UFO Sighting Visualized Data On A World Map

A camouflaged UFO was recorded on video lurking behind the clouds. According to the narrator of YouTube channel SecureTeam10, the video shows a UFO in the sky above Frayser in North Memphis, Tennessee.
It may be hard to tell the location of the UFO in the original video, but the exposure-enhanced version of the footage shows a bizarre shadow behind the clouds.
The UFO enthusiast claimed the footage was taken on March 28, 2016, and a man named Mr Schneider sent it to him.
According to the video maker, he heard strange loud booming sounds days before the sighting. He observed the sky more often to identify the source of the noise and even searched over the internet for a possible explanation.
After several days, he seemed to lost hope in getting an account of the strange sounds. The man then reportedly experienced an odd feeling that there was something over him in the sky. He decided to get his camera and started recording the sky. All of a sudden, he saw a massive machine-like structure that appeared to be moving in the sky.
Mr Schneider claimed that the strange aerial thing broke through the clouds for a split second, but it was easier to see with the naked eye.

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