New Mexico Witness Snaps A Photo Of Mysterious Aerial Object Over Hatch

Driving south of Hatch, a New Mexico witness claimed to have watched and photographed a huge object hovering in the sky completely in black color that could not be identified. The report can be found in Case 62646 from the Mutual UFO Network’s witness reporting database.
The witness saw the object while driving at 4:30 pm on the 15th of January 2015. The witness continued to monitor the UFO while driving along I-10 westbound and tried to identify the object.
The witness thought of a helicopter hovering hundreds of feet for around an hour. But the witness noted the fact that he doesn’t know much about helicopters. Weather balloon was also a possibility that the witness thought about. But the witness pointed out that the UFO was gigantic and completely black. So curious about what the mysterious aerial object could be, the witness felt a frustration at not being able to identify it.
The witness decided to pull over in the gasoline station along westbound I-10 to refuel for around 15 minutes. When the witness came out of the gas station, the strange object was nowhere to be found.
The witness included an image of the UFO with the MUFON report. A village in Doña Ana County, New Mexico, Hatch has 1,648 population.

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