Angel Told Me Who He Really Is

«I sleep as usual. Night I suddenly woke up from a strange tingling in my body, and realized that I can’t move. It was like I was paralyzed, this was scary. Next came something I could not quite understand. I was floating above the bed, some force began to pull me towards the window, flew through the glass, as if it was not, and went to the light.

I woke up in the oval room with the grey walls. Before me was a creature considerably taller than me, strong build with long blonde hair. He was dressed in a silver jumpsuit. The face of a man, distinguished only absolutely white skin. I noticed, and other such creatures, some of them were women.

The stranger said that they took me to pass along important information. We talked for a while. He said that in the universe there are many intelligent civilizations and not all of them friendly. Their civilization protects humanity from dangers from space. Now they are concerned about the ecology of our planet and the low spiritual level of the people.

I asked them why they are so similar to us, and why protect. The stranger smiled at me and said that people have with them is the direct relationship we were created for the experiment that is controlled for thousands of years. In the middle of the room, a large holographic screen.

I saw the first ancient people, then another time, and new people. Then the screen disappeared.

He said that people are technologically advanced enough to accept and understand this truth and after a while they will appear. I asked, will I survive until this moment. He replied Yes, but I’m already far not young. Then I asked how many years they live. The stranger said that more than 700 years, and then transferred to another dimension, and about us, they also cared for people no death. It was hard to believe.

He said he will show me this world. We and another woman went into another room. There in the middle was a table, on which I was asked to lie down. The stranger said that when I separated from body, «there» will be waiting for me accompanying. He brought to my mind the device is in the form of an elongated iron tube, and I seem to have fallen into the darkness.

Opening my eyes, I realized that I was standing next to, but my body was lying on the table, it was so weird. I felt myself, hands and feet were in place. In the room I saw another creature with the same light body as I have. He had bright blue eyes.

We climbed up and through the ceiling. I saw a disc-shaped object from which we departed. Then we were carried with great speed away from the Earth. I saw a black space and stars. Then they faded, leaving only black and light ahead. When the light flooded all around.

We were on a bright green field. I was wondering what planet this is? All around shimmered from the light coming from nowhere. In the distance I saw a large city of skyscrapers with unusual shapes. We descended the hill and went to the town.

When we got closer to town, I saw a high wall around the perimeter and the high door. My companion said that here begins a new life after death, and there are my dead relatives too. He approached the doors and they opened. Beyond the gates he came to a wide street. The light passed through the transparent walls of the houses. The street was bright figures of people. It was a very beautiful sight.

We had to go back. We again flew through the black space of the cosmos to the Earth. When I was in the aircraft, then saw over my body stood two aliens. I felt that I was dragged back into the body.

Blonde stranger said that now I have precious knowledge to live and not to fear death. He also said that we will meet again and they will show me another world, which can be reached after death. Then I returned home the same way. I decided to write down what happened to me.»


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