The history of survivors of clinical death


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The history of survivors of clinical death. MARY K. BAXTER

«… I was in heaven and returned to Earth, but I cannot be mistaken about the reality of it. I was aware of all five of my senses: I could see, feel, hear, smell, and taste. Yet, this was a supernatural happening. I realized that the impact it made on me was for a purpose.

I was supernaturally transported from my home and found myself standing out side one of the gates of heaven. The overwhelming beauty of what I saw around me was breathtaking! The magnificent gate that stood before me in splendor was made of a solid pearl.

My guiding angel escorted me through the magnificent gate and into heaven.

Suddenly, music filled the whole atmosphere. It was all around me. It was above me. It seemed to penetrate my very being. Wave after powerful wave of beautiful music and singing surged across the landscape and seemed to envelop everything and everyone.

When I stepped inside the city, amazement again took my breath. The landscape of that in comparable city was beyond description. Surrounding me were the most beautiful, colorful flowers I had ever seen. There was unbelievable greenery and vegetation everywhere.

Heaven is a real place. It is not a figment of someone’s imagination.

In that incomparable place, saints will find sweet deliverance from all disappointments, heartaches, tragedies, and disasters. There will be no more sorrow or woe. There will be no more pain. There will be no more crying:

And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.  (Revelation 21:4)

The history of survivors of clinical death. MARY K. BAXTER

I could see diamonds-glittering, glistening, exquisite diamonds-diamonds everywhere! Some were are as large as blocks of concrete. Some of these diamonds seemed to be for the mansions of those who were soulwinners on earth.

I remember going through an area that had the greenest grass imaginable. There were huge clusters of flowers in certain parts of the grass. The flowers were splendid and looked somewhat like roses. Each plant had at least one bloom consisting of beautiful petals.

Traveling on with the angel, we passed a place where there were beautiful, white horses. These horses looked as noble as marble chess pieces. They looked as if they were huge statues that had been chiseled out of boulders, but they were real and alive. Their hooves were gigantic. They were pure white and very regal.

Heaven is a busy place. It is filled with activity and excitement… In one area of heaven I saw saintly men who wore beautiful, glorious, white robes.The people I saw in heaven had distinctive features and were from all nations of the earth.

Divine, perfect order and purpose characterize everything that happens in heaven. Both angels and mans are continuously engaged in excellent, joyful service. No one is idle. No one is ever bored. When we receive new heavenly bodies, we will never grow tired or become weak. We will never know fatigue. Our supernatural bodies will never lose their strength.

The features of all the people I saw in heaven were beautiful. Not one person had any scars, and they all looked radiant and handsome.

I remember thinking, “Heaven is real. These people are real. These angels are real. All of this is beautiful and real…”

Then angel said: You can see children there. When a mother loses a child, even as the fruit of your womb was cast before its time. I know. I know about the babies that are murdered while they are still in their mother’s bodies-the aborted lives that are cut off and unwanted. I know about the stillborn and those children who are born with crippling defects. From the time of conception, each is a soul.

Their souls are taken to heaven. In heaven they are loved, and they become perfect beings. They get perfected bodies. All over the planet there was a feeling of being loved, a sense of perfect well-being. Every thing was perfect. Here and there amid the lush green grass and pools of crystal clear water.

Everywhere I looked, there were children engaged in all kinds of activities. Each child wore a spotless white robe and sandals. The white robes were so bright that they glistened in the magnificent light on the planet. A profusion of color everywhere accented the whiteness of the children’s robes…Back on Earth, I wrote a book about this amazing world.»



“It is an honor to be here.  We don’t do this for a living.  We don’t do this for money.

But first I want to address a couple things, questions that might be in your mind.  The first question that would be in mine, if I was listening to me, would be, “How do you know it wasn’t just a dream that you had?  A Bad dream?”  A couple points to make, first of all, I had left my body.  I saw my body when I returned, lying on the floor.  So I know for sure it was an out of body experience.

Also in returning from this, it took me a year to calm down, and become like a normal person again.  I was so upset and traumatized from the fear.

I saw my body from the side. Don’t know how, then I was just dropped into a prison cell, just like a regular prison cell, like you imagine, with rough huge stone walls and bars on the door.  I didn’t know where I was yet.

All I knew was that it was extremely hot, terribly hot.  It was so hot, I couldn’t believe, that I was alive. I felt like I should have disintegrated with this heat, but I was still alive.

I found myself in the cell, and these 4 creatures were in the cell with me.  I didn’t know they were demons at the time, because I went there as an unsaved person. I didn’t understand why, but He explained it to me on the way back.  These creatures, I didn’t realize that they were demons, but they were enormous.

