Dark Poutine podcast recap: The Disappearance of Granger Taylor

In this week’s episode of the Dark Poutine podcast, we continue to look at Spaceman: the disappearance of Granger Taylor.

On a stormy evening in November of 1980, Granger Taylor disappeared without a trace. Granger was a shy, gentle giant and eccentric mechanic who had become obsessed with outer space and UFOs. Leaving all his possessions behind, a note was found stating he was off to walk aboard an alien spacecraft for a 42-month long journey. Although, what was assumed to be some of Granger’s remains were found six years later, more questions still haunt his friends and family. What happened to Granger?

As well, we chat with Jennifer Horvath from Toronto based Alibi Entertainment who is the Executive Producer of Spaceman, a documentary about Granger’s odd life and disappearance now available, streaming in Canada only, on CBC Gem.

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