RAF Pilots Ignore UFO Over Skegness, British X-File Reveals

A set of files called the Britain’s X-Files had been revealed to the public this week. One incident in 1996 has caught the attention among conspiracy theorists where RAF was told to ignore a UFO sighting on radar.
Several civilians spotted bright lights on the morning of October 5, 1996. Radar signal was also detected, but no response from the RAF.
An unnamed government official wrote to the Ministry of Defence about the no response from the RAF, which was supposed to be keeping a watchful eye on such incident. The RAF appeared to have no idea about the UFO sighting on radar.
The government official asked the Ministry of Defence about the standard procedure for these incidents. It is noted that the object was on their radar for around seven hours, so the RAF had supposedly enough time to think about it.
However, the case may not be that exciting, according to the UFO Investigations Manual author Nigel Watson. The information is not new, according to Watson, as the case became opened to the public in a batch of MOD files released back in 2010.
In the RAF report about the event, the radar signals were produced by 273 feet tall St Botolph Church. Aviation circles called the church spire as the Boston Stump, which occasionally appears on some radars.
The report further explains that the lights in The Wash area were observed from three separate locations above the horizon and in the same general direction, but with no corroborating radar data. Civil or military radars did not detect associated air vehicle, thus, suggests a distant celestial source. Royal Greenwich Observatory identified these celestial sources as Venus or could be the stars, Sirius and Vega.

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