British Woman Says She Had Two UFO Encounters

Two UFO encounters were reported by a Great Britain witness at Worcester. The sighting reportedly started at 7 p.m. on March 8, 2015. The object in the second encounter was approximately 20 feet off the ground. The incident was reported to Mutual UFO Network and filed under Case 63845 in the witness reporting database.
When the witness was about to leave for work, she saw the first object speeding across the sky. The witness described the object as star-like light but was not flashing. No other lights were seen nearby, according to the report. The witness said that the UFO travelled faster than a plane.
When the witness was on the way home, she saw another UFO with a bright white light beaming down. The object was approximately a hundred yards away from the observer hovering around 20 feet in the sky, according to the MUFON report. The witness described it as so bright that it lit up the outline below the object. The witness said that it was like 3-D metallic ship in triangular form nearly hovering above her.
She stopped her vehicle to get a clear look at the object in a pitch black, clear sky, the report said. The witness claimed that the object suddenly became bright green in its flame trail and moved straight in an incredible speed. After that amazing movement, the object disappeared in her view.
When the witness was on her way home, she looked at the sky again and saw a stream trail in an X shape glaring in the moonlight, with clouds spiralling down that looked like a tornado.
Her partner tried to take a picture of the floating orb but failed to get it on the camera screen. The reporting witness uploaded an image similar to the UFO she observed in her report to MUFON.

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