Texas Remains A UFO Hotspot

On August 18, 2014 at around 9:30 P.M. an amazing lighted object was seen over San Antonio. Obviously, this is not an ordinary event in the sky as it made rounds on the internet with many suggesting it is out of ordinary. The mysterious object was travelling at high speed into Randolph Air Force Base.
The witness told Mutual UFO Network that the strange aerial object was moving without any noise and the light stayed after the object became out of sight.
The sighting in San Antonio was one of 42 UFO sightings reported from Texas, second to California when it comes to the number of reported sightings with 99 reports. Texas also ranks second or third among U.S. states when it comes to the number of reported UFOs to MUFON, according to MUFON’s volunteer chief investigator for Texas, Fletcher Gray.
MUFON considered its organization as the first and largest investigative group investigating information related to UFOs. It was founded in 1969.
Most reported UFO sightings have come from the eastern part of Texas, according to Fletcher Gray. He said that many reports are hoaxes and some are just natural phenomena mistaken as something out of this world.
Just last month, many people reported one large unidentified object in the sky only to be proven as a result of a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.
The recent sighting over San Antonio is still under investigation and many others, but Gray expects that many could be explained and only one could not be explained.
Sphere remains as the most reported shape with 179 cases in August. There were also 28 landings, take-offs and hovering reported nationwide. Other shapes reported included cross, Saturn-like, chevron, bullet-missile, boomerang, teardrop, cone diamond, flash cigar, blimp, cylinder, star-like, oval, triangle, disc and fireball.

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