This day in UFO history: Most Famous UFO Story In Phoenix Remains A Mystery

One of the most mysterious UFO sightings in Phoenix happened on March 13, 1997. It involved hovering space balls in perfect formation when it comes to their distance. The incident soon became the Phoenix Lights. Some people accept the explanation that they were just military flares, but many believe they experienced alien encounter and government has spread lies and disinformation.
In years that followed, Phoenix Lights has changed many views about the existence of aliens and even few lives. But one thing still not changed, the mystery remains in the minds of the witnesses and some people who are following the story.
One of the witnesses, Lynne Kitei, ran inside to get her video camera. She claimed to have seen six hovering lights evenly spaced over Phoenix. They were not planes or balloons, according to Kitei. The Phoenix Lights sighting was not her first and wondering if they could be like the amber orbs she had seen in 1995. The orbs also hovered in formation just a hundred yards from the backyard of her Paradise Valley home. Seeing those orbs was not also the first for her as she saw the same aerial things two months ago. She managed to snap photos in her two previous sightings, and she wanted to get a video on the third one.
By the time she was back, only three lights had remained shining. She managed to record the aerial event on video. She never thought that her video will be featured in several news agencies and later in television specials. Several years later, her video was featured in her documentary film.
After the Phoenix Lights, physician Kitei has resigned from her job at the Arizona Heart Institute to become a full-time investigator of the Phoenix Lights. She finished 750 pages of notes from her interviews with experts, witnesses, and UFO researchers. She also investigated similar sightings from different parts of the world.
Kitei had no courage to look for the truth because of fear to be ridiculed. However, her investigations allow her to feel that she has an obligation to reveal the truth to the world. Her notes were then condensed into a 222-page book, where she detailed the Phoenix Lights and revealed her name.
Kitie provides educated speculations as to the meaning of lights in her book. She said that it’s not about her witnessing the UFOs, but it’s all about the data.
The Phoenix Lights started around 10 p.m. on March 13, 1997 in a clear sky. A string of lights made an appearance to the southwest. The orbs appeared like a boomerang, forming a flattened V shape. They seemed to hover or move at a very low speed.
They were seen by approximately thousands of people on the ground as they shimmered for five to ten minutes. On days after the incident, Sky Harbor International Airport told UFO investigators and reporters that their controllers had seen nothing on radar. Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson stated no military activities on that night, but later changed their statement saying that the person on duty overlooked the specific details on the logbook.

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