Anyway, it was all scaly.  This one had scales all over its body, giant jaws with huge teeth, and claws sticking out, along with sunken-in eyes.  They were just enormous.  And the other one didn’t looked like this at all, but it had razor sharp fins all over with one long arm and out of proportion feet.  Everything was deformed and twisted and out of proportion, out of symmetry, no symmetry, one arm longer and one shorter and just odd looking creatures, horrible, horrible looking things.

Then they turned their attention to me. I knew these things were assigned to me, to torture me forever in this place.


I was lying on the floor in this cell and I had absolutely no strength in my body.  I wondered, “Why can I hardly move, what is wrong with me?”  I was just aware of no strength, and I was helplessly lying there.  One Demon just grabbed me and picked me up, and threw me into the wall like a glass.  He just picked me up like a glass. That was how light I was, or how strong he was.  And threw me into the wall, and every bone in my body just broke.  And I felt pain!  I just began to lie on the floor there, crying out for mercy, but these creatures don’t have any mercy at all, absolutely no mercy.

The one picked me up, and the other one, with his razor-sharp claws; he just shredded my flesh right off.  He just tore it off. I wondered, “Why am I alive, why am I living through this?  I don’t understand why am I not dead.”  My flesh just hung there in ribbons.  And there was no blood.

I understood these demons had about 1000 times the strength of a man.  So even if I had my natural strength, I could not have fought them off anyway.  So I was absolutely at their mercy, which they don’t have any mercy.  The Demons run your life in Hell.

The smell of these demons and the smell in Hell were so atrocious; I can’t even describe it to you.  There was a smell of burning flesh, of sulfur.   The smell of these demons was like an open sewer, putrid, rotten meat, bad eggs, sour milk and everything you can imagine.  Take it in, times 1000, and put it up to your nose.   And you just breathe it in.  It was so toxic, that it would kill you, if you were here in this body, you would die.  And I wondered, “Why am I living through this smell, it is so horrendous?”  But again you don’t die, you have to endure it.

I managed to crawl out, somehow I was able to crawl and they let me apparently.  I remembered where the door was so I crawled towards it and I felt my way, and I got outside the cell.  I looked one direction, all black, and all I heard was screams, billions of people screaming in this place.  I knew there were billions, and it was so loud.  If you have ever heard someone scream before, it is so annoying.  Well if you hear billions of people screaming, you can’t imagine how it affects your mind.  You just can’t stand it. You hold your ears because it is so loud and penetrating.  You can’t get away from the screams.  And the fear that overcomes you is unbelievable.  Everything is dominated by fear.

The fear, I got a tell you, was so powerful.  It grips you. When I was really young we were in Coco Florida surfing and there was a school (group) of sharks coming around me.  And a 9 foot Tiger shark came up and bit my board right in a half.  And it grabbed me by the leg and pulled me down.  So my leg was in the mouth of this giant shark. But for a few moments, the fear that comes into you is absolute overwhelming. The fear was terrifying. So I understand fear, but that fear was nothing, absolute nothing compared to the fear I felt in Hell, no comparison at all.

I was now outside the cell and I looked this direction and as I looked this way I could see there was flames of fire, about 10 miles away from me.  I knew it was 10 miles.  And a pit of fire, about 3 miles across, had flames that lit up the skyline enough to see the landscape of Hell just a little bit.

The darkness was so heavy; it just eats up any light.  But there was enough to just see some of the skyline.  It was all brown and desolate!  I mean absolutely not one green leaf, not anything of life of any kind, just stone, dirt and black sky, and smog in the skylight. The flames were really high, so I could see it.

The history of survivors of clinical death, Hell

The heat was so intense, you can even describe it.

That’s what is going on in Hell, it is so hot.  All these things should kill you, but you don’t die!  You had to keep enduring all these things.  I wanted peace of mind, to get away from the screams and to get out of there.  It’s like when you want to go home at night, when you had a rough day, you just want peace of mind.  But there you endured all the screaming and all the torment.  And you never ever get away from it, ever.

Then one of the demons grabbed me, and drug me back into the cell and began all these torments again, which I really hate to talk about, because I don’t like to have to re-live the torment.  They began to crush my skull.  One demon grabbed me and tried to crush my head.  I was screaming and begging for mercy, but no mercy!  About this time they each grabbed an arm and a leg and were about to tear off my legs and my arms.  I thought, “I can’t endure this, I can’t endure this!”

And all of a sudden, something grabbed me and pulled me out of this cell.   I was beneath a cavern, like a giant cave, with a tunnel going up.

