LITTLE GREEN DEN Nasa thinks ALIENS are hiding on Europa so it’s sending a spaceship to find them

Space explorers planning to dispatch robotic craft to explore freezing mini world’s concealed oceans.

EUROPA is a frozen moon of Jupiter which looks totally inhospitable and barren, but might be hiding an amazing secret.

Nasa believes there’s a gigantic ocean locked beneath its frozen surface and is planning to send a robotic craft to see if ALIENS are swimming in it.

Today, the space agency has revealed its three goals for the upcoming search for life.

It wrote: “The primary goal is to search for evidence of life on Europa.

“The other goals are to assess the habitability of Europa by directly analysing material from the surface, and to characterise the surface and subsurface to support future robotic exploration of Europa and its ocean.”

Nasa has already begun thinking about the sort of craft it could use to find aliens in the extraterrestrial ocean and is developing underwater robotic explorers that will use artificial intelligence for signs of life.

But first it wants to send a lander to Europa to carry out reconnaissance and find concrete proof that there is an ocean lurking beneath its chilly crust.

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