Tall white aliens

The “Tall White” (Nordic) aliens are not earthly Nords, they created them, like all other human races. All nations and races of people on Earth must live in peace and respect for each other!!!


There is an extraterrestrial race, which Mr. Charles Hall called “Tall Whites Aliens”. This race is the origin of the stars near Arcturus.

Some stand more than 8 feet tall, run 40 mph and live 800 years. They speak like a dog barking or a bird chirping, write similar to Egyptian hieroglyphics and have learned English quite easily. They have large blue eyes that wrap part way around their heads, small noses and tiny ears pressed tight to their scalps. Their thumbs are small with four long slender fingers. Their skin is completely white, like chalk.

Tall white alien, woman

They all have thin, straight blond hair. Their hips are shaped liked ours, but they walk quite differently since they are used to a stronger gravity pull. They typically can be seen wearing aluminized chalk white jump suits resembling a canvas-like fabric with gloves of the same material and an open white motorcycle helmet.

What’s unusual is the suit emits a three-inch field of white fluorescent light, the intensity varying from soft to bright, a brightness that can actually hurt the human eye.

Nordic alien, man

They are extremely intelligent and process information speed several times faster than humans. They have individual talents, differing intellectual capabilities and physical traits. Some are teachers, some are pilots, some are workers and some are leaders.
Normal speech sounds “like a dog barking or a meadowlark singing”. However, some Tall Whites can mimic human speech and in fact carry on normal conversations with humans. Some have demonstrated an ability to imitate specific humans so well that the imitation cannot be detected when used over a telephone.
They also can use a device that projects speech so that it is heard by humans within their head. This works only over a short range (several feet) and requires the human to turn the head sideways to the Tall White.
The device is also a language translator. According to its settings from time to time, Hall was occasionally able to overhear Tall Whites conversing among themselves as though they were speaking English.

They like to recreate, procreate and their children, considerably shorter in size, are fun loving, energetic and inquisitive. The children enjoy hide and seek but they also like to play catch with soft objects since their bodies are frail, bruising easily. Mothers are highly devoted to their children to the “Nth” degree, existing solely for the purpose of meeting the needs of their offspring.

Tall white aliens, contact

Although they are highly individualistic, one similar characteristic is they all have white chalky complexions – very white chalky complexions. For this reason, they have been called the Tall Whites.

Every Tall White adult carries a pencil-like weapon that can be set to stun, kill, immobilize, or “hypnotize” humans. It can also administer severe pain, and they frequently use it to discipline people who act in ways that annoy, frighten, or endanger them. The weapon’s actions and effects are accomplished by varying the frequency of focused microwaves to interact with specific ions in the human body.
Although their technology is quite beyond ours at this time, evidence suggests that by other and less tangible measures – “wisdom”, “intelligence”, “moral stature” – they might be quite comparable to ourselves.

Among the interesting matching characteristics of the Tall Whites and the Imdugud:

1. Very tall humanoid “Nordic” with white skin
2. Often have blue eyes
3. Emit barking or whistling sounds
4. Solitary
5. Warriors

Parks adds in private communication that the Imdugud are among the very few that practice natural childbirth and raise families.

But the Tall Whites are more than just fiction, says Charles Hall, an educated man with a master’s in nuclear physics and former weather observer for the United States Air Force.

According to Hall, who claims to have communicated with the Tall Whites, they are very real, very complex and very much a part of the community living at Nellis Air Force Base, a highly secretive 5,000 square mile “no fly zone” military compound in the southern and central Nevada desert.

Nellis is so secret, so secluded, so guarded by military police, according to Hall, an attempt to enter, an attempt to locate the Tall Whites, who live under the sand dunes in concrete and steel bunkers, would be like committing suicide.
“You can’t go hunting for them or approach them. They have to come to you and the children are especially curious by nature,” said Hall from his home in Albuquerque, NM., saying he hasn’t attempted contacting the Tall Whites since his tour of duty ended in the Air Force in 1967 when he left to serve in Vietnam.

“It was a traumatic experience being isolated in the desert, alone with someone so different and obviously more advanced than us.

“At first I thought I was going insane. But I learned over time how to communicate, how to approach them and to never try and force them to do anything. Their nervous systems operate very quickly and they are very protective, very suspicious of our intentions.”
Hall’s “out of this world” recollections are not the product of an overactive imagination or drug-induced hallucinations, but from personal experiences and actual face-to-face contacts with the Tall Whites while stationed at Nellis from 1965-1967.

He claims to have spent two years interacting with this alien race countless numbers of times, but only recently went public with his “earth shattering” statements in a set of three books.

“I just decided to wait all these so as to not jeopardize the well being of my children while they were in school,” said Hall, adding the accounts in his books are true with only names and places changed to protect the innocent.

