Nazca Lines. Understanding Them

South America — The Nazca lines stretch across the Nazca plains in Peru, resembling a mammoth map and blueprint. These lines have been carved by ancient astronauts. Peru is synonymous with the Inca civilization.

Nazcan lines are enigmatic. The purpose of their creation is still a mystery. Till today, no one has any idea of their creators. Following the discovery, Nazca lines have served as an inspiration for new explanations by the ancient gods.

The region is home to a celestial calendar that was created by the civilization at Nazca. The Nazca lines were created most probably between BC 200 and AD 600. They were probably used in rituals pertaining to astronomy.

The lines could also have been used as confirmation of the clans or ayllus, which constituted the population. They could also have been used in the determination of economic functions that were held up by redistribution and reciprocity through ritual.

They could also be a map covering water supplies that were underground.

Egypt, United States, Malta, Bolivia, Chile are other countries home to huge geoglyphs. The geoglyphs belonging to the Nazca era belong to an impressive and enigmatic group. The dimensions, characteristics and the sheer numbers testify to the grand nature of the lines.

The region of the desert at Peru where the Nazca lines have been drawn is known as Pampa Colorada or Red Plain. It is nearly 15 miles in width, running for 37 miles parallel to the Pacific Ocean and Andes mountains.

The desert has sparse sands and is comprised of red surface stones dark in color. The soil has subsoil beneath it, which is lighter colored.

The Nazca lines were created by clearing the dark upper layer, revealing the subsoil, which is lighter in color.

It is a wonder that such simple drawings have survived for centuries. There is a mysterious element to Nazca lines. However, there is a natural explanation for this. The surface is comprised of stone and not sand.

The climate of the region does not support erosion. The choice of place by the Nazcas was excellent. It was ideal for construction of a monument. The Nazca Lines are comprised of straight lines as well as geometric shapes. Animals, humans, and plants have been depicted in a stylized manner.

The Nazca lines are situated in the Nazca Desert, stretching between the regions of Nazca and Palpa.

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