UFO FEARS Bizarre ‘UFO’ baffles residents of Normandy after continuously hovering over French coast while lit up

Breath-taking moment silent UFO, which appears to have lights connected to it, floats above French coastal town.

THE BIZARRE moment a “UFO” was seen hovering over a town in Normandy, France, has been caught on camera. 

A local in the area shot the eerie footage after coming across the unusual object floating above his village.

Taking out his smartphone to film the unidentified object, he captured as much of its movements as he could before his battery died.

Footage of the “UFO sees a silent object with several lights connected to it seemingly flaring as it hovers above the French coastal town.

The clip has been viewed over 2,000 times on YouTube, where it was posted on February 10.

Viewers have rushed to comment on the footage since it was shared online.

Fishy Fella offered a possible explanation for the object: “Fires on a hillside, obscured by mist/fog/haze.”

Tommyr agreed: “LOL! I believe there a mountain in the background and those are fires.

“Try using your head people.”

And Seth Fornerett said: “It’s always the phone or camera battery died in these vids.

“Does everyone always walk around w camera or phone thats about to die?”

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