UFO Visits Portsmouth Skies

A strange flying object was spotted by people in the skies of Portsmouth and it is believed to be a UFO. The object was spherical in shape and grey in color. It was spotted hovering in the sky and was speculated by some as cloud, others say it was an airplane or a bird, but witnesses ruled out those possibilities.
Trever Road, Southsea resident and 23-year-old Johnny Blackwell said that he was unbeliever until he encountered a flying object that he couldn’t identify. While he admitted that he didn’t have much knowledge about military aircraft, he was certain that the UFO was not a man-made aircraft because it was moving very fast and strange to see.
Johnny, a student on television and film production at the University of Portsmouth, said he spotted the mysterious aerial object at approximately 7 p.m. on Tuesday.
Other people used Twitter to share their UFO encounters. Twitter username @MrJoshHK said that he saw a strange thing in the sky that looked like a UFO. The username added that he started to believe what others have been saying.
Another person @HayleySparkle said that he is wondering if aliens are going to be dropping in after a series of UFO sighting reports.
Laura Young of the Met Office believes that the object is not related to the weather after taking a look at the images. She said that it’s not a cloud and not meteorological.

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