Along side the fire I could see through the flames, just enough to see bodies, people in the fire screaming, screaming for mercy, burning in this place!  And I knew I didn’t want to go in there.  The pain I’d endured already was bad enough, but the heat from that flame I knew was worse.  These people were begging to get out.

There were these big creatures lined all around the edge of this Pit, and as the people crawled up trying to get out, they would be shoved back in to the fire and not allowed out.  I thought, “Oh, this place is so horrible, so horrible and horrendous.”

I knew that Hell’s location is under the earth.

Demons. I was along side this pit of fire and I saw all these demons all lined up along the walls, all sizes and shapes of every kind, deformed, ugly creatures, you can imagine.  They were twisted, deformed creatures, huge ones, small ones.  There were giant spiders, huge spiders this big. I began to ascend up this pit in this tunnel, and to leave the flames.  Soon it got darker, but I could see all these demons along the walls.

The worse thing in Hell, the worse thing, worse than all the torments, was I understood that, first of all, that there was life going on up here on the earth.  And that people up here, most people, had no idea that this world even existed down here!  They don’t even know this is a real world down there’s billions of people suffering.

All of the sudden, just all of the sudden, someone showed up. I said, “Why I’m here? ”  He said to me “Because people do not believe that this place exists.”  I was shocked at that statement. He said, “Go and tell people about it”.

Leaving Hell. As we left, we went up above the earth’s surface.  I saw the outline of our planet. It’s awesome to look back at the earth!  Maybe I watched too much Star Trek or something, you know?  I just thought it would be really neat to see the earth.

We went down to the Earth.

We were coming up fast on California.  Just coming real fast, we were moving so quick, and came up to our house.  And I looked and I could see right through the roof of our house.  And I could see myself lying on the floor.  This really hit me strong, right here because I saw my body lying there and I thought, “That can’t be me, I’m here, this is me!”  You know, you’ve never seen two of yourself.  Here I was laying there and I thought, “That’s not really me.”

I came up to my body, and something pulled me back into my body, like I was sucked back. I was screaming.  I was in agony.  I couldn’t live with it. But, despite this, I was thankful that I have a chance to live differently and to avoid hell.

You might be saying to yourself.  “I’m pretty good.  I’m a pretty good person. I don’t deserve that place.”


“Marvin Ford was in the hospital after a serious heart attack. He survived clinical death.

…and just like that, i was looking down on the most dazzling sight i had ever seen or even dreamed or imagined in my entire life! The beauty, the splendor, the magnificence of that city was absolutely breathtaking! The golden hues that were coming out from there, and the rays of light that was coming from that city were just blinding to the eye.

I saw the walls of jasper! And picture this, there were no shadows, inside or out. The walls were perfectly transparent because the light from inside that city was so bright that absolutely nothing could withstand it. And i saw in the foundation of those walls precious and semi precious stones.

Pearls. The gates of pearl they look like they were at least 100 miles in diameter…

And i saw from wall to wall, streets, millions of miles of streets of solid gold. Not paved with gold as one songwriter wrote, but those streets are solid gold, completely and perfectly transparent. But oh the splendor and the beauty and the rays of light that were coming from those streets!
And i saw on each side of those streets of gold, mansions. I saw huge mansions; and i saw little bitty mansions and i saw mansions of all sizes in between. And being a builder, i’m interested in building and i can pick out a building. I don’t care if its a dog house that’s being remodeled, i can pick it out, you know, going down the street. And i looked all over that city, all over that city to see what those mansions were being built of you know. And you know what? I couldn’t find one! They were all finished. They’re all finished!

Oh i was seeing things that i had never dreamed of. And there, anywhere i would look in the upper level of this city 1500 miles square, with that rainbow or that oval type dome for a roof of this city…


«…Earth and Heaven operate in two different realms. Our natural ‘physical’ eyes cannot see into the ‘spirit’ realm; but the ‘spirit’ realm can see everything in our ‘physical’ world. This earth operates in a ‘physical’ realm because we have physical bodies. However, inside your body is a spirit, which operates in Heaven in the same manner as on earth.

You can touch, taste and smell things just like on earth, only in Heaven all of your senses are magnified. It is actually hard to tell whether you are there in spirit or in your body because you do still have these senses and you experience emotions; you do not become a robot! When you die and go there, you do not become ‘invisible’, able to pass through things, nor do you turn into angels.

