Triangular UFOs Hover Over Lake Ontario

A man reportedly spotted an unidentified flying object (UFO) last week in the sky above Lake Ontario. Identified only by the name Gordon, he was in his backyard along with his dog when he spotted a brightly lit unknown object in the western sky.
According to the report in Syracuse Newtimes, Gordon saw what appeared to be three brightly lit triangles in the sky over Rochester, New York.
Gordon got his binoculars as soon as he spotted the strange sighting in the sky to get a better look at it. According to the report, the triangles had red, white, blue and green colours of flashing lights.
Gordon did not get a sharp view of the first bright object with his binoculars and that it mostly remained in one position except for circular drifts from time to time. After watching the strange aerial activity for a while, he decided that it was some kind of a triangular shaped object and was rotating.
In an attempt to have a clear sight of the object, he walked down the street going to the beach, where he spotted another light, similar deal, out above Lake Ontario. Moments later, he saw the third object in the northern sky while still at the beach. The third object was flying low in the northwest, apparently above toward Toronto.
Gordon watched the three UFOs for over an hour hovering over the skies of Lake Ontario. The three UFOs all gone without a trace at around 11:15 pm local time. The objects did not move away but went out suddenly, according to the report.

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