New Faction Book Touches UFO Sighting Over Wellington, Author Says

New York Times bestselling author Steve Alten claims he spotted something bizarre in the sky over Wellington. He says he saw about a dozen objects in saucer shape with amber lights on the bottoms flying along State Road 7 from south to north. The objects were going in staggered pairs about a thousand feet in the air and moving whisper quiet, according to Alten.
Alten believes he witnessed a series of UFOs in the night sky in 2013. He has been researching about it ever since, culminating the creation of a fiction book Undisclosed. His extensive research on UFOs and aliens has made him convinced that extraterrestrials exist.
Alten is known for his books centring around the fictitious survival of the giant prehistoric shark called Megalodon. He reveals that his latest novel is based on what he believes are facts, so he prefers to call it as faction instead of fiction. The book cover features flying saucers over a farm with the tagline “We’ve been lied to…”
Alten describes what he witnessed that night. He says that eight to twelve lights were flying in staggered pairs approaching less than a thousand feet above State Road 7 from the south. Alte says that the lights were far too silent and smooth to be helicopters and planes.
When the lights passed overhead, Alten could see the outline of saucer-shaped vessels. Alten who was driving the car with his wife parked the car, stood and watched them. Both of them were left stunned as the lights moved north through a cloudless night sky. The UFOs then quietly faded pair by pair.
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