UFOs. Odd Shapes and Sizes

Just like people, UFOs come in all shapes and sizes. And just like people, some UFOs film better that others. In the early days of the UFO era, the majority of UFOs captured on film were of the disc-shaped crafts, and were usually tagged as “flying saucers.” The saucers are still filmed today, but have had to make room for other shapes.The most talked about UFOs today are the triangle, crescent, or V-shaped objects, but oddly enough, there are almost no still photographs of these objects that are usually big, black, and silent running.

With so many sky watchers using video cameras, there have been a great number of objects filmed with three points of light, or many lights which seem to form more or less a V or triangular shape. It is still extremely rare though to see a discernable structure behind these lights.This does not, however, discredit the authenticity of the photograph.

For reasons still unexplained, visible, structured triangle-shaped UFOs seem to be very camera shy. During the famous Belgian wave of 1989-1990, many photographs were snapped of the intruding triangles only to show nothing when the film was developed. Explanations were offered for this failure such as electromagnetic anomalies, meteorological disturbance, and radioactive interference, yet no clear cut reason has been established. Finally, one amazing photograph was taken at Petit Rechain, which became a UFO classic. Since that time, only a handful of triangle photos have been made public, and those are open to discussion as to their authenticity. For more information on triangles, go here.

Today, especially on moving film, we have entered the age of the orbs, which are ofttimes points of light in the night sky, showing glowing light, yet few are taken which show structure or a definitive shape. What percentage of these objects are actually UFOs is anybody’s guess. Ufology today seems to be in a rut of listing sighting report after report, albeit without follow up investigation, and we are left with photographs, video film, theory and nothing more. Still photographs and video film of these strange unknown flying objects that seem to come and go as they please will continue, no doubt, as the cameramen, both amateur and professional hope to capture that one conclusive piece of evidence that will finally prove that we really are not alone.

In addition to the aforementioned, we have seen many other shapes and sizes of UFOs, and in this presentation, I am going to show some of the odd and strange shapes of UFOs that have been put forward as proof of the existence of extraterrestrial life. This is only a small part of a much larger catalogue.

Note: It is not the contention of the UFO Casebook that all of the images shown on this page are of extraterrestial controlled flying craft.

1870-Mt. Washington, N. H. “Elongated Cigar UFO” 1952-Salem Massachusetts “Fleet UFO Orbs” 1957-Edwards AFB, California “Structured Disc”
1967-Ohio “Cigar or Elongated UFO” 1974-Belotia, Yugoslavia “Hat or Sombrero UFO” 1976-Canary Island “Alien Sphere/Orb”
1987-Connecticut “Ring of Lights” 1987-Gulf Breeze, Florida “Ed Walters UFO” 1990-Petit Rechain, Belgium “Triangle UFO”

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