“Along the way I confided with my wife and friends, but now that the children are on their own and grown up, I’ve decided to tell my story to the public.”
And he says the facts in his book are just the tip of the iceberg in what just may turn out to be one of the most detailed, most convincing and most sought after alien stories of all time.

Nordic alien woman, blond, blue eyes

Other Unique Characteristics of Tall Whites

As previously mentioned, the Tall Whites can grow to be over 7 feet tall. However, most the adults in the first half of their lives usually range in size from 5’10 to 6’5”.
“Their life span is ten times grater than ours,” said Hall, adding that it takes them 10 times longer to heal, too. “They do not age as we do, but at about 400 earth years, they undergo a second stage of growth, eventually reaching about 8 feet tall. They then die of organ failure at an age of approximately 800 years. Since on their planet, days are longer so are they sleeping patterns, usually staying awake for two earth days and then followed by sleeping the same amount of time.”

Where Are They From?

Hall said he learned very little about the origin of the Tall Whites during his two-year encounter.
“They really shared very little about their history and origins,” recalls Hall.
However, one incident took place with a Tall White he called “the Teacher” which revealed they may have come from near the star Arcturus about 36 light years away.

In a passage from one of his books, he said:
“A ripple of emotion passed through the crowd when I mentioned the star Arcturus. After a short pause, the older lady asked with some surprise, ‘Teacher, does Charlie know where we come from?’

“The alien replied: ‘No, not quite, but he’s close.”

How do they travel?


Hall witnessed three different types of spacecraft, ranging in size from a small nuclear powered scout craft and a large interstellar craft able to travel faster than the speed of light. This large black craft was approximately 70 feet high and 360 feet long. Hall said the technology of the small craft was shared with the military but the large craft remains a mystery.

Regarding their hangar and living facilities, he added,
“I was able to observe the repair facilities from a short distance and to the best of my knowledge I am the only person to have been allowed to view these facilities.

“The American generals would do anything to maintain good relations with the Tall Whites in order to get their technology,” said Hall, who maintains he saw them together many times and even sat together across negotiating tables.

“The exchange was done on the basis of what would benefit the Tall Whites and they sometimes participated in classified meetings, helping with technology development.”

What do they eat?

Hall said the military definitely supplied the Tall Whites with any type of food requested, but noticed them carrying prepared bags of what looked like mushroom pudding.
Hall surmised they were plant eaters, as he noticed them collecting seeds on various occasions.
“They are not meat eaters. That I know for sure,” he added. “The food that I saw packaged and sealed in plastic bags on the scout craft, looked like mushroom pudding. I was told by one of them it was prepared primarily for the children or for when they were out in the desert hiking.

“I was also told it wasn’t a good idea to eat their food as it would have adverse affects on my body.”

Whether Hall’s story is true, of course, is debatable. However, no one can argue it is compelling, detailed and filled with interesting facts.


Researching “nordic-type” alien by Donald Worley

(article excerpt)

For the last 35 years I have specialised, for the most part, in alien human abduction and the Nordic-type aliens. My conclusions will be based on 45 of my cases where the Nordics were involved.
At this point I will describe a Nordic, and this description will apply to all the abductees in the cases I will discuss. These beautiful, tall, entities with angular faces, usually have long blond hair, and breath-taking, unfathomable blue eyes. Females and a rare child have been seen. The beings wear skin-tight garments or beautiful white robes. Their telepathic communications are soothing and they project an intense feeling of love for the abductee. Let’s now look at the cases I have chosen.
Colorado State, USA.

This happened in my own home State of Indiana on a farm near Floyd’s Knob in the summer of 1954. A brilliant light-beam came through the ceiling of Nell’s bedroom and in it stood a blond-headed, blue-eyed figure in a resplendent robe. Taking Nell by the hand he said, “Do not be afraid my child. These are mine.” He indicated the little “Grey alien” standing around the room. He then said, “I am the light of the world.” The shaft of light returned and he rose through the ceiling with it. Nell and her sister went up next. During the time that the child was in the UFO she managed to ask the glorious figure an important question. She asked, “Are you an angel? ” The entity replied, “Yes, but not like you have been taught. ”

Donna Butts, Kansas

In a November incident, a large truck traveling on I-70 in Kansas was hit by a beam of light and Donna who was behind it had her first abduction. [AAER Note: Other people have reported being nearly hit by a large truck just seconds before the start of a highway abduction, which has caused then to wonder if the image of a truck was a screen memory for a UFO.]