There is an awesome city  and another area I saw had miles of countryside. Many of the people living up there refer to this as the ‘park’. It is definitely different from the city I visited in Heaven. The park is where you can see every species of animal ever created; including the dinosaurs which roam the hills (they all eat grass, or at least it seemed to me they were eating it). There are beautiful meadows, hills, creeks, waterfalls, trees and the most glorious flowers you could ever imagine.

Some of the flowers change colors and even make music. Many people have their own ‘secret’ gardens that they design and tend; either for their own enjoyment or as a surprise for a loved one when they get to Heaven.

The city is magnificent. The streets of gold’ are transparent. I have only seen a small part of it, but there were people going into buildings and stores. Heaven has a lot of activity!

I saw different styles of transport vehicles, which all run on ‘light’ — it is the only source of fuel. People travel across Heaven in many different ways – air transport.  I saw individuals using ‘public’ transportation in groups, but I definitely saw individuals piloting or operating these vehicles by themselves too.

These transports come in many different models. Not only could I see the ship, but the two angels who were escorting the woman. She looked amazingly beautiful and young, even though I knew she had been very old when she passed away. This transport (as shown in the illustration) looked something like a cable car without the cables. It was truly amazing to be able to see a transport close up. The angels who escort these transports all wear white gowns with purple sashes at the waist.

Your family and friends who already dwell in Heaven will run to greet you. There is much joy and celebrating going on at your arrival. Usually, you pass through the gates and are taken immediately to your home which has been lovingly prepared for you. Everything you ever desired in architecture, style or decor has been considered to please you. Even the landscaping of your property is suited to your taste.

If you had any pets on earth that were special to you, they are also waiting for you. Time is then given to greet and rejoice with friends and family.

You will be taken on an extensive tour of Heaven by your family and/or friends. You visit all the wonderful places.

There are a lot of children. Babies are and they are kept in one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited in Heaven. Bitter because it is one of the most populated places in Heaven, thanks to the abortion clinics’ business over the past 40 years. How accountable are we all for the mass abuse of these tiny babies? They are human lives swept under the carpet and remembered no more. Heaven knows how many of their lives were shredded, they know, because they have ALL of them there! Not a one was lost or discarded. Yes, they know who their parents are and they are conscious of what happened to them when they first arrive in Heaven. They do not understand why they were not wanted, but they do forgive it. These nurseries hold all the babies which are miscarried or aborted. They are cared for by angelic beings who sing to them as they rock them in their arms.

They grow ever so slowly. A 20 year old mother could miscarry her baby and 50 years later die and go to Heaven; her baby would only be around 3 years old (in earth years). She is given her baby when she arrives and she gets to raise it. How wonderful for all the parents who thought they had completely lost that privilege!

There are other places in Heaven for the older toddlers and children where they can play and learn. One place allows them to play games with the animals. Some of the landscape in the children’s area is similar to different parts of earth, so they will be in familiar surroundings while they adapt to being in Heaven. It is a fun and exciting thing to be a child and live in Heaven. There will never be rejection, pain, illness or loneliness in their lives. Family members come to see them often and eventually, when they are big enough, are sent home with them to await the arrival of their parents.»



My name is Jennifer Perez and I’m 15 years old. I had a friend, and we were only friends, nothing more, and he knew that.   That night, he called me and asked if I could go to him.

At first, we were just talking, so I said, “while we’re waiting, why don’t we get something to drink?”

I went to the restroom to fix my hair and do girl things, and when I came out my cup was already served. After this, I don’t know what happened.

But when I could see, I felt my spirit come out of my body.  I was already at the hospital; I saw the doctors and nurses all around me.  When I was out of my body, I saw my body on the bed.  You know how you look at yourself in the mirror, you see a reflection.  But I didn’t see a reflection of myself, I saw my body there on the bed.

There was a man.  And He told me that I was destined to go to Hell.   Then we started to fall really fast, like a roller coaster.  As I was falling it was getting hotter and hotter.  I closed my eyes; I didn’t want to see where we were.

When we stopped, I opened my eyes, and I was standing on a great road.  I didn’t know where it leads to.  But the first thing that I felt there was thirst.  I was really thirsty!  I kept telling the angel “I’m thirsty, I’m thirsty” But it was like he didn’t even hear me.  I started to cry, and when the tears ran down my cheeks, they completely evaporated.  There was the smell of sulfur, like burning tires.  I tried to cover my nose, but that made it even worse.  All my 5 senses were very sensitive.  When I tried to cover myself, I could smell the sulfur even more.  Also, all those little hairs on my arms, they just disappeared.  I felt all the heat, it was very hot.

