Workers Saw A Flying Saucer And Alien

France, it Was about 16.30 when Georges Gate, senior master responsible for a team of 8 masons, decided to take a walk near the team. He felt “uncomfortable” being in a kind of unconscious condition, and suddenly asked himself where he was going. If someone else took control of his body.

Then suddenly in front of him turned a strange phenomenon. Low, at a distance of at least 15 metres, on the slope seemed the man on the head who had a helmet of impenetrable glass, is provided with a visor. He was wearing a gray jumpsuit and boots. In his hands he held a rather lengthy subject, “which could be mistaken for a revolver or maybe a metal rod”. The belt was visible a little spotlight.
This strange man was standing in front of a shiny, disc-shaped apparatus, which “float” around 3 feet above the surface of the earth.
The man walked into the camera. Then sounded a whistling sound and the “saucer” rose slightly swaying. Then she lit up with a blue light and disappeared.

Gate recalls that as soon as I saw this object and creature, he tried to escape, but remained in place as if nailed. It was like he was paralyzed for the whole scene. Some work from the team saw that, too. None of them haven’t believed in the real existence of the so-called “flying saucers.”
Immediately after the Gate was able to move, he went to work, shouting: “have You seen anything?”
He said, “Yes, a flying saucer!” And, who operated the excavator, he added: “it was a man dressed as a swimmer.”Four other workers have confirmed all the details of the incident.

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