At 2:00 a.m. one night, alien appeared in the hallway of Donna’s home. Once they were in the UFO, she was instructed to stand under a light that caused her to feel electrified. In still another abduction, a device that alien called a “Monotron” was implanted at the base of her brain. Donna’s case is very extensive and she too received the Earth devastation messages as well as many other predictions.
When Donna went public her life became a living hell. One group branded her a satanic disciple and harassed her. Had these fanatics known the truth about the “Blonde Aliens ” they would not have become so overwrought. Then the day came when the alien appeared as a sparkling white figure in a uniform right in her front room. He looked solid enough but she and the others present could see though him before he faded away.
In the next abduction she was taken to the bord of a spaceship. With the “blond alien” in the lead a number of things happened.
She was given another light treatment, drank a hauntingly beautiful blue liquid, and received an implant through her ear. Later Donna was privileged to see many things and learn much. Her predictions as told to her by her benefactors are many.
“We can look at the Bible with the understanding of advanced intelligence. It has been termed a coded message unable to be understood until the last days. These are most assuredly the last days.”


Miriam Delicado was contacted with “Tall blond aliens”

(article excerpt)
Miriam: In 1988 I was living a very normal, average life as a young adult. I’d just moved from a small town into the big city in Vancouver, British Columbia. And my friends and I had decided to take a road trip to my home town. And on the way up there, everything was normal. We took the drive and everything was fine. But on the return journey everything, everything changed.

Miriam Delicado

There were four of us, four adults and a young child in the car. And the trip… we were driving for hours. I was sleeping in the back seat of the car. And then it started to get dark out. The people that were driving wanted a break, so they went into the back seat, and I went up into the front, into the passenger side with my friend.

And right away these big balls of light… they looked like truck lights, actually; that’s what we thought that they were for the longest time… came streaming up behind us rather quickly in the car. And as that happened, we were wondering why they were traveling so fast.

Now, these particular lights followed us for hours and hours in the darkness. And every time we came up to a car or any kind of house or buildings at all, the lights would fall back and disappear.

So after hours of this going on, eventually we went through a town where we thought for sure that we had lost the lights. And as soon as we got to the other side of this town, into the forested area, the absolute moment we said: Okay, we’re clear. There’s no way they can catch up with us… and literally in the blink of an eye, there they were, these balls of light that were probably about this big. [holds hands about 12 inches apart]

And they came up behind us. And then – poof – and at this point, after hours they had been appearing and disappearing, appearing and disappearing, and in the blink of an eye. So my friend got very, very nervous, as I did. Neither one of us were comfortable with what was happening at all, and the people in the back seat were still sleeping.

So all of a sudden I screamed at her and I said: Pull over the car right now! It’s not you they want. It’s me! And I went to grab the steering wheel to pull her over, when all of a sudden she just sort of flopped, you know, like a Raggedy Ann doll, flopped her head over and started pulling over and stopped at the side of the road.

And by that time the car filled with light from every direction. And these balls of light were sitting behind the car. So at that point – I was the only one conscious at that time – when I turned from the back of the car to the front, I saw a craft on the road.

Now, I couldn’t make out any detail because it looked almost misty and very, very bright. And these beings that were about four feet tall walked… were walking towards me. They were very androgynous, almost childlike in their nature. And they had big round black eyes. They didn’t have any oval eyes at all. These were round black eyes.

And they were directing me to get out of the car, which I did. And I was very scared. I wasn’t terrified though, and that distinction needs to be made. I was not terrified. I was scared.

So I got out of the car. They led me down the highway a little bit, and at this point I wasn’t even thinking about my friends, I was just wondering where they were taking me.

And on this embankment on the left… they led me up the embankment where I saw, when I looked up, a larger craft that had two beings standing in this doorway. And they had blond hair – and I mean blond as in snow white hair – and the most brilliant blue, Mediterranean water blue, eyes that you’ve ever seen, and quite incredible. And the beings, the short ones, took me to the craft, and when I got to the doorway I walked onboard the craft.
nordic alien man contact

But what was interesting was that just prior to all of this happening I’d had a dream in the back seat of the car. And in this dream that I had, this man and woman told me, they said:
We are coming for you soon. Do not be afraid. We are your friends. We are your family. Do not be afraid.
And then, when I saw these two tall beings, the moment that I laid eyes on them, I said in my mind: What are you doing here? Why can’t you just leave me alone?

And then I walked onboard the craft.

K: And did you have any memories of what happened on the craft at that point?

Miriam: From the moment I walked off that craft, I had very clear memories. And I have had those clear memories for twenty years.

K: Clear memories of what happened on the craft? Or just clear memories up to the point you’ve told us?

Miriam: Both. Once I was onboard the craft, I remember a great deal of what happened to me. I do not by any means remember the full three hours. I don’t. And I don’t know if I ever will or not, because up to this point… I mean, I have not had hypnosis done to recover memories. So that’s a very important point for me to make to anyone watching, is that these memories have come from conscious memories.

So, in other words, I walked onto the craft, I had this encounter. It took me some time, but I did come to realize that it was a total of three hours. It was very clear math that I did to work this out. So there was three hours of missing time. And I remember quite a bit of the information that they gave me at that time.