When I started looking around, I saw people being tormented by demons.  There was a lady there suffering, a demon was torturing her.  This demon would cut off her head and with his long spear he would stab her everywhere.  He didn’t care.  In her eyes, in here body, in her feet, in here hands, he didn’t care.  Then he would put her head back on her body and would stab her and stab her.  She would cry with screams of agony.

The history of survivors of clinical death. JENNIFER PEREZ

Then I saw another demon, this demon was torturing a young man about the age of 21-23.  This man had a chain around his neck, and was standing in front of a pit of fire. This demon would stab him everywhere with a long spear, in his eyes, everywhere.  Then the demon would grab him by his hair and with the chains he would throw this man into this pit of fire, then take him back out and would stab him and stab him.  This would go on continually, and every time he would go inside that pit, I couldn’t hear his screams, but when the demon would take him out, he would scream with agony.  I tried to cover my ears because the sound was so horrible, but I could still hear.  My hearing was more sensitive.

I looked at another demon, and this demon was ugly, the other 2 were ugly to, but this one was the ugliest.  He had characteristics of many different animals; I can’t even explain it with words.  He would go around and scare people, and the people would be really scared.

After that, I looked back at the angel, and he was looking up.  I thought he didn’t want to see the others being tortured.  I thought to myself, “why is he still here? Aren’t I suppose to be there waiting for my turn to be tortured?”  I was also thirsty.  And I cried out to the angel, “I’m thirsty I’m thirsty,” I think he heard me because he looked down on me; and he said, “You have one more chance.”

Immediately when he said that, all my thirst, all my agony, all my hurting, it just went away.  I felt peaceful.

He also showed me the future.  He showed me the Earth and how things were going to happen, events that were going to happen.  The vision I was given was from now until rapture.  He didn’t show me the rapture, but He showed me the things that were going to happen before that.  Each day we are getting closer and closer, and I’m telling you that the rapture is near!

When I went back to my body, I woke up and found myself in the Hospital.  I looked around and saw needles in my arms, things checking my heart, tubes.  Soon my parents walked in and I started crying.


John W. Reynolds, One of the most interesting cases of resuscitation that ever came to my knowledge was that of George Lennox, a notorious horse thief of Jefferson County. He was serving his second term.

Sedgwick County sent him to the prison the first time for a similar offense – stealing horses.During the winter of 1887 and 1888 he worked in the coal mines. The place where he was laboring seemed dangerous to him.

He remained in this condition fully two hours.Missed at dinner time, a search was instituted for the missing convict, and he was found under this heap of rubbish. Life seemed extinct. He was taken to the top, and on examination by the prison physician, was pronounced dead. His remains were carried to the hospital where he was washed and dressed, preparatory for interment.

Soon the eyes opened, and other appearances of life were manifested. The physician was immediately sent for, and by the time he arrived, some thirty minutes, the dead man had called for a cup of water, and was in the act of drinking when the physician arrived.

Said he:

“I had a presentiment all the morning that something The history of survivors of clinical death. FORTY-EIGHT HOURS IN HELL

terrible was going to happen. I was so uneasy on account of my feelings that I went to my mining boss Mr. Grason, and told him how I felt, and asked him if he would not come and examine my coal room, the place where I was digging coal. He came and seemed to make thorough examination, and ordered me back to work, saying there was no danger, and that he thought that I was going cranky. I returned to my work, and had been digging away for something like an hour, when all of a sudden, it grew very dark.

There I was met by a being that is utterly impossible for me to describe. I can only give you a faint idea of his dreadful appearance. He resembled a man somewhat, but was much larger than any human being I ever saw. He must have been at least ten feet high. He had great wings on his back. He was as black as the coal I had been digging, and in a perfectly nude condition. He had a spear in his hand, the handle of which must have been fully fifteen feet in length. His eyes shone like balls of fire. His teeth, white as pearl, seemed fully an inch long. His nose, if you could call it a nose, was very large, broad and flat. His hair was very coarse, heavy and long. It hung down upon his massive shoulders. His voice sounded more like the growls of a lion in a menagerie than anything I can recall. It was during one of the flashes of light that I first saw him.

I trembled like an aspen leaf at the sight. He had his spear raised as if to send it flying through me. I suddenly stopped. With that terrible voice I seemed to hear yet, he bade me follow him;

I beheld the lake of fire.Just before me I could see, as far as the eye could reach, that literal lake of fire and brimstone.Huge billows of fire would roll over each other, and great waves of fiery flame would dash against each other and leap high in the air like waves of the sea during a violent storm. On the crest of the waves I could see human beings rise, but soon to be carried down again to the lowest depths of this awful lake of fire…

As soon as I opened my eyes in the hospital and found I was alive and on earth once more.



