afraid of death?

There are actually politicians and scientists on Earth who occupy themselves with the idea to emigrate to another star, to then explode the Earth to its complete destruction from an assumed safe distance.

Question: Will we be able to reach another star through our tests?

Answer: With the rocket propulsion system, “missiles” can be launched to the moon, but for the transportation of people, these rockets are completely unsuitable. Gravity has to be regu-lated on a large scale to guarantee the survival of people on a long space journey.

As mentioned before, we solved the problem of space travel with the help of de-materialisation. You simply can’t grasp this possibility, because your haven’t got the nec-essary experience with the grouping and dissolving of arranged atoms into a more solid form.

Observe our spaceships, which can change their form during flight, very carefully. We can make molecular and atomic changes at any time. We change solidified LIGHT (matter) into flowing LIGHT, this makes the periphery of the flying objects light up.


THE EARTH IS IN DANGERQuestion: You say that the Earth is in danger. What danger do you mean?

Answer: I mean that not only total nuclear war, but also the total destruction of the necessary conditions of life, for example, atmosphere, water, but above all the state of the human spirit.

Question: Do you Think that the Earth can occur supervalu?

Answer: For thousands of years we are interested in the Land. We have information about all fields. On Earth there is no person who could be as informed as we can. We have measuring instruments that can detect even the total for the thoughts of earthly humanity.

Question: What is the overall result?

Answer: Unfortunately, mostly negative.

Question: But we have so many religions, churches, temples and great religious communities. How is that possible?

In all this pious vanity prevails not reverence or truth, and the cult, habit, tradition and attracted to fantastic.

Question: What you can do, for example, offer to rescue the situation?

Answer: Your proverb says: “Good advice roads.” At the head of the earthly society are leaders who do not honor God and who do not know themselves. At the head of the religious centers are unreasonable and limited the religious delusions of people who believe the greatest nonsense as a miracle from God.

Change your religious nonsense and look at the facts. I ask you to delete from your books everything that is not related to your time. But not out of faith in the Creator, who does exist, even if you are still too stupid and ignorant to comprehend.


Question: Are there certain power struggles between employers and employees, the way they are the norm here on Earth?

Answer: Yes, very frequently, but it never happens that anybody looses their cool and fails to play their part. Common sense has always prevailed up to now, and an acceptable solution for both sides has always been found. The harmony between people may not be disturbed by just demands. To be righteous is everything. You lack trust in justice and this with good reason.

Question: How are the prices of your products determined and who decides them?

Answer: The price is determined by the quality of the product, its availability or lack thereof. Machines generate the prices.

Question: Are people disadvantaged by unjust prices or speculations?

Answer: Never, a machine is inequitable. As our economy is not interest based, the prices calculated by machines can be trusted. Man is a higher, I mean to say, the highest being in crea-tion, created for physical life. Man has a claim for absolute justice, in this and the other EXISTENCE.



There are those who live for others. And always has been. It is because of fear of change, those who control a major percentage of the state Finance , did everything possible to block implementation of the introduction of the new financial system. They see these changes as a threat to their vast wealth, which is accrued over many years from taxes of people of what is rightfully theirs. Even in developed countries like the United States, the working class lives on a fraction of what they have right in accordance with the system based on justice. Many other countries have a very large percentage of its citizens living in poverty, as they were not allowed to use the natural wealth. This too will change.

The current economic system was designed for the children of the elite to give them the opportunity to save untold fortune while it’s the same theft of public money. Unbeknownst to the people, perhaps. Those who spoke about it in a voice that fell silent.

Your media bribed. The media is a significant product. When something goes wrong, many people naively believe that everything is as it should be, and rightly so, because that’s what they said on TV. In addition, this situation is now changing and that it is that you people have taken the initiative to become your own voice and start sharing this information through the Internet,with a little help from the media.

Now that the ice was broken, these people are put in the agenda of the media, not Vice versa. Some of your major media is now following your pressure will start to cover events, closed earlier for the people, and most importantly, your world today.

This is a new way and you will witness mass arrests of members of criminal organizations and their associates. It will be a sign that the TV rating company is currently free from the clutches of the dark, and be able to convey the truth about the events in your world. We, the Ashtar command, will closely monitor this activity, and within reasonable limits we can intervene in these arrests or related proceedings. We are still in a state of alert, ready to intervene . We have the technology to remove an unlimited number of forces there, where they belong.

Now splits all based on lies, greed and lust for power, as your financial system, and thus humanity will have much to question, much of what it previously believed.

You all have the right to prosperity is your birthright on Gaia. But peace and prosperity among themselves closely connected, and well-being for all can only be when all peace is achieved.

“The dark side” is well known, so the war was for them always the most powerful tool. Money — among other things — is manifested the energy of life. And war devours the life energy at all levels – not only in the form of human life, not only by nature and animals, as well as in the form of billions and billions of money.

Many of you have probably wondered how many billions swallowed up in the Earth all the wars and how many continue to absorb. But you only think about war, or about the same and illusive periods of peace?

Ask yourself: how much money is spent every year on training soldiers around the world? How much money is spent on training tanks, training mines, and all that is needed?

How much money is spent on military research and development and is invested in military technology?

How much money is spent on surveillance systems, spy satellites, is only to provide the illusory world?

The money – that is, the energy that your governments invest in their defence war games is that energy, that vitality, which is not enough in this world for people to live in prosperity.

The land is arranged so that it is always and there are more than enough. Not necessarily rich, living in luxury, to blame for the fact that in other lands people are starving. For the most part those who are involved in the maintenance of a giant military machine that does not serve this world and never served.

Many people understand this and try to help. Over the past decade, there are numerous charitable institutions created by the society for the protection of the environment, animals and starving children. And there are also sponsorship opportunities and other assistance.

But as long as so much money is invested in defense and war, such companies are only a drop in the ocean because although these organizations and pay attention to what is happening in the world, any donations to causes are not eliminated – the largest — they can be a bit reduced.



 Messages from Tall white aliens

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