There were, ah… There were things that have stayed with me so clearly that even as I’m looking at you I can still see the images in my mind every time I hear about… you know…

K: Can you give us an idea what was conveyed to you at that time?…

Miriam: When I was onboard the craft, I was sitting in what I call a “light chair,” and it was… you could look at it just like this. [points to the chair she’s sitting on.] Except, instead of it being a chair, it was made from pure light, so it almost glowed. And I sat in this chair, and I looked across the room, and I had a being on either side of me. And a screen popped up. And the screen was actually quite large. It was probably about this… as large as the chair, and you know. Two or three feet high. And as I looked at the screen, there was information that came across it. And images.

These images would be accompanied by information that was given to me by these beings, either through telepathy or – meaning they would directly speak to me – or it felt like there was just a constant flow of information being sort of placed within my mind.

Now, one of the things that they shared with me was the creation of man. And this is very much related to the Hopi and all of the indigenous people and ourselves.

So, to make this story really short, they explained that they had a hand in creating mankind, but by no means were they God. That they were the helpers of this Earth to insure that… They were overseers, so that they would be here to watch over the Earth, to help man become more than what they currently are.

The 2013 MUFON Tall Whites Report

 Tall white aliens, contacts, blond, blue eyes

“This past weekend I was spending some time out by Lake Arcadia. The location of the site was right by the shore of the lake.

It was about one o’clock in the morning and I was the last one there and had been by myself for around thirty minutes. It was my responsibility that night to let no one drive back home while intoxicated and make sure the camp site was in good shape when we were done. As a result of my duties that night I was completely sober and had not been drinking or using any drugs.

Right after I loaded the last bag of trash in the back of my truck I had this strange urge to look at the lake. The best way to describe that feeling was as if I had been day dreaming. There was nothing unusual going on out on then all of the sudden there was a bright glowing light under the water. At this particular distance I could tell exactly how large the circle was but it was big.

The shape was circular and had a light green/yellowish glow with occasional pulsating reed and blue lights. I starred at it dumbfounded as it was moving slowly under the water from one side of the lake to the opposite side. The object moved from one side and back to the other two or three times for about five minutes then it stopped almost near the center of the lake. The object glowed brighter and brighter than shot straight out of the water and into the sky.

After that I turned around and ran as fast as I could to my truck. Once I got to my truck I stopped and fumbled around in my pockets for a couple of seconds looking for my keys and seemingly out of no where a bright light appeared above and slightly behind me.

flying saucer above the car

I turned around to see what was behind me and there was this giant ship. It wasn’t a saucer shaped one that everyone talks about but it had more of a cake shape. It hadn’t landed but just hovered around twenty to thirty feet off the ground for a couple of seconds. Then shot back up into the sky.

I turned back to my truck door and tried to unlock it when I caught something at the corner of my. I jumped back against the side of my truck and about 15 feet away stood three people staring at me that had not been there prior to this incident. There were two very attractive women and one very tall man that was at least ten feet high. All of them had blonde hair that was almost white and blue eyes.

They did not say anything to me directly but I heard one of the woman’s voice in my head. I know your probably thinking that I am crazy but it did happen. She said, “(my name) please do not be afraid. You have an important role to play if you would like to help us.” I said out loud in a shaky voice “okay but I don’t know how?” Then the woman said, “don’t worry you will know in time.” Right after she said that everything went black. Eventually I woke up around two thirty. Laying about thirty feet away from my last remembered position at the side of my truck.”


Who is Ashtar?

(This name is chosen to communicate with people) Ashtar speaks of twenty million extraterrestrial persons involved with his Command in the Program for planet Earth, and of another four million on our physical plane, consciously or unconsciously cooperating in the program of Light. I am an active member of Councils scattered throughout this Universal Sector, serving in an advisory capacity at strategic levels of intergalactic affairs.

Ashtar describes himself:

I am seven feet tall in height, with blue eyes and a nearly white complexion. I am fast of movement and considered to be an understanding and compassionate leader.

Defenders Of The Earth

“There are millions of craft operating in this Solar System at all times and many, many of these belong to the Ashtar Command. Some are stationed far above your Planet and are more or less stationary for long periods of time, keeping track of the Earth on their monitoring systems. Others move about, discharging their various duties. We have small craft doing surveying activities and we have larger craft with extended range that are capable of operating in space and which visit planets in other solar systems.

Flying Saucer near the Earth

“We also have what you know as ‘Mother Ships’ or ‘Mother Craft,’ with many many smaller craft coming and going from the Mother Ship. There is a great deal of activity in what Earthlings think of as empty space. We are capable of invisibility and when our craft are traveling beyond the speed of light, we do become invisible to the physical eye.

“Our purpose is service, and we go where we are needed anywhere in this Sector. Our Headquarters is on one of the largest of the Mother Ships, and orders and instructions come from this craft. It is a city in itself. Most of our people are natives of one or another of the Planets in this Solar System, but also we do have those working with us from other Solar Systems. Our workers do visit their home planets at various times on what you might call vacations. Most of us have worked together for a very long time; we are a well-knit Confederation and feel that we are an effective one.”