Seven Columbian Youths were taken to heaven together as a group.
“We were at my house, when the room was filled with light.  It was so powerful that it lit up the entire room. The voice told us, “Now I will show you heven!”  We took each others hands.  I looked down and noticed that we were going out of our own bodies. We were flying somewhere with great speed.

Then, we found ourselves in front of a huge wall. There was a gate with a pair of doors which was the entrance to the of heaven.  We were astonished at what was happening to us. Along us were two angels.

The angels began to talk to us.  Their language was very different from ours, neither was it like any Earthly language.  These angels were welcoming us and they opened those immense doors.  We saw a wonderful place, with many different things.   When we came inside, a perfect peace filled our hearts.

The first thing I saw was a deer, so I asked one of my friends, “Sandra, are you looking at the same thing I am looking at?”   She was smiling and said: “Yes Esau, I am looking at a deer!” Then I knew that everything was real, we were really.

We went to where the deer was, behind it stood an absolutely huge tree!  Behind the tree was a river of crystalline water.  It was so clear and beautiful, like we never had seen before on Earth.  We just wanted to stay in that place.

We said to they, “Do not take us out of this place!  We want to be here forever!  We don’t want to go back to Earth!” They answered us, “It is necessary that you go back to give testimony of all the things that you seen.”

We left the river and ran to every place we could find, we wanted to touch and experience everything.  We wanted to bring everything back home with us, because we were so amazed at the things in Heaven.  They simply cannot be explained sufficiently with words.

Ariel: “…we went to a river, and saw a lot of fish inside.  Everything was so amazing that my friends and I decided to go inside the water.  We began to swim under that water. I grabbed one of the fish and took it out of the water. What was so amazing! I put the fish back into the water. Then I could see in the distance that there were white horses.  I walked to the horses and began to pat them.

When I started to ride, I felt something that I had never felt before on Earth.  I began to experience the peace, the freedom, the love, the holiness that a person can have in that beautiful place.  I started to enjoy everything that my eyes could see.  I just wanted to enjoy everything in that beautiful paradise…

Then they took us to a place that had many children.  I asked, “Are these children the ones who are going to be born on Earth?“.  Angel answered, “No, these children are the ones who were aborted on the Earth“.  Upon hearing that, I felt something inside of me that made me shake.

I remembered something I had done in the past.  At that time, I was in a relationship with a woman and she got pregnant.  When she told me she was pregnant, I did not know what to do so I asked her for some time to make a decision.  Time passed and when I went to her to tell my decision, it was already too late because she already had an abortion.” Then we returned to the Earth in our bodies.



“…One night I had a dream that angels come to take me to the sky.

The angel said: “You will taken to see the heaven…I am not the one who will escort you to heaven, because I am your guardian angel who has protected you every day you have lived on this earth.

Two angels will come from heaven to take you to the heaven at the midnight hour.”  As I laid in a room, we were able to hear dog’s barking.

The history of survivors of clinical death. BY RICARDO CIDAt midnight on the first floor of my house appeared two men in bright white shining jumpsuits and came up to the second floor where I was staying. These angels were beautiful. They had white hair, whiter than snow and blue eyes. Their skin was as soft as a baby’s yet their bodies were muscular like a bodybuilder. These angels are powerful!! One of the angels started motioning me to leave my body. I left my body. I with angels crossed through the atmosphere at lightning speed.

As I left my body that night and I was flying at an incredible rate of speed.. I was able to look down and see the planet earth. Then I passed right next to the moon, this glorious moon that brightens the night sky on the earth.

Then, I was able to see the giant sun with my own eyes; I was able to see the flames that explode from the sun and warm the earth. Then we continued on and I saw many stars as I passed by them! We continued traveling at a great rate of speed.The history of survivors of clinical death. BY RICARDO CID

They divided, one to the right and one to the left. It was an open way to the heaven! The angels placed me in front of them and told me, “You must wait here!”

Later, came another angel and took me to the celestial city. The city was made of pure transparent gold and the doors to the entrance were made of pearl. The floors were crystal in appearance. I had never seen anything like this on the earth and neither could a human being create it. I was outside the city and the entrance doors were wide open. And those doors are still open. I was able to see inside and on the walls were rubies and sapphires and pearls that were brilliant. We entered the city.

He said: “Tell people that heaven is real!”

We walked around the city, where everything was like made of gold and precious stones. Everything was transparent and gave off light.

