Dark Poutine podcast recap: The Falcon Lake UFO incident

On this week’s episode of the Dark Poutine podcast, we learn about one of the most investigated UFO events in Canadian history.

In May 1967, an RCMP constable on patrol near Falcon Lake, Man., was flagged down by a wild-eyed man with a fantastic story to tell. The man, Stefan Michalak, was a 51-year-old amateur geologist who had been prospecting deep in the brush when he claimed he had had a close encounter with two UFOs.

Michalak was injured, and he initially refused medical treatment from the officer and later caught a bus back to Winnipeg. Upon his return, his son took him to the hospital. He did not tell the doctor that the burns on his chest were caused by an unidentified flying object (UFO) but, rather, by airplane exhaust. Michalak also consulted his family doctor about his loss of appetite; since the ordeal, he had experienced rapid weight loss.

The RCMP decided to close the case until Michalak could locate the landing site. On June 26, 1967, however, the case reopened when Michalak claimed to have found the site on his own and recovered objects he had left there — pieces of his burnt clothing, steel tape and some rocks and soil samples.

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The soil samples, along with samples of clothing and the steel tape, were sent to be tested for radioactive material. On July 24, the results of these tests were sent to the RCMP, along with a memo that stated:

“UFO reported by Stephen (sic) Michalak. Laboratory tests here indicate earth samples taken from scene highly radioactive. Radiation protection Div. of Dept. of Health and Welfare concerned that others may be exposed, if travel in area not restricted.”

On the evening of July 27, 1967, Michalak was visited by RCMP officers, who explained the laboratory findings of radioactive material, and he agreed to take them to the landing site. Upon arrival, there was little evidence found except for a semicircle on the rock face, 15 feet in diameter, where the moss had somehow been removed. Police found traces of radiation in the centre of the landing spot, but no trace of radiation was found around the outer perimeter of the circle or in the moss or grass below the rock.

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