UK UFOs: Mysterious Lights In Dorking Spark Rumours About UFO Visitation

Speculations about UFO visiting Dorking have increased significantly with reports of strange lights observed over the town, located in Surrey Hills, UK.
Wotton sky was decorated by mysterious red and blue lights on September 14, 2014 at around 9pm. This activity was observed by Tony Little from the lounge of his house behind the Wotton Hatch Pub.
Mr Little initially thought of the lights coming from a plane, which regularly taking off near the location. However, he soon realised that they were not moving and became convinced that he had just spotted a UFO after taking a closer look.
According to the 74-year-old witness, he was in the lounge watching television when he noticed it in the corner of his eye. The object stayed in one place for four or five seconds and it was the first time the witness saw such strange aerial thing.
The witness revealed he always saw planes taking off from his window, but on the night he witnessed a UFO, he knew that the colours of the lights were clearly different from the usual plane. He said that the UFO had luminous blue and red colours and was not moving like an aircraft.
After hovering, the object then moved sharply to the left and disappeared behind trees. Later on the same night, Mr Little went to the Wotton Hatch Pub and shared what he just saw to others, only to know that others noticed it too.


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