Muhammad Ali Saw UFOs Including Mothership on Numerous Different Occasions

Do you think that the only people who saw aliens and extraterrestrial objects are your typical everyday Joes? Now, think again. The truth is, there has been a sequence of famous sightings by politicians and celebrities. Boxing and world’s heavyweight champion Muhammed Ali claimed to have spotted strange objects on different occasions. This boxing legend was an avid alien believer and claimed to have spotted and encounter beings that were shrouded in mystery and secrecy. Ali even claimed to have seen a huge alien Mothership that bears a resemblance to the ETs He also believed that alien visitations were very much relevant to the whole world. Though aliens have a blank space regarding who they are and what they are, Ali believes that they are friendly visitors from another world.
In a tribute online, Mr. Green Beckley used extracts from a book about celebrities with extraterrestrial experiences to discover Ali’s thoughts on them. Beckley had four meetings with the legend boxer when they discussed aliens. In the book, it stated that Ali spotted one in the park and later at his home in New York City. The second sightings reportedly had a glowing red trail behind it. In his book, he continued that he brought the attention to his trainer, who was standing nearby. Both of them watched behind the skyline, which moved slowly across the sky for at least 15 minutes. Later on, he finds out there were other sightings on that same night, including the Newark Airport sighting. Due to the numerous times he spotted strange objects, he wrote in a book saying how the aliens were playing tag among the stars. At the end of the day, both Ali and the author had one final formal, but short meeting about the aliens. Mr. Beckley recalled that Ali always speaks his mind.

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