How Alien Forces Use Telepathy To Program Entities To Commit Violent Crimes

This Awareness indicates that the use of alcohol and drugs and certain types of primitive music or sounds that appeal to the base chakras, the base instincts, such as the heavy punk rock and heavy metal type rock music, and also those lyrics that express selfish and self-sympathy and lustful concepts associated with power, lust and greed; those types of musical or subjective programming and those films which also promote this type of energy, along with the use of alcohol and drugs and the declining educational standards, and the declining morality or ethical principles and values in the society: these are contributing greatly to the opening, whereby these telepathic messages can influence younger entities in particular, and the general population which allows itself to be vulnerable to these messages.

This Awareness indicates that for those entities who have a strong sense of love and mercy and decency, the problem is not so pronounced. This Awareness indicates that some of these entities even may use alcohol or drugs in a responsible manner, whereby the lower Forces cannot influence these entities. This Awareness indicates however, most entities are incapable of indulging in drugs and alcohol without some negative programming coming through and creating havoc in their lives.

This Awareness indicates that there are many who are so totally vulnerable to these energies that it takes little to trigger off chaotic behavior or antisocial behavior whereby entities suffer from the effects of this programming which these entities express. This Awareness indicates the dark Forces always attempt to work though the weakest link to attack the Forces of Light, and wherein a Light Force is associated with an entity that is involved in drugs or drinks, or one whose lower chakras are in dominance over the entity’s higher chakras, or whereby an entity is mentally, emotionally, or psychologically unbalanced; these entities often serve as channels for Dark Forces in their efforts to attack the Forces of Light.

This Awareness indicates that in this manner, the dark Forces ever attempting to turn off the Light, attack the Light Forces through those deranged or weakened and vulnerable servants of the Forces of Ahriman. This Awareness indicates that these entities not understanding their own role in the battle between the Forces of Light and Darkness, presume that they are expressing their own individuality, for they have simply been used by these Forces, and have allowed themselves to become agents of Darkness.

This Awareness indicates that this relates to the concepts of Wilhelm Reich in which he described the murder of Christ, wherein the Christ Light emanating through individuals is seen by these Dark Forces as a threat and therefore, those who are the good, those who are emanating the Christ Light often become victims of the Dark Forces. This Awareness indicates that there are ways whereby these Dark Forces can be hindered in their efforts to victimize the Christ Consciousness.



This Awareness indicates that one thing which should be understood is that the Light Force should never attempt to attack the Forces of Darkness directly. That the greatest error of Light Workers is to attack verbally, physically, emotionally, mentally, socially the Forces of Darkness (Ahriman) directly.

The way whereby these Forces can best be countered is not through attacking them directly, but through spreading the Light so that others may see those Dark Forces for what they are. The awakening, the action of making people aware is that which breaks down the power and defuses the strength of the Forces of Darkness.

This Awareness indicates this is what is meant by the statement: “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”. This Awareness indicates that the Forces of Darkness (Ahriman) are very adept in turning Light Groups against each other.

The Forces of Darkness (Ahriman) are capable of leading Light Workers to mistrust each other, to feel self-righteous, to presume themselves to be more holy, more correct than others, and thus to set one religion against another, one group against another, one individual against another, each claiming to be right or righteous more so than the other.

This Awareness indicates in this manner, the Forces of Darkness (Ahriman) can lead each group to feel that they are doing battle with the Forces of Darkness by attacking the other religion, the other group, or the other individual.

Thus, each is in a holy war for a holy cause of destroying evil, destroying the Darkness which emanates from the other. This Awareness indicates the only true way to avoid this type of manipulation by the Forces of Darkness (Ahriman) is not ever to attack these Dark Forces directly, but rather to spread the Light and to spread the word, and to expose these Forces for what they are, wherever they are found.


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