2,000 UFO Enthusiasts Gather in California for UFO Conference

Contact in the Desert is a UFO conference held annually. The first contact took place on August 9-11 at Joshua Tree, California. The event’s motto was about weekend exploration into UFO sightings, Ancient of aliens, crop circles, human origins and the information that must be known. Recently, the UFO conference called Contact in the Desert was highly anticipated by 2000 UFO enthusiasts. The crowd was highly evident as they all descended to attend the four-day conference. Furthermore, nearly 50 presentations were featured. The event is the fastest and largest growing conventions throughout U.S in 2015 due to the increasing number of attendees.
For conspiracy theorists and alien researchers, the conference is a haven. The purpose of the LA event coordinator Paul Andrews is to provide a safer environment and be able to discuss crop circles, ancient aliens, extensive government cover-up and gigantic secret pyramids. In short, believers can consider certain things without anyone snickering on them. The area had been chosen because it has a long UFO sighting history.
While almost all Contact attendees have common distrust issues of official government with regards to their explanations of UFO activity, not all have shared the same alien theories. As you can see, there are loads of theories you can find in this world full of complexities. Among the theories include conventional, unconventional and many more. If you are not familiar with unconventional, the best illustration would be the belief that the earth is flat.
Patrick Hart, a 72-year-old Oregon chiropractor, observed that almost all attendees are researchers. Another alien researcher named Marshall Clearfield has also observed that all participants are devoted because most of them brought tents to be able to listen well during the conference. The fundamental questions are about God, nature, the existence and the purpose of attending this conference.

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