This day in UFO history: The Uncovered Mystery of a Man Shoots A UFO

While some people acknowledge the presence of extraterrestrial beings, they are at a complete loss to explain as to why they are visiting the earth. As with important things in life, explanations should be relatively straightforward and not difficult to comprehend. Understanding the primary motive and intent for extraterrestrial visits will explain the UFO Phenomena.
Oscar Santa Maria Huerta, a fighter pilot, had a strange experience when he tried to shoot down an odd light-bulb vessel. Up to date, the encounter is the sole documented case among the military plane shooting an unidentified flying object. On April 11, 1980, the 23-year-old Lieutenant of the Peruvian Air Force joined the 1,800 military and civilian personnel for daily exercises. LT Huerta received an order to intercept the unknown silver-colored object that had been hovering near the runway. The alleged object was 5 km away, soaring around 600 meters, and was not responsive to communications. The authorities are authorized because hovering inside might be a threat to national sovereignty. Colonel Huerta flew and shot 64 30mm shells when upon reaching the right distance. When one of the shells wiped out a car, all had no effect on the object. Afterward, it shot rapidly away from the base; then Colonel Huerta activated the afterburner of the aircraft to chase it. When they reached 84 km from the base, the object suddenly stops. Huerta position himself for another shot after turning up and to the right, but the object shoot upwards seconds before he could shoot.
He realized that he was running low, losing his capacity to attack. In this way, he decided to fly near the object to achieve a better look. Upon reaching 100 meters away, he started to see an object measuring around 10 meters in diameter with a cream-colored dome beneath. Underneath was a wide circular silver base that bears a resemblance to metal. It had no windows, antennae, exhausts, wings, propulsion jets, and other parts of a typical aircraft. Since he had no fuel, he could not attack.

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