UFOs Flying Around Swanley and Bexleyheath

Nearly 60 years ago, a flying saucer reportedly made a landing nearby Bexleyheath, and just recently a Swanley contractor claims to have witnessed unidentified flying objects over the same area.
London Road resident Tony Histed managed to photograph a saucer-shaped object in the sky at around 11:20 pm on the 30th of December 2014.
Histed said that he just looked up at the sky and saw the UFO before it shot off without making any noise.
In September 2014, the contractor was in Briarfield Close working at a building site when he first spotted unusual lights in the sky over King Harold’s Way during the beginning of a thunderstorm.
According to his statement, he was walking out of the site when he noticed a strange bright light above to the east, so he stopped and observed it as it came across the horizon towards the storm.
The witness also saw one more in front of the first and then they both flew silently into the oncoming storm.
The witness decided to go back to the site, and when he got in there, he noticed an orb came up off the ground followed by another orb, so he went up on the scaffolding.
The UFOs levelled off and moved to the northeast, the last one split into two and then joined again before they disappeared.
The 51-year-old witness was amazed to know that King Harold’s Way is known for UFO sighting in 1955. More than thirty people claimed to have seen a circular aerial object with eight suckers hovering over the ground.
After that particular incident, Bexleyheath has become a UFO hotspot and in fact, author Nick Pope named the place as one of the top 10 UFO areas. Mr Histed added that he found out he was overlooking the landing sites when he looked on the map.

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