Arizona Witness: Two Military Jets Escorting A UFO

A boomerang-shaped UFO was escorted by two military jets on 9 September 2014 at approximately 9:08 P.M., claimed by an Arizona witness at McNeal. The witness testimony is in Case 59707 of the reporting database of Mutual UFO Network.
The reporting witness along with his mother were feeding horses in their barn when they heard a rumbling sound from the sky.
The reporting witness said that he heard the sound a hundred times. He described that it was a very clear evening as a full moon was rising in the east. He looked up to the west to where the sound originated and he saw red lights moving southeast.
He then saw two jet fighters trailing the red lights. The reporting witness was very sure that the tailing lights were from two separate aircraft as he observed two independent movements from white and yellow group of blinking lights.
The witness saw the lights disappeared by the glare of the moon to the southeast. He then moved back to the barn and shared what he just saw to his mother. Moments later, at approximately 9:20 P.M., the reporting witness saw again the two jet fighters returning from the same flying path towards northwest direction. This time, the two jets no longer escorted anything and flying much faster than the witness first saw them escorting a red-lighted UFO.
McNeal is a community in Cochise County, Arizona with 238 residents on record. Arizona is rank 19th among U.S. states when it comes on the number of reported UFO sightings in August 2014 with 10 UFO reports. California is on top with 99 reports. Arizona MUFON is currently investigating the UFO sighting report.

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