Three Pilots Sighting UFOs over the UK’s Scientology HQ

Within the vicinity of Gatwick Airport in London, the pilots of three separate passenger planes have reported catching sight of a pair of flat silver discs hovering near UK Headquarters. Some of them have reported seeing discs flying 100 feet, moving stationary or slowly. Air traffic controllers claimed that they catch six UFOs on radar and after its appearance, they rapidly vanished. These encounters were announced by an agency that investigates mid-air collisions. From the report last week, it failed to lay down an explanation in pilot sightings at 9 am last Dec. 30.
It described how the Boeing 777 pilot raised the alarm after recognizing “two flat silver discs” over the Scientology headquarters in East Grinstead minutes from touchdown at Gatwick at 8:53 a.m. Minutes later, an Airbus 319 and a Boeing 767 saw similar “saucer-like” object hovering about 1,000 feet above the ground. According to the 777 crew, they looked like a “man-made” object. Fortunately, Airprox Investigators considered their explanations that include objects were kites or balloons. The juxtaposition of Scientology and UFOs is not surprising. While some people think that the movement have the answers to the questions related to life, some others believe that aliens inhabit humans. Despite the fact that Scientologists insist that “Alien Descendent” theory is made by the Internet fringe out from scurrilous statements. Tom Cruise is the movement’s most celebrated follower.
Unfortunately, Pope believes that the alleged theories do not hold water. Even though the Airprox board has speculated that the objects were a form of toys, they still conclude that such objects remained untraced. In their report, the Airprox made no connection to the Church of Scientology because the headquarters in question are miles away from where the sightings took place. The Sun felt that Scientology is a connection with aliens was appropriate.
The encounter was experienced the day before the Scientologists carved messages to aliens in an “alien space cathedral” in Northeastern New Mexico’s hills.

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