Question: There are a lot of people who believe in the “theory of apes”. If this were the case, there would have to be apes living on other planets capable of sustaining life?

Answer: Darwin’s theory of evolution is complete nonsense.
There have never been creatures like that where we come from, but there have been others. One might as well assume that because of our organic similarities to all warm blooded animals, material, respectively physical man evolved from there. Nearly all animals have a heart and kidneys, excrete faeces and reproduce along the same lines. Or-gans are life support systems adapted to living conditions. – You are looking for the origin of man and you look at the lower spectrum of the animal world. The phases of develop-ment of the embryo have nothing to do with the creation of mankind. The origin of man-kind is not to be found on this star.

About the wars on earth

Ashtar Sheran message

Question: One can surely not assert that the responsible leaders of nations are stupid. War seems to be a kind of necessity on Earth. Dialectic materialism promotes this opinion also.

Answer: If something is illogical it cannot be comprehended by a logical person. If your leaders consider war or preparations for war logical, it is a sure sign that they lack this decisive logic. This is unfortunately not an isolated case amongst the people on Earth, but a common situation that verifies your underdevelopment in regards to spiritual things.

Question : The answer might be correct, but it is not accepted by those in responsible positions.
Can you explain this to us in more detail?

Answer : You had an excellent teacher, namely Christ who made an attempt to rectify this mistake. He never got the chance to do so, but he had the wonderful ability to speak in parables. A lot of things can only be explained to you in parables and I will give you just one example:

You know of cases here on Earth where an crazy man chases a child that have done him no wrong. He chokes these children, rapes them and tramples them to death in a most beastly way. These people act in such an atrocious way that no normal human being can understand them. There is no argument, no excuse, no mitigating circumstance and no motive that could explain such an act. I ask you: Can you make sense of such behaviourism?
The same applies to experts of war. They come up with the most horrendous atrociousness. They murder and hound millions into a terrible inferno. There is no humanity here. This is directed at people who have never done anything untoward to their murderers and tormentors. These experts turn into monsters, because it has been drummed into them that this is necessary and heroic, that their humaneness actually demands this from them. We cannot understand them and we also have no explanation for this, because there will never be a plausible explanation for it. Only those responsible for wars, the military and politicians find this correct, they seem to comprehend their terrible deeds, deeds no other human being could ever comprehend. They are the victims of a terrible illogicalness, a bestial mental illness. This example shows you that only a deviant can understand himself. An insane person will always insist that he is right even when dealing with the greatest aberration.
Every war is an insane aberration!
Communication between extraterrestrial people and terrestrial people is made more difficult whilst battles rage on Terra. We don’t feel in a position to visit you personally in order to negotiate with your politicians. Such negotiations would bring no results. On the contrary – your representatives would try to lie to us and to deceive us; one would eventually meet us with great animosity.

Question : We have a great variety of governments here on our Earth. With which one of them would you prefer to make contact with?

Answer : We look at people from a different perspective, one that does not reconcile with yours. We don’t acknowledge nations, races or different governments. We only acknowledge people and they all have the same right for development and to exist. There are naturally also differences in this regards, but these distinctions are never a reason for animosity. We would therefore never prefer a specific government; because all of your political and social philosophies do not coincide with our development. We would naturally approach people who possess a healthy faith in God and are of a high moral standing.
But can you please tell me where we can find these people? – If they happen to have a high technical standing, they lack a healthy faith in God and vice versa.

Question: Why is this strength not demonstrated as a warning, as is the case with manoeuvres?

Answer : Such a manoeuvre would only alarm the people on Earth. One would live in fear from then on, expecting something terrible to happen at any moment. One would remember Sodom and Gomorrah.

Question : The WW2 claimed 55 million lives and 35 million wounded. Apart from this are 5 million missing persons and they are surely also dead. As MISSIONARIES of PEACE and possessing the MIGHT to defeat terrestrial despots, do you feel responsible for allowing this bloodletting to take place?

Answer : This question is asked from your perspective. The whole thing looks different from our perspective.
This is the reason why we studied the causes of this immaturity. We endeavour to help you in this regards. The resistance we encounter is however quite severe.
Whether a person on Earth dies sooner or later, whether this person is killed in a war or becomes a casualty of a natural disaster is irrelevant.
The people on Earth return to a life in spirit in most cases unredeemed character wise. This situation would be akin to having the whole population on Earth dispatched to the otherworldly regions all at once.
This is why we see no reason to arrest or to prevent a total annihilation of mankind on Earth.

But We have an antagonist – and he would rub his hands together if he were able to destroy part of our  divine CREATION. This would be a victory for him.

