Netherlands UFO Sighting: Green Jellyfish Caught on Camera

Technically speaking, UFOs refer to any form of unidentified flying objects. Today, UFO has become synonymous with alien space vehicles. An excellent description of an unidentified flying object is an uncommon anomaly in the sky that is not readily recognizable to the observer. Even though small proportions are unexplained, nearly all UFO sightings are identified as variety man-made objects or natural phenomena.
When it comes to the shapes, UFOs may come in a form of cigar-shaped, horse-shaped, baton-shaped, and the most common, disc-shaped. Recently, there is a new form that appeared in the stormy skies that’s being described as jellyfish. Such shape has beautiful and distinct emerald green light tentacles against the dark storm clouds over Netherlands Sky. Dutch photographer and blogger named Harry Perton was fascinated with this distinctive UFO sighting. As the dusk and sundown began to appear, he captured the Jellyfish UFO.
The Undisputable Opinion
According to this Renaissance man, he took photos of the clouds when a shocking image appeared. But then he was amazed to see a green light from the sky upon looking back at his masterpiece. Instead of thinking about the mysterious object he captured, he believes he was catching a meteorological. He firmly believes that the ray of the sun has peeked through the storm showing up images.
Dr Alderin-Pocock says that the jellyfish shaped could be living creatures hovering above the atmosphere and absorbing nutrients through their tentacles. Some people believe that the shape is well-defined, and almost appears like a mushroom with a sort of propellant or exhaust coming out of the bottom of the stem. Others also think that the UFO object could be a space or small debris with the green color around it, which could cause the build-up of electrostatic as the mysterious thing passes through the clouds.
Harry Perton is not a UFO believer. Therefore, he has more realistic views of alien visitors despite the incredible photos.


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