Nordic Alien in a Silver Suit

A country house in Fentem road, Aston,Birmingham. Twenty-seven, Cynthia Susan, who had two daughters aged three years and one year, experienced what we today consider as “the temporary failure of memory”. She completely lost his memory for a whole hour, and later told her that aliens had tried unsuccessfully to engage her in contact.

However, at 3pm on 18 November strange “atmosphere, something like storm or thunder, filled all around with a charged with electricity, the air was painted in pink color. Then there was quite a strong whistling noise. A smell like ozone filled the room, and the room appeared the figure of a creature. Soon the light became normal, the young mother found her staring at high humanoid creature, with elongated eyes, pale skin and long blonde hair (classic Nordic type).

He was wearing a silver suit and helmet. According to Cynthia, the creature looked like a “Greek athlete”. First, she was scared. The stranger spoke to her telepathically. “Don’t be afraid of anything,” he said. Their conversation was long enough . It turned out that the visitor has arrived from a planet of gentle Carnarvan goals, but it alerted our nuclear weapons and aggression. Alien is widely spread hands and has created over his head something like a hologram. When Mrs. Appleton was first told about this, holograms have not yet invented, but, judging from her descriptions, it was they. In the air there were images of UFOs in three dimensions and atomic explosions. It was the first meeting for fourteen months they had been eight.

Only during the two first alien appeared out of the fog. In all other cases, he passed through the front door. During these visits the woman passed a lot of information. She said that she has a brain to which they can “adapt”, and it allows them to communicate with her better than with other people. She gave information about the structure of the atom, about how to treat cancer by building out a vibration velocity of a subatomic substance that time is an artificial concept, and even news on the development dynamics of the laser beam. This was confirmed by records of Dr. Dale, made before this discovery was made on Earth. A lot of this was much above her station, and Mrs. Appleton couldn’t understand why such information was passed on to her.

She had no vain desire to become a star of the media, or to achieve popularity, as other contactees. She was embarrassed by all that happened, but I accepted what was happening. Dr. Dale was very impressed by her stories, he visited it several times. The Priest Reverend John. Tila also came to her, he thought she was trustworthy. “I believe in her story from beginning to end,” he said. Her husband, Ronald Appleton, a welder, was not present during the meetings with the alien, but was fully persuaded of the sincerity of his wife.

Eldest daughter Cynthia was four years old when we had the last meeting with the alien. She was present. The newcomer complained that he burned his hand. Her mother washed her in the water. When the stranger had vanished, the water found a large piece of leather. Took it for analysis to the University of Birmingham, but was not able to determine its nature. Dr. Dale took a piece of skin from a in Manchester, where University scientists examined it under an electron microscope. They came to the conclusion that most likely is the skin of the animal, not the person, but rather could not.

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