This would be rather more of a reason for us to prevent the global destruction of the Earth.
But the main cause consists in the intention of redemption so that Earth’s objective can be justified. A life on Earth should not solely serve one’s physical development; it should also make you spiritually more mature.
This spiritual maturity can however never be achieved through an advancing atheism or through mendacious, overtly pious behaviourism.
Of the 55 million people who died during the last Great War, about 54 million of them did not register any redemption of their soul.
They learned to fight, learned languages and possess some knowledge in regards to technology and the sciences, but in regards to religion, they have remained completely in the dark. If these 54 million casualties had remained alive, nothing much would have changed within their ranks in regard to redemption.
Let’s assume that this war had claimed two billion lives; that would have been nearly two billion people that would have entered the divine REALM unredeemed. The same situation would also have existed if these people had gradually died from natural causes.
The Americans proved that they also have the freedom to sin. They are no exception in this regards. The first detonation of an atom bomb is proof that they are prepared to risk the welfare of planet Earth. The dropping of an atom bomb on the civilian population of Japan is further proof that they regard any means justified, if it serves their purpose. Even though the Americans do not avow to communism, they still act in many way the same.
Democracy is an ideology that has not yet encountered the required maturity on Earth. Communism also does not possess the maturity to be a real communism and nations do not possess this maturity at all.

God’s Law on mount Sinai

Mankind on Earth is of the opinion that the word “impossible” applies to a lot of things. – We hold a different opinion, because the things we regard utopia to day, may be possible tomorrow.
There are therefore practically no utopias. If one had told people 4,000 years ago about all the things you have today, one would have regarded all of this without exception as impossible. Utopias have become reality. Today’s generation’s fantasies are certainly realisable. This is why we absolutely cannot understand why one doubts our existence. Why can’t one comprehend that we travel beyond the speed of light? – Why does one doubt the possibility that dematerialisation exists?
There is no utopia. Everything is possible, if one knows the way to realise it.

It isn’t for instance utopia that we, respectively our forefathers, brought the our laws down to Earth. The handing over of the our laws took place on Mount Sinai. I have indicated details about this once before in the past. If the handing over of this important event didn’t take place conspicuously enough, then it is mainly due to the technological ignorance of the people at that time.
What could they have known about spaceships travelling through space? – As far as Moses was concerned, the spaceship was “God’s abode” and the rest of the crew “His angels”. The siren was the “divine trombone” and the ships antigravity was God’s promise to “put anyone to death” that crossed a certain line.
All of this is so simple and so easy to understand if one is willing to use one’s mind.
You have enough technical experience to correctly comprehend the LEGISLATION received on Mount Sinai. There is absolutely no room for doubt here, because any doubt would indicate mental derangement. He, who doesn’t comprehend this plausible LEGISLATION, also does not know how a car is steered and unaware of the energy that moves it.
There is however also an evil will that prevents comprehension. Generally speaking, these people are not dumb; there are even some very famous authorities in politics and the sciences amongst them as well as people in the field of theology. This evil will is like a blinker for spiritual eyes. People do not want to know the truth, because it perturbs them personally. Atheists doubt God’s commandments. They deem it impossible that God, extraterrestrial race talked to a human being on Mount Sinai amidst thunder and lightning.

God's Law on mount Sinai

The Israelites saw a fiery cloud moving in front of them. This pillar of fire hovered horizontally. This pillar of fire did not hover vertically as Jewish theology assumes. There is no mentioning of a vertical pillar anywhere. This pillar was one of our spaceships, that is to say, a mother-ship. Their aura of light can still be observed on all our flying objects by you.

The material of the spaceships under our control consists of a glass-like mass that is harder than your normal glass. The colour is similar to a Nile-green. The bible describes its appearance as being similar to chrysolite.

Antigravity is so powerful that the landing must take place on solid rock. Our spaceships of this size land on Mount Etna or similar mountain these days. So as not to suffer any injuries, the Israelites were advised to stay beyond a boundary, crossing this boundary could be life threatening. A siren of great sound intensity warned the people from crossing the indicated boundary. Moses could only cross this boundary after the gravitational force was switched off. He received an appropriate signal. There was neither thunder nor lightning, only the din of the spaceship and its alternating aura of light. When the antigravity field was switched on, the Israelites fled in all directions filled with fear and terror.

Question : Atheism is the religion of communist countries. This does not surprise if one looks at the churches behaviourism. Atheism has therefore sufficient financial means at its disposal. How can we remedy this evil?

God's Law, aliens

Answer : A religion that absolves a person from responsibility in front of a higher Judge after that person’s demise is a last straw that everybody is willing to grasp. But such a religion is only a piece of straw and not a life belt. What we offer mankind is a life belt it can depend upon. We know that our friends on this Earth work their fingers to the bone to disseminate the truth. We cannot offer you any financial support. We can only offer you the truth. Everything else is left up to progress. We presently still trust this progress.