Later, when I had to return to earth, I told, “Who on earth will believe me, let me stay!! No one will believe this revelation, no one will believe!… At that moment, when I lifted my arms I felt someone lift me out of heaven and send me down at a tremendous rate of speed…”


«In 1980 when I was 24 years old I set out on an adventure that would change my life.

I was scuba diving on the island Reunion (St Leu).

That day was a violent storm. I turned to my friend Simon and asked “Are you sure? Have you seen the storm?” In the end he talked me into it.

We dived in.I was looking for crayfish when I saw some strange sea creature in the water that looked like a squid. Curious, I swam closer to it and actually reached out my hand and grabbed it. I had my gloves on and it squeezed through my fingers like a jellyfish. As it floated away I watched it, intrigued, as it was a very odd looking jellyfish. I got out on to the reef.

Two feet of water covered the actual reef. I stood there in my flippers and looked at my arm, which was literally swollen like a balloon with lesions across the top of the skin like burn blisters. It was as though I’d burnt it on a stove, right across where the tentacles had been dragged. My friend told me to go urgently to the hospital. We got in the boat. I was getting harder to breathe…

The history of survivors of clinical death. IAN MCCORMACK

He brought me to the road and said he’d be back as soon as I get the rest of the divers out of the water. I felt bad, terrible. I barely made it to the cars near the restaurant and asked people to take me to the hospital. One person agreed to give me a ride for the money. But in a way I admitted that I had no money. And then he dropped me off on the road.

I lay there and I felt like giving up. I thought, “What’s the point of even trying to get to hospital? If your number’s up let it go, just die.”

I could see some lights on. To my amazement the security guards that were doing the rounds with their flashlights spotted me groveling along in the dirt. A man came running over. I looked up and recognised him to be one of my drinking friends. He was a big black guy called Daniel, a huge lovable man. He came running up to me and asked, “What’s wrong with you, are you drunk, are you stoned, what’s wrong with you?” I pulled up my sweatshirt to show him my arm and he could see all the blisters and the swollen-ness. He scooped me up in his arms and ran.

My body began to shake. I felt the cold. Then for me the ambulance came and took me to the hospital. It seemed as though fear left me, the fear of what was coming. I was still dying, I knew that, but I was at peace about it. In the hospital I was put on a drip. I was totally paralysed. My heart was moving to a point where it was not working any more. I knew there was a release, the battle to stay alive seemed to be over.

Well, I knew my spirit had left, I had gone somewhere, and yet I didn’t know I was dead. I had the sensation and the feeling that I had a body, but I had nothing physical to touch. I was a spiritual being, and my physical body had died, but I was very much alive, and very much aware that I had arms and legs and a head, but I could no longer touch them.

The history of survivors of clinical death. IAN MCCORMACK

Then a brilliant light shone upon me and literally drew me out of the darkness. I began to feel myself lift off the ground and begin to ascend up into this brilliant white light. Upon entering the tunnel I could see that the source of the light was emanating from the very end of the tunnel. It looked incredibly bright, as if it was the centre of the universe.

My next thought was “I wonder what my body looks like?”  So I looked to my right and to my amazement there was my arm and hand but I could see straight through them. I was transparent like a spirit, only my body was full of the same light that was shining on me from the end of the tunnel. It was as if I was full of light. It was so exciting that I knew that what I was about to see would be the most awesome experience in all my life.

I aimed for the brightest part of the light. When I reached the end of the tunnel I saw a new world. I felt like I was standing on the edge of paradise, having a glimpse into eternity.

In front of me were green fields and meadows. Through the center of the meadows I could see a crystal clear stream winding its way across the landscape with trees on either side. To my right were mountains in the distance and the sky above was blue and clear. To my left were rolling green hills and flowers, which were radiating beautiful colours. ‘Paradise’. I knew I belonged here, I had traveled the world looking for paradise, and knew I had found it. I felt as though I had just been born for the first time. Every part of me knew I was home.

I wanted to stay there forever, away from the cruel world. But I remembered about my mother that I love her. And immediately returned into the body.

I saw nurses and orderlies in the doorway staring at me in amazement and terror. I apparently had been dead for some 15 to 20 minutes.»


The history of survivors of clinical death. MATTHEW BOTSFORD

Matthew Botsford was standing outside an Atlanta restaurant when a shot rang out. Two men who’d been denied entry into the establishment moments earlier, in what has to be one of the most over-the-top customer service freakouts of all time, were indiscriminately firing at the front of the building. One of the bullets hit Botsford in the head. He remembers feeling a pain like a hot needle driving into his skull, then falling to the pavement, at which point everything went black. He died three times on the way to and at the hospital before doctors finally put him into a medically-induced coma that lasted for 27 days.

