Gray aliens

The extraterrestrial races in this group include the ubiquitous Grays from the star system Zeta Reticulum and the Orion Constellation who are described in most of the abduction research and who figure prominently in reports of UFO crashes. Col Phillip Corso served in the Eisenhower administration and later headed the Foreign Technology Desk at the U.S. Army’s Research and Development Department, and is yet another long serving military official who became a whistleblower on the secret extraterrestrial presence. In his memoirs, he claims to have witnessed the body of a dead ‘Gray’ retrieved from Roswell in 1947 that fit the classic description of a four foot tall extraterrestrial with a large head, large black almond shaped eyes, thin torso and spindly arms and legs.

A classic description is by Travis Walton who had an abduction experience with the Grays:

They were very short, shorter than five feet, and they had very large bald heads, no hair. Their heads were domed, very large. They looked like fetuses. They had no eyebrows, no eyelashes. They had very large eyes – enormous eyes – almost all brown, without much white in them. The creepiest thing about them were those eyes. Oh, man, those eyes, they just stared through me.

Many researchers agree that the Grays are deeply involved in developing a hybrid human-Gray race that would be a suitable vehicle for the next step in human evolution.  According to Col Corso, the Grays were involved in agreements with the Eisenhower administration that military officials saw as a form of ‘negotiated surrender’, where the Grays gained permission for abducting civilians and ‘expanding’ their biological program. The Grays are very active in human abductions, genetic experiments, monitoring humans through implants, mind control/programming, cloning and creation of hybrid humans.

These contribute to systemic global problems such as humans traumatized by abduction experiences, genetically modified humans, implants for monitoring humans, and an overly passive population due to hypnotic mind control/programming.

Aliens from where?

Grey aliens

Let’s start a story about the “gray” of origin. They argue that hails from the constellation Grid, which apparently from the southern hemisphere and is at a distance of 37 light years. However, they have, instead of our notion of “constellation” that defines the flat fragment of the sky, the notion of “star group”, there are stars located close in space and connected by gravity. A stellar group of “gray” refers to a name, every star of the group — a sign of his alphabet, and her planet is the same sign with numbers.

The genetic split of the Grey race, or “Zeta Reticuli”, as they call themselves in origin, and includes two categories: “natural” growth of 1.7-2 meters and a “modified” growth 0,8 -1,4 meters.
“Natural” evolved from said water environment. S it is dominated by reptilian qualities, even though he is bipedal, in shape similar to a humanoid. The way of society — racial hierarchy based on a hypnotic advantage of the ruling leadership.

About the anatomy

Grey aliens

In connection with the permanent genetic correction of the next generation of these grey clones is increasingly moving away from the concept of “living being” to the concept of “biorobots”. Here are their anatomical features.
Grey skin — a legacy from her home planet, irradiated by two stars. This color give her material that protects against radiation. Her body never has a hairline.

Black, apparently impervious to the eye — not that other, as protective filters which hide normal eyeballs with pupils. In the frontal part of the brain, an organ which supposedly plays the role of the electromagnetic circuit of communication. Actually is bioradio. However, due to its small capacity (up to several tens of meters) you don’t catch the talk “grayed out” on your receivers, even very special. The absence of ears does not interfere with the “gray” good to hear surrounding sounds skin and subcutaneous nerves. Small nose and mouth are breathing holes, although in the latest generation of nasal wells are excluded because of the inability to close it like a mouth, being in extreme environments.

The teeth and digestive tract are absent, “Gray” eat lying in baths with amber liquid and absorbing her nutrients through the pores of the skin. In the chest is a pair of lungs, and between them — a pear-shaped organ, combining the functions of the heart and liver. Instead of the intestine — in a tubular chamber that holds a supply of nutrients. They are connected “back-esophagus” referred to a pear-shaped organ that regulates the flow of substances in the blood.
Which is typical of clones, “grey” are not reproducing bodies.

On the hands and feet of four long thin fingers, between which in a small degree shown the residual membrane.

About intellectica for an ability to solve logic problems, intelligence quotient (IQ) in the “grey” reaches 250, while a normal person is 100 IQ. At the same time “grey” almost do not possess intuitive thinking and fall into confusion, if the problem is not solved by formal logic. How to remember the earth negotiators with military bases, sometimes making decisions in emergency situations, “gray” took up to 10-12 hours, moreover, it is noticed that it appeared shortly after moonrise. Because it has been suggested that there is a repeater, through which the “gray” consult with their supervisors in distant space.

About science and technology

“Gray” stamped in their thinking unable to discover, and almost all of what they fly and use the fruit not their technical progress. Transcendental (from an earthly point of view) technologies reported to them the Orion civilization, but just enough to avoid the danger to herself. “Gray” is perfectly trained to operate and maintain the equipment, but they are more scientific and technical interest in the Oriental think is suspicious and rejected.
Sometimes, however, the “gray” are used as auxiliary personnel in Orion research. Own research and development they have, with the exception of the forced barbaric genetic experiments, which have already been mentioned.


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