Communistic atheism will also have to abdicate, because the truth will not allow itself to be held up.
We are only surprised that the churches are so narrow minded that they do not recognise the truth. It is their duty to primarily work on behalf of the truth. This is their assignment, their sacred MISSION, the way it is also our MISSION.

If the people on Earth would really believe in High power, God, things on this Earth would be completely different. This planet is however enveloped by the darkness of ignorance. This is why there is murder and mayhem. Our problem consists in trying to demonstrate to you that this faithlessness is a mistake. This is not an easy assignment, because the most august truth can be twisted and devitalised through malevolence. Religious communities are not exempt from this. The fanatic and dogmatic doggedly sticks to his points of view and woe to him that dares to question this. A lot will have been achieved once the LEGISLATION received on Mount Sinai has been verified; a lot of things will inevitably have to change. The people on Earth only obey orders when they fear something and this is why the divine law must be feared.

The our laws however doesn’t just apply during one’s terrestrial existence – on the contrary, is also has an effect after death, in new world (heaven). The messenger Christ solemnly indicated that this was so.

Our laws does not only concern man’s behaviourism according to our wishes, the laws are more than terrestrial laws; they are a part of the laws of nature.
He who acts against the laws of nature will face the potency of the consequences.
As I am already talking about atheism, I might as well emphasise that atheistic religion also contains a fair portion of atheism, because all the pious fuss within it is part of it.
The leading stratums of society are of the opinion that death extinguishes man’s consciousness forever. These people hold onto this thesis with an iron grip. They indignantly, well actually arrogantly, reject any other explanation. It therefore comes as no surprise that this terrible aberration impacts on all their decisions.
One leading politician made a name for himself by admitting openly that he regards religion to be a superstitious fantasy.
We place the greatest importance in the conclusion that a God, Higher extraterrestrial forces are exist. We also place importance in the fact that every human being throughout the universe possesses an imperishable existence, one that runs through many different phases. Amongst them is a conscious phases of a spiritual existence wherein one has to give account for all one’s thoughts and actions.
The churches established a series of dogmas that do not help mankind; they rather lead towards an abyss. One of these dogmas refers to a “Day of Judgement” and “Resurrection”. One does not have to spend a lot of time discussing the “Resurrection” of the human soul with its consciousness at all; it is as certain as physical death. The “Day of Judgement” however plays an important part, because:
The so-called Day of Judgement is the last day of one’s terrestrial, physical existence.

Eternal life, Heaven and Hell

The medical fraternity fall prey to a whole series of deceptions. They therefore assume that one’s consciousness is located within the human brain; they believe that the brain gives rise to all thoughts and that it registers and stores all perceptions.

This however is a dangerous aberration!

This is where the cause of atheism is to be found! I therefore assert that medical science bears the full blame for the rise of world atheism and political differences. Researchers verifying that the opposite is true, namely that man has an astral soul, are viciously attacked and dismissed in a most unfair way. I will select just one crass example of a medical contortion:
Every amputee still feels the limb he physically lost. He feels the limb of his astral soul. Every nerve is present. Physicians explain this phenomenon by asserting that we are only dealing with memory here, an echo of one’s senses. Those aware of the truth would have to laugh, – if the consequences weren’t so dire.
The broader masses within nations assume that a scientist with a doctor’s degree is, based on his academic education, is able to think more logically and more reliably that your average citizen. This is another world wide mistake that has dire consequences.

I have quite often pointed out the eternal existence of human life to you. I don’t mean the human “flesh and blood” existence, but the spiritual existence of man. Man is a part of the universe, a perpetual particle of God. The universe is our common God. You mistakenly paint the image of God in the form of an wise old man. We gave the fact that there is no peaceful coexistence on Earth a lot of thought. The reason for this can be found in the level of spiritual development on Earth.
One also thinks too superficially in high politics and in diplomacy.
A large part of the brain lays completely neglected. It is very important to look far ahead. You are incapable of such projections. The moment your thoughts reach a certain point, they stop even though all important things still remain uncomprehended.
This is the reason why most people on Earth find it impossible to grasp the things that lay beyond their demise, the things that await them after they die. You must get used to the fact that your consciousness is immortal.

Question: The Dialectic Materialism asserts that the human consciousness is tied to the physical body.

Answer : To list all its mistakes would fill a whole lexicon. Consciousness is not tied to physical matter whatsoever; it exists free within the cosmos. Only an illusion gives people a feeling that their

consciousness is inside their head. When a lunar probe sends pictures via a satellite down to Earth so that these appear on a television screen, nobody will insist that these pictures are situated inside the television set. This is one example of the mentioned illusion. Even though consciousness can have an expansion of millions of miles, the end-effect is still within the body. This however means that the end-effect can also be in a spirit body or in an antimatter body. Consciousness requires an instrument, but this instrument does not necessarily have to be made of flesh and blood. When a human being dies, consciousness does not die with it, even though the brain ceases to function. It is the brain’s assignment to exactly adhere to the individual FREQUENCY of one’s consciousness. The slightest shift within this FREQUENCY has dire consequences, consequences one calls “insanity”. The brain is not there to think, only to CONTROL the FREQUENCY.