Who among us couldn’t use that kind of rest?

His descriptions of the things he saw while in that coma are nothing short of terrifying. Things began with him shackled at his wrists and ankles, suspended in midair over a deep, glowing red pit. Inside the pit, four-legged creatures roamed the floor while smoke billowed up from the magma below. Each plume of smoke contained exactly one tortured soul, suffering all alone.

That’s something else Botsford made note of … the isolation. All around him he could hear the screams of millions of damned souls, but their company was meaningless, because he understood that he was by himself and that this would last for eternity.

So a lot like how you live on Earth right now.

He’s kind of overstating that loneliness, though, because at one point, a team of demons showed up to eat his flesh right from the bone, only to have it immediately grow back so they could eat it again.

Finally, he was spared when a gigantic hand reached through the wall and pulled him out. As it did, he heard someone say, “It’s not your time.

All of this sounds eerily similar to the Vision of Drythelm, which depicts a Hell that includes a gigantic pit, above which the souls of the damned hang suspended in globes of black flame, suffering alone for all of eternity.

“And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments. . .” Luke 16:23

In Mark 9:46, Jesus Christ says about hell: “Where THEIR WORM dieth not, and the fire is not quenched.”


«When I came out of the physical body] it s like I did come out of my body and go into something else. I didn’t think I was just nothing. Was another body… but not another regular man body. It’s a little bit different. It was not exactly like a human body, but it wasn’t any big glob of matter,

either. It had form to it, but no colors. And I know I still had something you could call hands. I can’t describe it. I was more fascinated with everything around me-seeing my own body there, and all-so I didn’t think about the type body I was in. And all this seemed to go so quickly. Time wasn’t really an element-and yet it was. Things seem to go faster after you get out of your body.»

«…In space the city of heaven appears large and round; its length and width and height it seems millions of miles. This is because of what are called environs or suburbs, the outer parameter of paradise. The city is completely surrounded and enclosed by these suburbs.  The outer edge of these suburbs is very large, much larger even than the earth.  In these suburbs or shadowy groves the saints first arrive when they come from the earth; and in this transition from earth to heaven, they learn many things.  First, they learn that they can still see, hear, smell, taste, touch and remember, and that they have a form like their earth body…

The city of heaven with its suburbs, its holy place and its most holy is like a planet; it is self sufficient in every way to provide for eternal beings, just as the earth is able to sustain physical life. Now these suburbs of the city of heaven are very much like earth, with grass, flowers, trees, shadows, birds, and animals.»

«I remember seeing all the family around me crying. I saw my body from the side. Someone was next to me, he said:, ‘Come with me!’ In a short time we were before a gate of pearl. It was the gate of Heaven. We went in. I saw many beautiful houses all of pretty colors. I walked on the golden streets. Angel said  ‘You will return here on the twelfth of the month’. I sent back to Earth. People will have to accept my testimony, for I have walked on the golden streets and I’ve seen heaven. They’ll have to believe me now.’

After twelve months she died and her beautiful soul went back to the heaven. This woman had never heard of the Heavenly City nor its golden street. There is no natural explanation for her accurate description of the heavens.»

«I was soon floating in the air, watching what was going on, looking down. After that, I remember walking down a lane that had colors on both sides, brilliant colors.  I had a little experience in Art, but nobody, not ever Rembrandt could reproduce those colors, they were so bright.  There was this light that surrounded me. It surrounded me and took care of me.  I’ve never felt so good and so safe in my whole life. »

«I opened my eyes and looked and I was standing up next to my bed.  I knew exactly where I was, and what the situation was, there was no confusion in my mind.  I felt alive, more real than I’ve ever felt in my life.

As I am looking around the room, I notice that there is something underneath the sheet on the bed, a body.  So I bent over the bed to look at the face and it looked like me.  But that wasn’t possible, I’m alive, I’m great, I’m more than alive.  So I tried to talk to my wife, but she couldn’t hear me or see me.  I thought that she was just ignoring me.  So I got very angry at her, for ignoring me. So I’m screaming and yelling at her, “Why is there this body in bed that looks like me? How did it get there?” I had a sneaking suspicion that the body was me, but that was too scary to think about.  So I’m getting really agitated and upset, because this is all too weird.  Then I remember that was moving in the tunnel somewhere. There I met the horrible creatures, there were thousands of them.»


How to avoid Hell?

Hell is an artificially created world, the place of punishment in which fall wicked people after death. Hell need for educational purposes, to civilization lived in love and kindness. Because fear of hell is stronger than pride, revenge, greed and any other vice… Read