This day in UFO history: Tehran UFO Incident

On September 19th 1976, exactly 38 years ago, one of the most extraordinary and best sighting of a UFO occurred in Tehran, Iran. It all started with the public calling up and notifying the Iranian military of a strange sighting on the sky above their homes with bright lights emerging from it. The then Assistant Deputy Commander of Operations, Commander Yousefit learnt about it and initially mistook it to be the planet Venus. With several calls coming in about the same sighting, Commander Yousefit saw the reports himself and was shocked to know that it was no heavenly body and immediately scrambled an F-4 Jet from the Shahrokhi Air Force Base with the objective to intercept and identify the flying object.
What happened next, left everyone perplexed as the F-4 that took off, on completing the travel of 35 miles towards the North of the base started having communication problems and could not establish communication with the ground. It was still 35 miles away from the unidentified flying object and the plane had electronic problems too. The pilot detected problems and left the chase, thereby starting to fly back towards the base. It was shocking to know that all the problems disappeared abruptly when the pilot changed his course.
However, as soon as the pilot contacted the ground and told about the problems, a second F-4 was scrambled for the operation and took off from the same airbase. This fighter plane made a better approach and flew close enough to the UFO than the previous one and sent signals that transmitted about the size of this object, roughly the size of a large passenger airplane. Still, the shape and size could not be determined clearly as the UFO had an intense glow and the pilot could not obtain a clear visual! When the fighter plan approached this strange craft at a closer distance, it began to move rapidly. The speed was so great that the F-4 could not catch up with it even though it was flying at a speed of over 1 Mach. The sudden burst of speed was shocking and it was unbelievable by the observing crew of F-4.
On flying closely, the visual observation made by the pilot indicated that the UFO had strobe lights which were arranged in a rectangular pattern. Also, the color of lights kept changing between red, blue, green and orange. Suddenly, a smaller object emerged out of this mysterious object and started approaching towards the F-4. This happened towards the South of Tehran and the smaller UFO rapidly advanced near the F-4.
With no other option left with the crew, they armed the AIM-9 missile and were trying to aim at the approaching object, but when they tried to fire, the weapon system failed and the communication ceased too! With no other option left and to avoid a head-on collision with the UFO, the pilot took a deep nose-dive and even as the F-4 was losing altitude, the UFO was approaching it. After a while, this alien like craft suddenly stopped approaching the F-4 and changed its course. When this happened, as the second UFO flew away from the F-4, all the systems of the F-4 started working again without any problems.
After such an astounding unfolding of events that shook everyone in the air base, they all could only arrive to the conclusion that is was nothing earthly and was of extra-terrestrial origin. Also, there is enough supporting evidence and documentation to prove that is was actually a UFO and there are records of the ground radar and the radar of both the F-4s that flew to examine this alien vraft.

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