Gray Hay Field’s Crop Circle: Aliens or Prank?

Skeptics would argue that extraterrestrials behind UFOs lie with the believers. They need to gather data and determine substantial evidence being presented. According to the BLT Research, there was a crop circle seen in a hay-field, near the town of Gray, north-eastern Tennessee nearby Virginia. The president of BLT, Nancy Talbott said that the design being reported consist of 2 ‘half-moon’ shapes that are facing in the opposite directions. There is a recent Crop circles are areas designed to grow cereal crops (barley, wheat, rye, oats, etc.). They also occur in grasses, corn, seeds, and vegetables.
In terms of the hayfield, what created its circular pattern is unknown. But a veteran crop circle researcher in Massachusetts was hoping to get the photos from the person who photographed with the hope that she might find out if the circle was created either by a man-made or energy force. The circle has been reportedly in the high grass that pushed down, and there are no vehicle tracks or footsteps leading up to the formation.
As reiterated, Talbott said that the interest was to find out the kind and type of energy that might have caused the crop circle. Their remedy is to organize the field teams around the world since these circles were already common to different countries. Regardless of what country they were in, they discovered fundamental changes that were found consistently in sample plants from inner circles compared to the control samples found outside the circle.
Whether or not the crop circle found in Gray hay field is a strange UFO activity or a prank, it is not a huge issue for Ms. Talbott. With deeper studies, they find out that such formation was due to the intense radiation. Furthermore, she believes that such activity is not a hostile act.

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