Subterranean Secrets

“Not only is our government focused on

building deep secret cities,

but so are Illuminati families.”

The beautiful artwork in ancient Spanish caves, or the catacombs in Rome remind us that man has always had an underground presence.

During the 1990’s, my research repeatedly brought me in contact with individuals who stated that they had been in deep underground military bases.

Of course a number of these are openly admitted by the American government, for instance Cheyenne Mountain. And many are not.

I discovered that not only was our government focused on building deep secret cities, but the Illuminati families were also. Furthermore, they were using technology that the public was unaware existed. The idea behind it all was to create safe and secret places for themselves.

Witnesses have described,

  • elevators going miles down

  • super-fast trains

  • back-up government agencies

  • genetic experiments

  • warehouses of stock piled materials

  • a non-human human hybrid project

But what continues to haunt me was the look one eyewitness gave me when he said,

“Fritz, you don’t have a clue. What is going on is beyond all you have thought of.”

And after that, there was a stoned-faced mask on his countenance.


My first experience with this subject was when I was a fifth grader in Hawaii.

On one field trip we were taken inside the iconic Diamond Head volcano where the government of Hawaii had an unused facility in case they needed to flee a nuclear holocaust.

I realized the government had placed their survival on a higher priority than the people they supposedly served. The rest of us sheeple were to be left to die. Your tax dollars at work.

The American government secretly received a boost in their abilities to build underground when they brought over Xaver Dorsch in Operation Paperclip. He was head of the Nazi’s Todt Organization which built some incredibly sophisticated underground cities for the Nazis.

Bear in mind this organization had built the Autobahn for the Nazis far in advance of our Interstate system. The American and Russian governments have kept secret how sophisticated these underground Nazi cities were.

For years, I had tried to track these Deep Underground Military Bases and their purposes, doing such things as traveling to Dulce, NM.

When I met Phil Snyder who had worked on these bases, I was excited to compare my discoveries/info to his firsthand knowledge. We were able to share information several times until he was suicided the day before we were to meet again.

Afterwards, I placed my information on the 140 American DUMB bases in Deeper Insights Into The Illuminati Formula in the middle of book between part 1 and part 2.

Different agencies have their own underground installations. That explains why there are so many.

  • NSA

  • CIA

  • FEMA

  • Naval Intelligence

  • the Air force NORAD,

…and others all need their own secret underground bases.

Some of the work with,

  • strategic reserves

  • nuclear activities

  • secret weapons

  • communications and computers

  • hardened defense structures,

…are legitimate activities for underground bases.

And others,

  • genetic manipulation (like cloning)

  • individual mind control

  • population control

  • lethal ways to kill populations,

…are not.

We have truly lost control over our government. If you’ll pardon the pun, it is truly out of oversight.


Area 51, NV (above image) and White Sands Missile base, NM have been large tracts of land where underground installations have allowed for exotic black ops research.

Unfortunately, the information that leaks out does not sound good.

These black ops are not projects for the public good. Many of them are downright scary. Some are bizarre like keeping a severed human head alive. And instead of being U.S. government projects, many of the levels on these bases actually belong to the Illuminati and their secret government, which has been operating since 1954.

Besides vast tracts of land in sparsely populated regions, the ocean has become a grand place to locate secret bases.

What are some of these bases like? Some have facilities for growing food. Many are connected. Spokes link areas to other areas. Hi-tech camouflage and quick shutting entrances conceal the entrances. Witnesses claim non-human species inhabit the lower levels.

My personal take on these things is that this is a modern-day example of the Nephilim that were created by interbreeding in ancient times. So we are witnessing more apocalyptic signs.

The same shivers that ran down my spine as a ten year old student when I went into the underground city at Diamond Head volcano near Honolulu continue today when I contemplate these bases and their uses.

These bases are designed so the elite could survive a nuclear war or world-wide epidemic, or a natural disaster like an asteroid hit, reversal of the earth’s pole, or a galactic dust cloud which they allow us to endure while they live in safety.

Whatever disaster they see coming, they are prepared. 

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