Professional Mountaineer Captures UFO Flying Way Above Mount Everest

Professional mountaineer and photographer David Breashears has spotted in a photo of Mount Everest an unidentified flying object. In one photo out of 447 that Breashears were taken for a climate change project, a strange saucer can be seen hovering high above the world’s tallest mountain in one of the most remote areas on Earth.
The object in the video looks like a flying disc, and its silhouette can be clearly seen. Judging its location from the Mount Everest, it is safe to assume that the object in question is flying way above the height where drones or helicopters would fly. No additional information about the object, but it is interesting to see it’s apparently there, hovering over one of the highest mountains in the world.

The video has also made references to conspiracy theories that claim the existence of a secret underground base beneath Mount Everest and the Yeti.
Many believe that the object is not a human-made creation nor any kind of flying animal, judging on its altitude. No simple explanation for the strange dot in the picture.
Sceptics say that it is just dirt. The photograph is a high-resolution image, which makes sceptics think that the object is only a little dust or debris on the camera lens.

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