UFO With Three Rods Photographed and Filmed Over California

Texas UFO sightings have been making rounds online for the last few months. However, citizens and UFO enthusiasts temporarily shifted their focus to the reported UFO sighting in California recently. A unique aircraft was seen hovering above the Golden State and photographed by a witness, who reported it to MUFON and submitted the image.
The witness was pulling into his driveway at around 6:55 p.m. when he noticed a bright orb hovering above and beyond his neighbors’ home. He immediately noticed the orb because it reflected the sunset orange and the sky was completely clear. At first, he was thinking of a balloon or some kind of strange looking helicopter, but he noticed that it did not have any rotors.
He noticed some sort of rods or antenna coming out of the orb. He attempted to get a better sight by going to his backyard. He estimated that the mysterious aerial thing seemed to be less than a mile away above residences. After 5 minutes, he got his camera and set it up with a tripod. He managed to take few photos and then got his video camera. He then started to capture video as well for around 20 minutes.
The witness watched the strange sighting for about 45 minutes and at some point, he noticed some wavering, somewhat affected by the movement of the air. At times, the orb would go down behind a large tree, and then would slowly come up behind tree and reappear. The object stayed stable before it started to drift away in slow motion to the southwest direction. The witness then eventually lost sight of it because it was too dark. The witness was intrigued on the 3 rods coming from it.

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