Find Out Why Ministries of Defence Accused of Covering up UFO Investigation

Any novice to this field of interest who search terms such as “UFO sightings” on Google or YouTube will be surprised at a large number of results provided. Since more and more sightings are seen floating silently above the ground, interest in unidentified flying object phenomena is reaching a peak. Though, there is clearly the work of bored computer experts creating different hoaxes; it pays to take a glimpse when children are being involved in this story. Telegraph boss and Tory peer Lord Black said that Ministry of Defence should come clean about the extraterrestrial sightings in Pembrokeshire occurred in the 1970s. At that time, too many objects, which believed to be UFOs were being spotted known as the Broad Haven Triangle. In one incident, there are approximately 14 pupils studying at a primary school drew similar images of the objects.
Lord Black, who is incredibly interested in UFOs, said that there are some recently released files of the Ministry of Defense. This leaves little doubt that a small number of sightings of above ground phenomena – predominantly by military personnel, air traffic controllers – remain unidentified and unexplained. In the hope of learning something new, there needs to be further examination of these issues. Furthermore, an author name Neil Spring has investigated various sightings for his research on his new book entitles ‘The Watchers’. He even came across a file suggesting a secret investigation at Broad Haven. He visited Broad Haven a skeptic and convinced that locals knew more about the mysterious incidences of 1977 than they are keen to divulge. The declassified file is a memo from the S4 head, a wing of the MoD, which functions as an internal police force within the RAF. The Ministry of Defence was being contacted for comment.
Keep your open minds and consider all evidence objectively. One thing to consider is that in the modern world, it is easy for you to dream up visions of extraterrestrial and aliens.

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