Jet Following A UFO In Californian Sky

A witness from Winchester, California submitted a report to Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) about her sighting involving an aircraft that is apparently chasing an unidentified flying object (UFO) on October 1, 2015. The reported sighting is filed in Case 71102 in MUFON witness reporting database.
The witness was in the kitchen of her home when she felt loud booms. She asked her husband about it, but he didn’t hear anything because the television was on. She went outside and for the first time she saw the bluest cloud she has ever known in her entire life in the east over the San Jacinto Mountains. The clouds were swirling, and it was breathtaking. However, she could still hear and feel the booming sound.
She then saw a dark object chasing a brilliant object. She noticed that the dark object had parts like a tail and a wing of a plane. Meanwhile, she saw no detail on the brightly-lit object and all she could make out was a cylindrical shape. She could not see wings or a tail from the luminous object. She likened the UFO to a fuselage of the jet, but only about half the size.
The witness ran back inside their house to get a pair of binoculars. When she returned to the scene, she noticed that the UFO was chasing the jet. It was right on its tail, and the jet seems moving a bit from left to right.
Then the witness went back inside their house to get a better pair of binoculars. However, she could no longer see them again. She waited for a few minutes, and she saw the jet again. She noted that they had been heading south from the east, but this time the jet was going back to the way it had come. It was moving in a giant arc or somewhat circling in the sky. Then she lost sight of it when it went behind the large trees.
Just a few minutes later, she saw another jet from the south flying in the nearly similar flight path of the first one. The rest of the day, she saw helicopters going back and forth. She waited for a couple of hours, hoping to see something strange again, but it never happened. She only saw a very long chemtrail straight into the clouds from the east to the south, which it disappeared. She never experienced this before seeing an object appearing and disappearing suddenly.
The witness continued hearing the “boom” sounds. She could feel it more than she could hear it because the sounds just went on all day and stronger than ever. She could see the water in the cooler vibrates many times every hour. It was a very unusual calm day. She had a plan of reporting it that day, but she was not sure if the UFO was just some type of another plane.
She only decided to report her sighting when she saw another report from Moreno Valley, which is around 7 miles north from her location. The witness from Moreno Valley reported seeing a bright, silvery object going south on the same day. According to that report, the witness saw two jets taking off from March Air Force Base going towards the direction of the mysterious object.

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