Roaring River UFO Encounter In 1966

Artifacts and Legends dating back thousands of years have influenced man’s imagination with theories of alien beings and ancient astronauts from other planets. Sightings of unidentified flying objects of varying shapes, sizes, and other characteristics have been recorded for hundreds of years. Despite the theories claimed by some individuals, the “proof” of extraterrestrial contact, including bizarre artifacts is still uncertain. In fact, the legends are highly mythologized and cannot serve as “history.” In modern times, these stories become straightforward and reflect encounters with third-dimensional entities termed as the “aliens.”
In this case, the UFO was photographed. Eyewitness accounts saw most encounters, but this is unique. It happened during deer season in Cassville, Missouri when a pair of hunters was trying their luck. One of them returned to their site when he saw smoke rising from their camp. He ran and discovered their tent and equipment destroyed. The tent was smoldering, their shoes were smoking, and the aluminum cots were melting. When the pair heard a low humming sound, they were looking for the source. After that, they saw a mysterious object from the valley beyond the burning tree. The good thing is, they were able to capture the object few seconds after it left the ground. The sighting lasted for about 20 seconds.
As it picked up speed, the humming sound of the mysterious object were intensified. His last look at the object was 40° above the horizon. Before it vanished, it accelerated. The UFO was reflecting the sunlight through its aluminum color. The UFO effortlessly flew as it moved into the skies. The space vessel’s diameter was about 25′ and 8′ thick. To capture the object, he used a 620 format Argoflex camera. Despite the testimony and smoking evidence, it is still uncertain that craft and the creatures therein should be held liable for the damages at the campsite.

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