Life Of Britain’s Top UFO Hunter To Appear In A New Documentary Film

Anyone with UFO encounter living in the Bridlington area is encouraged by a UFO investigator to appear in a new documentary.
Widely known as one of the premier UFO investigators in Britain, Russ Kellett of Filey, wants to have conversations to anyone who had a real encounter of the third kind. He has been known for his various appearances both in national and international media sharing his encounters of the third kind.
Kellett believes that this part of England is one of the favourite places of UFOs as he has seen unbelievable things and many people from the Bridlington area have told him on their own strange sightings. He said that he can understand the reason why many people who told him their own encounters want to remain anonymous.
Kellett believes that he, together with colleagues, has collected a real evidence that space aliens have visited Bridlington.
Kellett’silly fame has brought interest to a film company. A documentary about his life is scheduled to appear on Channel Four or Five.
Racked Entertainment, a Brighton based company, will be with Ross and his friends in UFO hunting for a week in an attempt to give new light of the long-time question if mankind is the universe’s only intelligent being.
Jody-Doherty-Cove of Racked Entertainment said that they want to provide the viewers an exclusive access of the professional UFO hunter life’s for a week.
Kellett was also featured by ABC News in 2010 when he was interviewed about the Scarborough area being a new UFO sighting hotspot.
Filming of the documentary will start on early October and Kelletts encourages everyone to contact him ( they encounter or have seen anything unusual in the sky.

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