DARK SIDE OF THE LOON Stargazer stunned as mystery object makes its way across the moon during lunar eclipse

One astronomer spotted something very unusual during Friday’s lunar eclipse.

THESE incredible pictures of a round disk-like object crossing in between Earth and the moon sparked a lunar investigation.

One stargazer was shocked to spot the black circle after developing pictures he took during Friday’s penumbral eclipse.

“I was using a 125mm telescope to capture the eclipse when the small black disk appeared,” Luis G. Verdiales from Loiza, Puerto Rico, told Sociedad de Astronomía del Caribe, the Carribean’s largest astronomy society.

“It was moving too slow to be a satellite, so slow that I was able to capture it with my camera four times.

“It got my attention because it was round.”

After close analysis experts confirmed that the black spot was not just camera lens trickery, but a spherical object making its way across space.

After consulting flight maps, it realised that the UFO could be down to Google’s Project Loon.

Google has sent thousands of balloons into space to test whether it can provide internet coverage from above.

Eddie Irizarry of the SAC did a “playback” review of aircraft flights to see if there was indeed any balloon in the area at the time the pictures were taken.

He found that the HBAL176 balloon of the Google Loon project was 61,400 feet high just east of PR, near San Thomas.

Further analysis showed that the balloon was right between Mr Verdiales back garden and the moon.

Those that missed Friday’s lunar spectacle are in for another astronomical treat this month.

The moon will pass in front of the sun on February 26 in a total eclipse, leaving a small halo of light around it.


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