Mysterious Black Bamboo Valley – Strange And Unexplained Events In Heizhu Valley – China’s Bermuda

Mysterious disappearances, unexplained loss of time and orientation, magnetic anomalies, unusual dense fog that swallows living creatures and people who go insane for unknown reasons.

These are some of the mysteries that surround the Black Bamboo Valley. It’s an area where many strange and unexplained events take place.

Located about 100 kilometers southwest of Mount Emei, in Sichuan Province, southwest China, Heizhu Valley, or Black Bamboo Valley is often referred to as China’s Bermuda. The valley occupies an area of about 180 square kilometers and it’s a truly beautiful place. It’s also very dangerous place that is home to a variety of exotic and rare plants and animals.
People And Animals Who Entered A Forbidden Area Vanished Without A Trace

Black Bamboo Valley is inhabited by the Yi people who have lived there since ancient times. The Yi people have several frightening myths and legends about their valley. They say that one part of the Heizhu Valley is forbidden and those who try to enter are punished by the ancestral spirits.

Many curious tourist, explorers and scientists have been trying to learn the secrets of this place. Local guides offer to lead people to a part of the valley called Shimenguan (which means Stone Gate), but not further. According to forefathers of the Yi ethnic minority, Shimenguan was the cradle of their ancestors and access is strictly forbidden.

There are stories that people and animals who crosses the Stone Gate vanished without a trace.
Disappearances And Deaths In The Black Bamboo Valley

Many people have disappeared in the Black Bamboo Valley. In 1949, when the People’s Republic of China was first established, 30 Kuomintang (KMT) soldiers who entered the Heizhu Valley never returned. Following in their footsteps, three scouts of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army entered the valley.

Heizhu Valley is a beautiful, but dangerous place.

Only one of them returned. It took him some time to remember what had happened, but he finally regained his memory he told a strange story about his experiences in the valley. He said that had felt some unusual energy that made him dizzy. He tried to follow his friends, but their traces just vanished and lost consciousness.

In 1950, as many as 100 people vanished in the Black Bamboo Valley. The reason remains unknown. In 1976, three members from a Sichuan forest prospecting team also vanished in the valley. Planes have vanished over the valley and there have been countless reports of missing people who never returned from this frightening place.
Strange Fog Beyond The Valley Border Affects Time

Why so many people disappear in the Heizhu Valley is a mystery. Some think the dense fog that lasts almost all day long in the valley could be one of the most plausible reasons for the disappearance of human beings and livestock in the area. The thick fog prevents people to find their way through thick forests. The Black Bamboo Valley is known for its perilous and complicated geological conditions.

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More Strange And Unexplained

In 1962, a team of geologists visited the Heizhu Valley. Only one of them returned from the expedition. He said that he lost the sense of time when he came in contact with the fog.

He also reported hearing strange frightening sounds. He was so scarred that he didn’t move until the fog subsided.  Other people have reported loss of time and orientation believing there might some magnetic anomaly in the valley. Some experts believe that it is no accident that the mysterious Bermuda Triangle, pyramids in Egypt and Heizhu Valley in China are all located on the same “dead” latitude. What’s more, deep in Heizhu Valley is a peak that towers 3,998 meters above sea level, which is triangular in shape,  just like the pyramids in Egypt.

Mysterious Black Bamboo Valley – Strange And Unexplained Events In China’s Bermuda

The dense fog could be one of the reasons why people vanish in the Black Bamboo Valley.

The cause of all strange and unexplained events in the Heizhu Valley remains undetermined. There are of course many speculations, but no scientific answers. People blame the vanishings on supernatural forces, but we mustn’t underestimate the power of nature.

Some researchers suggest deaths and disappearances may be attributable to some unknown poisonous component in the fog in some parts of the valley. There is unfortunately no evidence to support this theory. There are also speculations there may be unknown sinkholes that swallow people. People could simply unknowingly fall into the depths of the Earth where they were trapped.

The valley is also teeming with a large number of wild animals and plants, some of which are extremely dangerous and poisonous. It’s a beautiful place, but due to its special geological conditions, the region has rarely been disturbed by humans throughout history, which is also the reason why we know so little about it.

Perhaps some secrets are meant to be secret in China’s own Bermuda.

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