Description of Paradise


«…I was supernaturally transported from my home and found myself standing out side one of the gates of heaven. The overwhelming beauty of what I saw around me was breathtaking! The magnificent gate that stood before me in splendor was made of a solid pearl. My guiding angel escorted me through the magnificent gate and into heaven. Suddenly, music filled the whole atmosphere. It was all around me. It was above me. It seemed to penetrate my very being. Wave after powerful wave of beautiful music and singing surged across the landscape and seemed to envelop everything and everyone.

When I stepped inside the city, amazement again took my breath. The landscape of that in comparable city was beyond description. Surrounding me were the most beautiful, colorful flowers I had ever seen. There was unbelievable greenery and vegetation everywhere.
Heaven is a real place. It is not a figment of someone’s imagination. In that incomparable place, saints will find sweet deliverance from all disappointments, heartaches, tragedies, and disasters.

I could see diamonds-glittering, glistening, exquisite diamonds-diamonds everywhere! Some were are as large as blocks of concrete. Some of these diamonds seemed to be for the mansions of those who were soulwinners on earth.

I remember going through an area that had the greenest grass imaginable. There were huge clusters of flowers in certain parts of the grass. The flowers were splendid and looked somewhat like roses. Each plant had at least one bloom consisting of beautiful petals.
Traveling on with the angel, we passed a place where there were beautiful, white horses. These horses looked as noble as marble chess pieces. They looked as if they were huge statues that had been chiseled out of boulders, but they were real and alive. Their hooves were gigantic. They were pure white and very regal.

Heaven is a busy place. It is filled with activity and excitement… In one area of heaven I saw saintly men who wore beautiful, glorious, white robes.The people I saw in heaven had distinctive features and were from all nations of the earth.
Divine, perfect order and purpose characterize everything that happens in heaven. Both angels and mans are continuously engaged in excellent, joyful service. No one is idle. No one is ever bored. When we receive new heavenly bodies, we will never grow tired or become weak. We will never know fatigue. Our supernatural bodies will never lose their strength.
The features of all the people I saw in heaven were beautiful. Not one person had any scars, and they all looked radiant and handsome.
I remember thinking, “Heaven is real. These people are real. These angels are real. All of this is beautiful and real…»

«…and just like that, i was looking down on the most dazzling sight i had ever seen or even dreamed or imagined in my entire life! The beauty, the splendor, the magnificence of that city was absolutely breathtaking! The golden hues that were coming out from there, and the rays of light that was coming from that city were just blinding to the eye.
I saw the walls of jasper! And picture this, there were no shadows, inside or out. The walls were perfectly transparent because the light from inside that city was so bright that absolutely nothing could withstand it. And i saw in the foundation of those walls precious and semi precious stones.
Pearls. The gates of pearl they look like they were at least 100 miles in diameter. And i saw from wall to wall, streets, millions of miles of streets of solid gold. Not paved with gold as one songwriter wrote, but those streets are solid gold, completely and perfectly transparent. But oh the splendor and the beauty and the rays of light that were coming from those streets!
And i saw on each side of those streets of gold, mansions. I saw huge mansio and i saw little bitty mansions and i saw mansions of all sizes in between. And being a builder, i’m interested in building and i can pick out a building. I don’t care if its a dog house that’s being remodeled, i can pick it out, you know, going down the street. And i looked all over that city, all over that city to see what those mansions were being built of you know. And you know what? I couldn’t find one! They were all finished. They’re all finished!
Oh i was seeing things that i had never dreamed of. And there, anywhere i would look in the upper level of this city 1500 miles square, with that rainbow or that oval type dome for a roof of this city…»

«…You can touch, taste and smell things just like on earth, only in Heaven all of your senses are magnified. It is actually hard to tell whether you are there in spirit or in your body because you do still have these senses and you experience emotions; you do not become a robot!
There is an awesome city and another area I saw had miles of countryside. Many of the people living up there refer to this as the ‘park’. It is definitely different from the city I visited in Heaven. The park is where you can see every species of animal ever created; including the dinosaurs which roam the hills (they all eat grass, or at least it seemed to me they were eating it). There are beautiful meadows, hills, creeks, waterfalls, trees and the most glorious flowers you could ever imagine.

