Encounter with Nordic Aliens in Lebanon

23 Oct 1954 in Tripoli, Lebanon.

About 3 o’clock in the morning the farmer noticed the glow outside the window and saw the aircraft standing about 12 feet from their home. It had the shape of an elongated egg. The upper transparent part was filled with white light; the bottom part seemed to be made of metal. In front were two round Windows, and in the Central part of the bottom of the stairs. There was a device on 4 legs. Other protruding elements could not be seen.

Through the transparent dome was visible 6 people in gray jumpsuits. Some sat at the bar, others walked. They have in mind was some kind of device similar to headphones. The face appeared to be as a human, white-skinned with blond hair.
The farmer left the house and approached the object. He came to the stairs and grabbed the railing, he was thrown to the ground by a strong shock. One of the pilots appeared in the doorway and a hand made sign that can not be treated.
The incident lasted about 20 minutes. Then, the object silently rose to about 50 yards, and with great speed flew towards the East. Traces left of the chassis on soft ground have been photographed. They were like the conventional rubber tracks chassis. Their width was only 2 feet.


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