Question: It’s unclear, why the well-known scholars ignore or even deny the latest evidence regarding the future life of the human soul.
(For this reason, Professor, Dr. the University of göttingen Walter Ginz said, “All observations indicate that the man after his death discards the earthly body and as a Spirit, I along with a body soul enters another world. Religion of humanity proclaimed it for a long time.”

Answer : — Paradise. You can’t even begin to imagine this World.
First, it is the World of Light, where nothing is what’s called undertones. This is the place where the sun’s light is refracted so that everything is absolutely transparent and at the same time it is full of light and colour.
In this world there will be those horrendous landscapes of your former planet, where you can see the fruits of human activity in all its “glory.”
New Earth is a place of peace, of goodness, and you have to understand that here you have to be very correct in your feelings and your thoughts.
It will be a completely different world than the one to which you are accustomed. There is no place of envy, resentment, all those manifestations that you can still find in your Arsenal of senses.The new Earth is characterized by the qualities that will bring you to what you should be more attentive to their thoughts and feelings. Because all what you will think, everything that will feel, will become known to all without exception the creatures around you. In the New Earth all will have great empathy, and all your feelings and thoughts will be known to all. So now watch them try to take anything and everything as they are, without judgment and bias.

About humanity

Question: We have great trust in what you say. Almost all that read your words were impressed by them. One is however surprised that you cannot talk to us via our radio networks.

Answer : I thank you for the trust you show me. We naturally also took this option into consideration. Our ways of communicating however took different directions. We did undertake such trials just the same. But we know from experience that radio transmissions from our spaceships are not taken serious. One thinks that they are falsifications produce by amateurs. Besides, our side utilises a far better method, namely communication via telepathy; because there is no hindrance and no spatial limitation and besides, it is the fastest that we actually know of.

Question: Our scientists and technicians are of the opinion that mankind on Earth reached a high rate of intelligence in this respect. We made enormous progress over the last 50 years. How do you assess this development?

Answer : Yes, I have to admit that you achieved a lot. But one can never equate the overall achievements with that of an individual when assessing intelligence. This is unfortunately the decisive mistake you make. The grade of intelligence of individual people on Earth is still very minimal from our point of view. Even when I look at an electronics engineer who designs computers, I find that we’re dealing in all cases with experts with lopsided, run-off-the-mill knowledge. However in other fields of knowledge or in regards to human being’s higher development, they can be virtually the greatest failures. A Nobel Price Laureate might rightfully deserve his title, respectively deserve to be honoured in this way, but could still have a terrible character. We often find these people working in the armament industry or in political life. I do however not want to define individual personalities. You know some of them.

Ashtar Sheran

Question: We undoubtedly acknowledge that in regards to higher knowledge, you are far superior to us. How is it possible that some of your individual personalities possess such comprehensive erudition in all fields of knowledge?

Answer : We often experienced periods of all time lows on our planet. We did however recognise in time that progressive development is only possible when one acknowledges an ingenious CREATOR and his HIERARCHY. This insight takes a lot of the wind out of the sails of the negative. But the exact opposite is the case with you; this is why you should not be surprised when you get stuck in many blind alleys from whence there is no escape. The dissemination of ignorance in regards to life after death in itself leads a lot of things along false tracks. In addition to this is the constantly deteriorating state of health of all terrestrial human beings. Man’s genetic inheritance is damaged through and through. I have mentioned this before. We improved our general state of health and prolonged our lifespan in the process. We live much, much longer than you and this alone allows us to do a lot more for our spiritual maturity. Hygiene alone is not enough and sport can also not arrest the general deterioration of the public’s health.

Question: What is most obvious in your eyes?

Answer : Every one of you can see this every second of the day. Smoking is a vice that has spread all over the world. An incredible industry contaminates the whole terrestrial human race. We are not dealing with enjoyment here, but with a deadly, creeping poison with a great effectiveness. Such a development would be unthinkable on our planet. You have statistic materials telling you the extent of the problem. Tobacco poisons the nerves and the blood vessels, disintegrates cells and offers mutations and maldevelopment many opportunities. But tobacco also lames the will, retards the brain’s functions and leads to lability in regards to all decisions making processes. The situation is even worse when alcohol abuse enters the equation.


THE CREATORS OF MANKIND:  It is a highly developed civilization that came to Earth hundreds of thousand years ago and founded their own colony – people. Witnesses describe them as tall, slender people with white, as a plaster sculpture skin, blue eyes and white hair. Different races were created, to see which of them will survive better, with skin color from black to white. We are all their children, we all are family!…Read

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