The city is magnificent. The streets of gold’ are transparent. I have only seen a small part of it, but there were people going into buildings and stores. Heaven has a lot of activity! I saw different styles of transport vehicles, which all run on ‘light’ — it is the only source of fuel. People travel across Heaven in many different ways – air transport. I saw individuals using ‘public’ transportation in groups, but I definitely saw individuals piloting or operating these vehicles by themselves too.
These transports come in many different models. Not only could I see the ship, but the two angels who were escorting the woman. She looked amazingly beautiful and young, even though I knew she had been very old when she passed away. This transport (as shown in the illustration) looked something like a cable car without the cables. It was truly amazing to be able to see a transport close up.
Your family and friends who already dwell in Heaven will run to greet you. There is much joy and celebrating going on at your arrival. Usually, you pass through the gates and are taken immediately to your home which has been lovingly prepared for you. Everything you ever desired in architecture, style or decor has been considered to please you. Even the landscaping of your property is suited to your taste.

If you had any pets on earth that were special to you, they are also waiting for you. Time is then given to greet and rejoice with friends and family. You will be taken on an extensive tour of Heaven by your family and/or friends. You visit all the wonderful places.»

«…Then, we found ourselves in front of a huge wall. There was a gate with a pair of doors which was the entrance to the of heaven. We were astonished at what was happening to us. Along us were two angels.
The angels began to talk to us. Their language was very different from ours, neither was it like any Earthly language. These angels were welcoming us and they opened those immense doors. We saw a wonderful place, with many different things. When we came inside, a perfect peace filled our hearts.
The first thing I saw was a deer, so I asked one of my friends, “Sandra, are you looking at the same thing I am looking at?” She was smiling and said: “Yes Esau, I am looking at a deer!” Then I knew that everything was real, we were really.
We went to where the deer was, behind it stood an absolutely huge tree! Behind the tree was a river of crystalline water. It was so clear and beautiful, like we never had seen before on Earth. We just wanted to stay in that place.
We said to they, “Do not take us out of this place! We want to be here forever! We don’t want to go back to Earth!” They answered us, “It is necessary that you go back to give testimony of all the things that you seen.”

We left the river and ran to every place we could find, we wanted to touch and experience everything. We wanted to bring everything back home with us, because we were so amazed at the things in Heaven. They simply cannot be explained sufficiently with words.
Ariel: “…we went to a river, and saw a lot of fish inside. Everything was so amazing that my friends and I decided to go inside the water. We began to swim under that water. I grabbed one of the fish and took it out of the water. What was so amazing! I put the fish back into the water. Then I could see in the distance that there were white horses. I walked to the horses and began to pat them»

«… The city was made of pure transparent gold and the doors to the entrance were made of pearl. The floors were crystal in appearance. I had never seen anything like this on the earthand neither could a human being create it. I was outside the city and the entrance doors were wide open. And those doors are still open. I was able to see inside and on the walls were rubies and sapphires and pearls that were brilliant. We entered the city. We walked around the city, where everything was like made of gold and precious stones. Everything was transparent and gave off light.»

Description of Paradise, gold city, heaven city, heaven gate
«I aimed for the brightest part of the light. When I reached the end of the tunnel I saw a new world. I felt like I was standing on the edge of paradise, having a glimpse into eternity. In front of me were green fields and meadows. Through the center of the meadows I could see a crystal clear stream winding its way across the landscape with trees on either side. To my right were mountains in the distance and the sky above was blue and clear. To my left were rolling green hills and flowers, which were radiating beautiful colours. ‘Paradise’. I knew I belonged here, I had traveled the world looking for paradise, and knew I had found it. I felt as though I had just been born for the first time. Every part of me knew I was home.
I wanted to stay there forever, away from the cruel world. But I remembered about my mother that I love her. And immediately returned into the body.
I saw nurses and orderlies in the doorway staring at me in amazement and terror. I apparently had been dead for some 15 to 20 minutes.»