Clear Alien UFO Photo From NASA Mars Rover

The internet went into a frenzy with the crystal clear photograph allegedly showing an alien spaceship. The Mars Rover of NASA has photographed what looks like a UFO on the Red Planet’s surface. The rocky landscape of Mars can be seen in the high-definition image along with ripples etched by the wind on the surface.
The interesting part for UFO enthusiasts is the mysterious object in the middle of the picture that looks entirely different. It seems to have a smooth, metallic exterior with visible lights. It looks like a spaceship as people often describe. Moreover, it appears that natural forces have nothing to do with it.

Some UFO enthusiasts have jumped to the conclusion that the image is an undeniable evidence of intelligent alien life. NASA is yet to give a word on the discovery. Extraterrestrial life is possible on Mars as the space agency announced in 2015 that it had found running water on the planet. Hacking group Anonymous made the story more interesting as it said that NASA is about to reveal that it has discovered ETs.
Alien enthusiasts regularly post photos and videos online with claims that they show alien craft. Most of these images are grainy and not very convincing.
The Rover is equipped with powerful lenses, making the images it captured very clear. Conspiracy theorists often accused NASA of covering up extraterrestrial existence. They sometimes post images of so-called alien artefacts from the Moon or Martian surface. Most images involve an oddly shaped rock, but this particular new image is tough to explain.

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